Leben im «Smart Home» mit Lösungen von ABB

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Yes? Hello, this is Mr. Hunziker
from Schweizer AG. I came to fix the washing machine. I'm not there yet,
but I'm open to you. The kitchen is just
to the left as you enter. Hello, I'm Patrick , three and a half years ago
I was able to fulfill a dream here in Obfelden. We were able to build a house and we opted for
a smart house. To save
energy above all, without having to give up comfort
or having to live with technology. Technology lives with us. I show you how
I can control the house on the control panel. It shows my whole house and I can select
all the floors and see where the light is
on or off.

Here's a good example: my daughter just came out
of the toilet. Often, you don't turn off
the light when you leave it. And we integrated
automation there. We can see on the plan
of the ground floor where the
lighting is on, as here in front, in
this area, of the dining room. I can
directly select it and turn it off. We also see here all the windows
that are open or closed. You can also see
everything from the outside.

If I'm not at home,
on my laptop, I see if a window
is open or closed. I measure the energy
of the whole house and see how much electricity I am using. After energy,
let's look at heating. Here in the neighborhood,
I have a good comparison with similar houses, <i>and I consume about
10 to 30% less in heating. Since we are talking about energy, I can see the solar energy
produced by the collectors on the roof. This afternoon, the weather is nice and my
battery accumulator is already full. And when it is full,
the rest of the energy is fed back into the network.
We would rather use this energy ourselves.
And it's a good time to check whether to wash clothes.

Julian? Do you have dirty laundry? Yes. I have set up several zones
with music throughout the house, all of which I can control
with the smartphone. When I leave the house,
I have a “Go” button to turn off the light, all electrical appliances
and music throughout the house. The washing machine is finished. For a smart home
like this, where everything is connected like
blinds, light, music, smoke detectors
and window contacts, you need technology
as you see here. For that, I
contacted the ABB company, which can provide everything. I thus had a single interlocutor to carry out everything. I have just installed the ABB car charging station
to feed the excess electricity
from the solar installations into the car. In the future, there will also be devices that can be integrated
into the home system. This makes the
whole Smart Home interesting. Smart Home makes a lot of things easier. I received a message
informing me that a child left the refrigerator open.
But you still have to close it yourself..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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