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Hey guys
welcome back to Til Vacuum Do Us Part. Today we have some
projects we're needing to work on around the house. I'm also going to be
decluttering and organizing so if you're looking for
some motivation this is definitely the place. So
let's go ahead and jump straight into today's video. The first place i'm going to start is
the guest bathroom, i like to wipe this down
pretty often because this is the one that Savannah uses most of the time.
i like to just take disinfectant wipes and kind of wipe down
all the like high touched areas so the countertop
the light switches the lamp any of the knobs even like the faucet
um i also like to wipe it down the mirror as well i feel like a whole
bathroom can be clean but if the mirror looks dirty the
bathroom looks dirty so i'm just gonna do a real quick wipe down of this space
and then we'll move on to the next thing in front of everybody if someone's
pouring so these are all the products i just had
a sitting and our guest shower nobody really uses it but i know
one day somebody will but i just feel like it looks so messy
there's so much color um i just wanted to definitely just kind
of take it up a notch and look nicer so i bought these clear bottles it
came as a set of three which is perfect i bought them off amazon so i'll have
them linked for you, but i thought it would be
perfect for like shampoo conditioner and then body wash for
guests so i'm gonna go ahead and combine all these bottles so there's not like
six in the shower when they get in so i'm gonna go ahead and just
take the time and fill these up as you can see they already look so much
better i have less bottles to set out i could definitely order more if i
wanted to fill all of these up but they're actually really big bottles so i
think that's enough but i want to take it one step more and
I want to thank Cricut for sponsoring this part of
today's video.

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They sent me the Explore Air 2
and i'm loving this machine. This is great
if you just want to level up your house this is great if you
are a stay-at-home mom and you want to bring in some extra money
i was a little overwhelmed when i pulled this out to start working on it they
sent me a lot of cool things and so i thought it was going to be more
advanced than i can handle but it's actually super easy and i can
see why so many moms do it it's definitely going to be great
around christmas time i can make some of the gifts instead of
spending a ton of money you can personalize it i think even this project
i'm doing right here would look so cool in a basket with like a candle
and like a pretty towel so i'm going to go ahead and print off
labels for these bottles you can see i did a shampoo a conditioner and a body
wash so i'm going to go ahead and show you
how i print these out and how i stick them on the bottle
but i'm telling you it was so simple i thought it was going to be harder than
what it was so with this machine it can cut all
sorts of different types of material you can do fabric paper um vinyl
all sorts of stuff i really love this sticky vinyl because
you can just peel it off and then stick it onto whatever you're wanting to
so like i'm using it right here to put on the plastic i feel like this
totally leveled up my bathroom you're gonna see it here in a second
i'm gonna do this throughout my entire house but like i said if you're not
wanting to do it with your home i think it would be really great on the
side you can make shirts with this pillows home decor there's a whole
really cool website and if you're a beginner i highly suggest getting that
it has things that hook up to your computer and
you hook the cricut up to it and you can just
print it out it is so much easier you don't have to be like super cool
with designs or have to create your own you can just use
all of them that they have so i definitely suggest looking into that
i'll add that link down below my description box
but here i am putting these in the bathtub i wish i would have shown you
before i didn't even think about it but seeing the after is just
incredible now i want to do this in all of our bathrooms i just feel like this adds so much to
the space you could also do this with like hand soap and lotion out by your
sink just so more people see it if guests don't always spend the night
but i wanted to do like a little home holiday project for you guys you could
see it's not just for things around your house but it could also save you money
as far as holiday decorating or if you just need
really cool like teachers gifts or coaches gifts i feel like we have to
give gifts for everything and it's just a way to kind of do it on a budget
plus it's personalized so i feel like it just means so much more
i wanted to show you all the different options though clearly there's a lot
more than this but i like to use gold in my house and
not a lot of color but i wanted to show you they have
so many cool things they have markers they have a coasters
you can make shirts with this basically it just gets any like
diy-er up and going you could probably create so many more things even than me
i know you guys are so much more creative than me
but you could make like cards to send to people wedding gifts i don't know
