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Today on Til Vacuum Do Us Part.   Hello guys and welcome to Til Vacuum Do Us 
Part and welcome to my summer home projects   these are like do-it-yourself projects you 
can do yourself save money but i feel like   when summer hits there's just some stuff that 
needs to get done around the house and the first   thing we're going to do is move this trampoline 
because we're going to be putting up our pool   we like to just put it up during the warm months 
that way it stays clean and it lasts longer like   this is the third year we'll be using the same 
pool so it's just a great thing for kids to do   um and you definitely get your money's 
worth but i wanted to show you these steaks   chase's dad made them for us here in oklahoma it 
is super windy so we have to make sure that our   trampoline does not blow away it's happened 
before and landed on our neighbor's roof   even when it was stayed down so he made 
us these heavy duty ones we pull them   up and we're gonna move the trampoline over 
because this is actually where we put the pool but first before we finish all of that up i do 
want to thank Walmart for sponsoring this part   of today's video you guys all know about Walmart 
i don't have to introduce them at all we love them   but what i do want to talk about is their 
backyard fun at a value i picked up so   many different things for our backyard for this 
summer we spend so much time back here swimming   playing in the yard watching tv just hanging 
out and they have everything you need to host   a party or just hang out with your kids and 
keep them at home and keep them entertained   they're not in school now so they're 
gonna need stuff to do and we found   some of the best activities and of course 
they're all on amazing affordable prices   um savannah loved this like rock art she said the 
paint was such amazing quality she uses paint all   the time so that says a lot about this and it 
came with everything that you needed to do so if   you have a kids or friends coming over i felt like 
this was such an easy inexpensive thing you can do   plus we picked up a ton of floaties we put up our 
above ground pool every single year we love it   it saves us so much money from running and going 
to like splash pads and water parks and all of   that it's just fun in our backyard and it will 
last you multiple seasons plus they have amazing   floaties this year Savannah picked out some for 
her which of course they had like confetti in them   and they were super fun that one in the back says 
vacay but i picked up a few for myself as well   that have like cup holders i can float around 
and be above the water but in the water at the   same time they have so many amazing products out 
right now you definitely need to check them out Walmart has this whole line right now and it's 
called packed party and they have amazing stuff   like party supplies the pool stuff you could 
throw the cutest summer party so keep that   in mind and you are gonna see a sneak peek here 
in a second of our pool it's already up but if you   stay tuned i'm going to be showing you in today's 
video how we set that up so definitely don't click   off yet but just a reminder if you want to save on 
all your needs for summer of fun in your backyard   Walmart has pulls and pull floaties water toys 
lawn games bike scooters and so much more so   i'm gonna link all the products that you're 
seeing today down below in my description box   so definitely click on those links check them 
out and just remember they do offer two free   day shipping and returns on orders over 35 dollars 
so i'm gonna have all those links down below in my   description box for you of all the products i've 
shared today and one little tip go ahead and put   your soothing sunburn gel in your refrigerator and 
you will thank me later when you have a sunburn   but i do want to thank at Walmart again for 
sponsoring today's video once again i have   all their links down below in my description box 
but now let's head back to moving the trampoline i thought this scene was so funny George got 
stuck underneath the trampoline i guess he was   underneath there and when we were moving it he 
like panicked and couldn't get out so he's a   silly silly boy but he's always right underneath 
um tiger is too but we're gonna go ahead and just   get this moved over here this is typically where 
it goes in the summer and then once we take our   pool down the grass is always dead and so we just 
like to move the trampoline over there to cover it   up so the boys don't go under it as much and she 
can just walk on to the trampoline or step onto   it from the concrete patio so her feet don't get 
grassy but in the summer it just has to go over   there and then i'm also going to start putting 
out all my pillows i do this several times a week   because here in oklahoma it has been raining a lot 
so we put them under the cover patio and then when   it stops raining i put them out and so we just 
kind of play this back and forth game as long   so in the summer your kids are going to 
be jumping more so if you own a trampoline   this is a good time to go ahead and make sure 
all those like screws and bolts are nice and   tight especially if you're going to be moving it 
around i feel like it kind of shakes things up   so just make sure everything's working 
