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Hello everyone, nice to meet you again. Welcome to my channel for all new subscribers. Let's make a cute little snail fairy house. Did you see the light inside the shell? Yes! We are going to make snail with hollow shell. Step 1: Make a mold for snail shell with balloon Step2: Make snail head and base Aluminium foil Adjust the shape/ size of your aluminium foil until you are happy with it. Make sure it has a good balance with the shell.

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Step 3: Insert toothpick for eyes Double tapes Step 4: Attach shell mold/ balloon to the base Do not cover the hole with clay. Step 5: Wrap the snail shape with air dry clay (any types/ brands) I use homemade clay. Please see description for clay info. Water Blend the clay well. If not, you may see cracking lines here. Step 6: Add details Add more clay if you want to have distinctive spiral shape Step 7: Remove the balloon Step 8: Continue adding details with clay Different design at the back of snail 🙂 Step 9: Painting I use acrylic paints Lemon pink Turquoise Yellow White Insert fairy lights Tadaaa…… Do you like the idea? It's easy, isn't it? Please like, share, and subscribe See you again in next clay craft project.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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