the options are endless but i decided to polka dot my
pumpkin this pumpkin is just from hobby lobby it's you know like a plastic one
kind of it's not like a real one and look how easy that was to cut you
just peel off the layer and i'm going to start sticking them on
you can get this set of tools with it i highly suggest getting the pack it comes
with it makes it really easy with pulling the
stickers off or any of the paper cutting all of that stuff i felt like i
was really grabbing them and using them so definitely look into that if you're
going to be ordering i'm going to put the link down below in
my description box if you want something like this
i promise you you will use it and find the coolest stuff to make so here is how it turned out i just
think it made it so much fun it just took like a plain
pumpkin and gave it a little sass so i'm gonna
put it back in here on my kitchen island i just think that is so cute it would be
a really cool gift you could put somebody's name on it and
make it really cool or for your kids put their name on it
i don't know the options are endless so like i said i'm gonna leave their link
down below in my description box definitely check them out i love this
machine now i can't wait to see all the other fun projects i'm gonna do
but we're gonna head on to the next project now which is chase's
closet i know we talk about this all the time we're already doing
better with this closet but i finally ordered him
a dresser so i'm gonna go ahead and clean it out
i've done really well now that he has an office and office closet
not filling this up with like all my sponsorship and work stuff
but he has this little nook over here where i'm gonna keep
his dresser and i can fill it up with so much stuff this is crazy how much it was
holding but i need to clean it out now since the dresser is going to be going
in so you can see everything that was in that tiny little nook
but now i have to find it at home let's just so right there are all his like pants
and suits i'm gonna move them over into this section this is empty now because i
used to keep a lot of my work stuff or sponsorship stuff in there but
now that we have an office closet i moved it
so now his clothes can go over into that area
and then this little nook area that i cleaned out is going to be perfect for
the dresser if you're new here we have a dresser in
our living room and that's where all my husband's clothes have been i know
it's just real life it just kind of happened and they've been stuck there
but i finally got him this dresser so we're gonna go ahead and move it in here
but i got sidetracked and i started organizing all of his shirts i like to
keep all my clothes like color coordinated and he's been
putting away more of his own laundry now that he's at
home with me and so it had gotten out of control but i went ahead and fixed it
for him so it just looks so much better and i
wanted to show it to you guys let's live life without regrets girls
put your faith in me even though we just met let's forget anytime i show chase's closet i get a
lot of questions about his hat holder so this is the most simple diy project
you can do um it's just a pallet board with nails
that is it you can find those two things anywhere
we just nail them and then we hung it up there
um when i was in this closet i used it for my bracelets
and then i moved into my beauty room and i left it for all his hats and i just
feel like it's so nice because he can see all of his hats where most men just
like pile them up and then they don't wear
all of them because they can't see all of them
so super easy project if you guys want to do that now i have to tackle
all of this stuff that's in my bedroom and this can be super overwhelming i get
it it's hard start with the items that you know have
a home or you know exactly where you can put them
and then save the hard ones for last and this will at least get you
motivated and start to tackle it otherwise it'll sit there forever
so definitely just start with those easy pieces first me
now you're gonna see me rearrange for a little bit pulling out all of these
pillows it definitely starts the domino effect
um sometimes i'll have all of these pillows used in my house and i'm like
i'm short of you and then other times i'll have like
five pillows crammed in the closet saying i have too many so it's really
hard for me to get rid of pillows because sometimes i use them
and sometimes i don't so you're gonna see me just kind of play around in a few
spaces and freshen them up with the other pillows and then i'll start
decluttering the ones i don't need because i do need to get rid of a few
especially now that i don't have that little cubby hole in chase's closet
i'm gonna actually have to get rid of them
baby one day i'm hoping that you will be mine
turn my life around wow where do we go from here when everything is this first pile is gonna be all of the
stuff i'm getting rid of there's one pillow that has a
hole i'm going to throw away and then the other pillows i'm going to
sell and then these two pillows over here i'm going to
keep i'm going to keep that white one because i always need it and then the
other ones just an insert so i'm going to hang on
to those just in case i need them now i'm gonna go back into our bedroom
