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Warning Low Toner?

Gain more knowledge on re-manufactured toner cartridges and if it is best for your printer. Also where to call to find out if it is recommended to go with an original manufacturer or 3rd party vendors for toners.

New Samsung Chromebook

Samsung has come out with the latest in its Chromebook series the Chromebook 3G. This third generation is priced at $250, which seems more like a distant cousin of MacBook, in looks and design. One might claim that the design is a rip off from the Apple MacBook Air; still, the uncanny resemblance is striking to a viewer in the first glance. You will find it covered with a silvery plastic finish material, it is lightweight and.75 inches thin weighing 2.5lbs. The battery backup of this device is 6 hours nonstop all thanks to its ARM processor. Let us find out more about this Chromebook.

Beware Of Robot Floor Cleaners

.I have seen irrefutable proof that our species is heading for a bad end. No, I’m not talking about the “Fiscal Cliff,” I’m talking about being replaced by robotic floor cleaners.

Apple Mac Pro MD772LL/A Review: A Mac Book That Comes With All of the Power and Speed You’ll Need

Are you looking for a fast and powerful new desktop PC? Have you ever considered a Mac? When it comes down to it, you can’t go wrong with the Apple Mac Pro MD772LL/A. This desktop is a powerful machine that features a quad core processor and impressive graphics. You can use it for anything from general web browsing to 3D rendering.

Apple MacBook Air MD231LL/A Review – A Netbook That Offers Fast Graphics, Great Display, and More

Are you trying to find a good laptop that offers plenty of speed and flexibility? Why not go with a netbook like the Apple MacBook Air MD231LL/A? This netbook, like its predecessors, packs plenty of power for its size. Its third generation Intel Core processor can accelerate a great deal thanks to the latest version of turbo boost technology.

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