really well and now that we have the   trampoline where we want it chase is gonna 
put the stakes back in immediately because   if we forget a storm will come and it'll 
be gone so we have to do it immediately let's so here is the trampoline there's something 
about moving it over to this side of the   yard it always makes our yard feel bigger which 
is funny because it should actually make it feel   smaller but when the trampoline is up and the 
pool's up i just absolutely love our backyard   so that's what we're going to start now i've had 
so many people ask us how we put up um our above   ground pool so we're going to show you the first 
thing chase is doing is just knocking down all the   grass just so it's nice and flat you don't want 
grass like poking through the bottom because it   can cause a leak if it's like a weed or like a 
strong or sharp one and then you can put sand   down if you need to level it out really well 
plus it makes it really soft on your feet when   you're in the pool but we don't do that since 
we take it down a few months later but he does   take the rake and just try to take down some of 
the higher areas to make it as level as possible we've learned this is the best way to 
store the pool we just keep it out in   our shed i'm sure there's lots of different 
ways to do it but we just get a big old tub   put it in there and then we just grabbed 
like a garbage can for all the poles   and everything so that we can just keep all the 
parts together it actually holds in really well   and then when it's time to set up 
we know where all the pieces are   the next step is to add a tarp on the ground 
this is the tarp that comes with it to go over   the top so if you want to cover it but that's 
never worked for us here in oklahoma it's just   way too windy and it's just the perfect size 
for underneath it so we just use the top um   tarp that it comes with to put on the ground once 
again this is just like a weed and grass barrier   so things aren't poking through to the 
pool and and causing tears and leaks i know this seems like a lot of work to like set 
it up and take it down but i feel like it's even   more work to leave it up if you leave a pool up 
all winter and fall and all that it's just gonna   get green and nasty and then you have to drain it 
and scrub it and clean it and then your pool gets   stained and i feel like that's way more work than 
just taking it down and then re-setting it back   up plus it's a little bit of an eyesore i will 
say that i love the new pools how they have this   like brown wicker so they just kind of fade in 
with the backdrop so we have loved having this   pool like i said this is the third year we're 
putting this one up but we've had several others   so ever since savannah has been able to swim 
we have been putting up above ground pools i   know we will always get asked why we won't do an 
in-ground pool but we just don't want to spend   the money because we don't use it enough here in 
oklahoma there's not that very many war months   that would put the time in for how much they cost 
i had one growing up and i feel like all my dad   ever did was clean it and so we just never 
really wanted it if a house came with it   we'd probably take it but i don't really have a 
desire to like destroy the yard putting in a pool the first year that you're setting it up it might 
seem a little overwhelming but once you've set it   up once and taken it down it really is an easy 
system you just kind of start to understand it   and it just takes a few steps to get it done it 
does not take long at all to set up it will take   at least 24 hours for it to fill if you get our 
size pool and so right now i'm getting into it   when you're setting it up a lot of grass and dirt 
gets into it especially if it's been like sitting   in a shed so i always like to vacuum it out i 
know that seems crazy but if you start filling   up your pool it's already going to be dirty it's 
already going to have grass and dirt and so i   just take a few moments to get it vacuumed and 
then we have a clean water as it's filling up now we're gonna move on to the next summer home 
project um i've recently got these ivory dining   chairs and they are scaring me a little 
bit because i know they're like a linen   and they could get dirty so i wanted to pick up 
this scotch guard there's all different kinds   i really wanted the stain protector but 
it was like sold out everywhere in my area   so i at least grab this like water shield because 
then if it gets wet it's like it hovers on top of   the fabric and doesn't sink in and i feel like 
in the summer this is the time to get projects   like that done you really can't spray stuff like 
this in your house because it will get everywhere   plus you need the furniture or whatever you're 
working on to really dry out so when it's like   a nice a day outside i can spray this it dries 
out quickly and then i can put it back away so it did say on the bottle to do ten   thin coats i'm doing my first layer right 
now i'm gonna let it dry for a little while   and then i'm gonna come back and do the 
second thin layer here in a little bit   and as you can see even when it's 
not windy in oklahoma it is still   windy these chairs roll really really easily   and it just takes one little gust of wind 