and try to tackle all these items that i don't know where to put them
obviously my halloween tub can go up for like another month i don't need
it and then pictures i'm gonna start playing with you're going to see me kind
of just look around my house to see where i can
put them so it's just kind of a work in progress definitely take your time
don't get overwhelmed but everything will eventually find a space is this a box on the ground is actually the
dresser so i'm going to push it into the living room so chase can work on it
but first i wanted to show you where i moved a few pictures
i had this blank wall in our laundry room and i was needing to find something
for it i had been looking in stores but it turned out perfect that i hadn't
bought anything because i just hung those two pictures up so
that filled up that space nicely now you're gonna see me go ahead and work on
getting these pillows out so chase has room to put together the new dresser when the lights are out chase has had to put together so many
pieces of furniture lately he's actually probably a pro at it but i
know he's getting sick of it so i told him this should be the last one for a
while you know keyword being should you never
know i don't know for all i know more is gonna come up on our porch sometimes
i order stuff and completely forget but he's getting really good at putting
these drawers together plus this is for his space
i think he was excited to get some of his clothes out of that dresser as well
so we're going to go ahead and start putting this together and then you're
going to see me organize all of his clothes into his new
drawers and then at the very end of the video i'm going
to show you how his drawers look and how this dresser and the living
room look so definitely don't click off yet if you want to see all that organization and when you now you can see that i'm working on his
drawers i'm just kind of re-folding pieces so they fit better into the new
drawers we always end up doing these projects
late at night it's like after dark we start when it's daytime
but they always just take longer than what we're gonna realize
so to speed it up i just like to work while he's working so if there's
something i can be doing while he's working then it definitely
just speeds up the clock so that's why i'm organizing the drawers
before he actually puts them in it's just easier that way and then he
can decide which order to put the drawers in like what's most important
his shirts or his you know pajamas whatever it is just know now that it's finished and the drawers
are in it we're gonna go ahead and take it to the closet i know it's
not a huge dresser but a big long dresser want to
fit in the closet that's pretty much the perfect size that we need in there
and it's all he needed because he hangs most of his items so as you can see it
fits in there perfectly he still has extra storage space but at
least it's all in his closet now um that piece is from
amazon so i'll leave it down below my description box
and in my store as well but it's a really great piece
i'm going to show you inside the drawer so you can see the storage
the drawers slide so well for it to be a really affordable piece off amazon i was
super impressed with it because sometimes you never know you know you
can always adjust this up by adding different hardware but since it was just
in his closet i he didn't care to have anything
different the gold's what came with it and it looks nice
so here is how his closet turned out it looks
so much better we actually had space to hang his shorts which i love they're
normally like on the shelf and he could never find them so i love that we could
actually hang those now this is actually the next day and i
didn't film organizing these drawers but i wanted to show you inside of them so
you could see this is just like our catch-all drawer
it has my essential oils the remotes and i leave water in there
for our diffuser and then these are all like extra towels
so this is like great for dogs or something spills
it's not like our actually good towels i like to keep those out
there's an empty drawer just a reminder you can have empty drawers it's okay
it's even a good thing and then all of these middle small drawers you're gonna
see are all of our different games it's so nice that we could actually
bring these out into our living room so it's just nice and convenient because
that's where we play all of our games so there's just an easy way to get to
them now that holds that piece right there holds
all of our dvds we got rid of all the cases a long time
ago it's just easier to keep them in that binder
another clear drawer once again they don't all have to be full
and then these last two are just some blankets somewhere on the sofa and it's
chilly so that is it guys i hope you enjoyed
today's video don't forget to check out the
qriket machine i'm going to leave their link down below and thanks to
cricut again for sponsoring today's video as you can see i was watching a
little christine on the coast i love that channel
but i hope you guys have a wonderful week and i will see you in the next one
bye look at beautiful stars i want to drive
a faster car

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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