domovea von Hager: Smart Home einfach konfigurieren und bedienen

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making smart homes even smarter that's my job and the best way to do it is with haga's domovina this here that's the demo via app that's the most convenient way to control a modern smartphone and with the ovi expert now also with animal communication the gateway where we You can configure the dashboard according to your own wishes and so the most important functions are always directly accessible You can also save your own photos for an individual design Yes it looks good the music wo n't hurt either or it's better now I'll show you who everything comes together [music ] that is the core and about like the brain of a state of the art no mix installation and with easy spare parts from domo as it is everything will be well just with et ass a knx installation can take a while but in combination with hager easy i can set up my complete martin just four steps import write link and test [music ] it's really quick with just a tap of your finger and the best thing is that i can already prepare the configuration at home and on the subject of data security at domo we save the data here and not there that was easy or i was the recipe for the goulash again did you mean hungarian goulash or austrian goulash main thomas goldack if you're making yourself a real one at least in the dining room the heat from the heating i didn't understand that temperature dining room 23 degrees ok i adjusted the temperature to 23 degrees of course you can easily control that with the app because with domo we can also easily link devices such as language assistants or heating control it's like on holiday [music] jens hausmann glasses seen with demo we always have everything in view no matter when no matter where the domovina expert you can even up to Integrate 50 ip cameras is clearly on the living room table ok thank you üb rigorously there is food well then let's activate the dna sequence sequences so-called domograms you can put together according to your own wishes of course all of this is not only possible via app in a demo via smartphone also make the switches that's included too much of a good thing because that's what it's supposed to be thanks to hager's domovina it's the easiest way to configure and operate a modern smartphone more information can be found here

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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