and they were like blowing all over the me place i don't know if you're real i wanna put 
you in that spotlight looking at you all night now that the chairs have had time to 
dry i'm going to go ahead and go back   and do that second coat now i was worried 
about running out of the product so i did   them like main areas first so if you see me skip 
a section it's because i'm not as worried about it   and then when i have leftovers at the end 
i can go back and add to it but like at the   bottom of the seat i wasn't too worried about 
because there's actually always a cushion there   and i wasn't too worried about the back 
i just don't play the back's going to   get very dirty i love just watching 
these chairs roll around it's so funny this is also really good if you have 
indoor pillows that you're putting outside   so these used to be inside my house they 
are so soft and i didn't want to get rid   of them so i brought them out here this is 
going to act as like a water shield so if i   forget to bring these in and it rains or it 
just lightly you know sprinkles it's going   to help protect them so if you want to do 
this to any of your outdoor furniture it'll   definitely help you out so keep that in mind it 
doesn't have to be just your indoor furniture   but now we're going to move on to our lawn because 
i feel like we're always working on our yard   we are lawn proud we love it to look nice and 
green and pretty and we always buy these houses   and we have terrible yards we get them looking 
beautiful and then we move we're gonna try not to   do that this time but no promises but we do like 
to um aerate our yard a couple times a year and so   basically what it does it just pokes tiny holes in 
the ground it helps your grass it helps your yard   i don't know all the um you know science behind 
it i just know our yard people tell us to do   it so we're gonna do it because we have a 
lot of like a bald spots we need to fill in so this is actually a service that our like 
weed control company offers but we learned we   could just buy this tool and add it to the lawn 
mower and do it ourselves and so it was not that   expensive at all and so it saves us money two to 
three times a year when we pull it out and do it   ourselves so if there's ever a service that's 
being offered to you and you're kind of handy   check it out just to see if it's inexpensive to 
buy or something you can do because typically   it's something that you might be able to do on 
your own and then you can do it save the money   and spend it on something else that you want or 
need same with this right here this is actually   our sunday seed we go through them as well to 
help with our grass just getting nice and green   and fresh and we just picked up this little tool 
from walmart and then we can just do it ourselves if we needed to do our full yard they actually do 
like a push machine like this but we just have a   few spots in our areas we're working on so that's 
why we just picked up this small handheld one   but i went ahead and took the chairs inside 
they were really blowing outside i wanted them   to dry a little bit longer and i feel like 
they're ready to go so i'm gonna go ahead   and put them back at my table now and now i'm 
not as worried about them if you've ever used   stuff like this before it's amazing when 
something spills it just like hovers on   the top of it and doesn't soak in and 
it really does like protect your fabrics the pillows that i had sprayed were dry too so   i'm just gonna go ahead and 
put those back in the chairs now we're gonna move on to the next summer 
home project i love these white curtains i   think they're beautiful they're airy it makes the 
room feel bright but in the summer this room gets   so hot and this is actually our hot room for 
some reason the air doesn't get here as much   now in the winter it's fine because you can 
just like cuddle up with blankets but in the   summer when people stay in here it's hot and it's 
super bright in the morning so people can't um   sleep in and i actually have family coming 
in so as much as i love my white curtains   i'm gonna go ahead and take them down fold 
them up put them away and i have my like   black um darkening curtains from when chase was 
in here with the office i never got rid of them   that way this room will stay cooler and my company 
can actually sleep in it's just darker and cozier   this is something really easy to do if you're 
trying to save money with your electrical bill   just keep like curtains for the summer when you 
need your house to stay darker and cooler and then   when it's winter and you kind of want the light to 
come in to warm up your house you can just switch   them out plus it kind of changes up the room 
it makes it feel different throughout the year messages something now i'm going to be completely honest and let 
you know the white are my favorite i don't love   the gray in here and i could order more but i'm 
only going to leave these up really when like   family's coming over or on super hot days if i 
need to switch them out at any time it's super   easy to do so i just hate to re-buy them when 
i have these at work so i did take like the tan   blanket off the bed and i'm gonna add a gray one 
just to kind of add in with the gray curtains   just so it kind of ties in now when 
