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this week i'll show you how i made this 
blue epoxy and spalted maple coffee table i started over on my router jig flattening the 
bottom of the slab before cutting it to the final dimensions next i made a mold out of melamine in order 
to pour the epoxy around the spalted maple   i'll leave a video on how to make 
one of these in the description below   i cleaned off any loose material on 
the slab using my chisel and my orbital sander   i used two three gallon kits 
of epoxy from rusty design   i poured these back to back but probably should 
have poured them one at a time letting them   dry in between as you'll see the reaction 
when exothermic causing some cracks on one side after removing the sides of the molds i left the 
bottom of the mold on to have a flat reference   and use my router slide to flatten the top   i then removed the table from the bottom of the   mold and cleaned up any stuck on 
mold using my router slit again after trimming the sides of the table 
with my circular saw the final dimension   i taped the bottom using tuck tape and flipped it 
over so that i could repair the cracks on the top while the epoxy was drying i decided to 
paint these steel legs from rusty design   i did this by applying two coats of 
primer and two coats of satin black using a heat gun i heated up any excess epoxy 
and removed it with a chisel i then went back   and sanded the entire tabletop to 60 grit before 
taking my time to fill any small cracks i had left i place the legs seven inches 
from each end of the table   and center punch location of each hole using a 
guide on the end of my drill bit i drilled all   the holes to secure the legs taking extra time 
drilling into the epoxy to avoid any cracking i use these threaded inserts in order 
to secure the legs to the tabletop   this allows the legs to be removed from the 
tabletop multiple times without damaging the wood now that the touch of epoxy on the top was 
dry i used 60 grit sandpaper to sand this flat i then use six sandpapers from 100 
grit to 320 grit to sand the top i repeat the same process for each grit making 
multiple passes over the entire table top using   a microfiber towel to keep the surface clean and 
using a vacuum whenever i need it to suck up any   debris on my sandpaper after saying the entire 
tabletop to 100 grit i had a round over with   my router this ensures that any scratches made by 
the router are cleaned up in the sanding following the finish that i used for this coffee 
table was osmo's polyx 3043 i first   apply this to the bottom before immediately 
flipping it over and applying it to the top   on the sides i applied it directly using 
this 3m white pad whereas on the top i first   spread it out using a credit card before 
buffing it in with the same 3m white pad   after buffing for a while 
using my random orbital sander   i flipped the pad to the clean side and 
continued buffing until there was no residue left   i applied one more coat using the exact same 
technique sanding with 600 grit in between coats   i hope you really enjoyed watching me build this 
epoxy coffee table i'll have many more projects   coming up with the pocky so if you enjoyed 
watching it please subscribe to see more you

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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