someone's coming i'll just have   all the white bedding but george and tiger 
do like to lay up here during the day and   look out so i just like to keep a blanket 
on this to keep the white comforter clean   and so now i've kind of added both of those pops 
of gray like i said it's not my complete favorite   but this room is staying so much cooler 
now that we have those blackout curtains the next thing that's really smart to add 
during the summer months is a fan um we   don't have a fan on the ceiling in here even if 
you do sometimes when your guests come or even   you if it's a hot room or you get hot during the 
summer it's just to have a fan up close on you   the one i'm moving right there is an air purifier 
so it's not really a fan it helps with the air   with the boys in the room but with my sister 
coming she likes a fan on her plus she loves a   loud fan and when i found this one i thought it 
was perfect because it's something i can leave   out in the room and it still looks pretty but 
also functions as well so now that that space   is complete we're going to be moving on to the 
next space which is something i've been wanting   to do to our bedroom once again i love the white 
blinds in here they're beautiful they're airy   but we wake up to the sun every single morning our 
room even gets a little warm um and i just wanted   to be able to sleep in a little bit longer 
or make this space dark i get headaches and   sometimes this room is so bright in here during 
the day so i wanted to get our brown like bamboo   shades we had in our last house so we're gonna 
take these down and put up the new shades it'll   help keep the house cooler it'll help keep it 
darker plus i love the texture adds to the space we're actually doing this late at night because 
we had these shades for like three days and we   were never finding time to film and put these 
up but even in the morning when the sun rises   it gets our boys up early because they know 
it's morning time and they want to go outside   since we put these up we're sleeping in longer 
the boys are sleeping in longer so it's a win-win   plus these are super easy to install they're 
actually even easier than just hanging those   white lines so keep that in mind and i just love 
like the coziness it will add but i wanted to show   you it was late my boys like to go to bed by like 
7 30 or 8.


It was past 9 o'clock and so they were   over it they didn't care if we were filming and 
working they were in their beds for the night written down the words to say it is time 
i've been waiting five days to explain   how you make me feel inside 
baby got it all figured what i'm loving about all the new blinds and 
shades out is they're kid friendly now so there's   no strings or cords you just raise them up or down 
and i love not having cords hanging you guys know   i don't like wires or cords so i love that even 
our shades are doing this now and i can pull   these and stop these anywhere i want to it's not 
set at levels i can make them go all the way up   i can stop them halfway we can go all the way down 
um i did have chase put this chair back here but   once we had these dark shades in here i just did 
not like that orangey with the brown um they do   make different color shades for this room 
and i could have gone with the lighter ones   but i felt like that defeated the purpose because 
the whole reason was to make the space darker   and those shades actually match our bedroom light 
in there you'll see that here in a little bit   but it kind of started a mini itch to 
switch because i had to move this chair   chase loves this chair so i 
went and put it in his office   and it actually looks really good but 
you'll have to let me know what you think the things i would say now i keep so once i got this moved i was trying 
to decide what kind of chair i'm going   to get for our bedroom and i was thinking 
we're going to need an ivory chair just to   lighten up the space against the dark shades and 
so i'm just going to take my dining room chair   in there it's not going to stay this is just for 
visual purposes so i can see do i like the ivory   do i want a low back do i want a high back it kind 
of gives me an idea on color and sizing so when   you're trying to buy new pieces for your house use 
what you have so you're not like buying stuff and   returning it especially with like large pieces 
of furniture i've done that it's not fun so use   what you have to kind of make it work so you know 
what you're looking for when you go into the store so here is what it looks like at night obviously 
it's super dark so the next clip is gonna be what   it looks like in the morning and i love 
it in the daylight the sun shines through   just enough to like lighten the space but i love 
how they look inside um like the white frames   so thank you guys so much for watching today's 
video you'll have to let me know it down below in   the comment section what are the summer projects 
you do every year and i do want to thank walmart   again for sponsoring today's video i have all 
their links down below in my description box so   definitely check that out i hope you guys have a 
wonderful week and i will see you in the next one next bye next time

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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