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They say that clothes make the woman, but what does it say if your clothes are having well, a moment? Don’t worry, we’ve got some handy tricks up our sleeve to prevent these clothing faux-pas from completely ruining your day and reputation. Taking a stroll on the beach was a great idea, but wearing a skirt — not so much. Hope no one saw those buns! Oh and you may want to steer clear of any stairs. The wind will blow that sucker right up! Yikes! Really gives the saying, “sun’s out, bun’s out” a whole new meaning, doesn’t it? Oh thank goodness, a bench! Phew, that was bad. If you ever find yourself in a compromising position like Olivia, here, search in your bag to see if you have any band-aids or coins. Okay, here’s how you can use these items to keep your skirt weighted down.

Flip the bottom of your skirt up and place the coin on the underside that’s facing up. Now make it stick with the bandaid. Keep twisting the skirt around, taping coins just above the seam as you go. Alright, let’s give this bad boy a test run, shall we? Okay, so far so good! Not today, wind! I’ve come prepared, see? This walk across the beach should be a lot easer now. Strut your stuff! Watch out girls, cannon ball coming through! Ooh, nice jump, Vicky! Wow, I can’t believe she got her hair wet! So, how’d it look? Oh my god! Look at her! What? Oh no! Where’d my bikini top go? I knew we were coming over to swim, but I didn’t expect a free show like this. If embarrassing yourself at pool parties isn’t your jam, take one of the strings from the hanging knot behind you and pull it gently over your shoulder. Tuck it under your other strap and pull it through to make a knot.

Pull it nice and tight and hide the hanging string away. Do the same thing on the other side and voila! That bikini isn’t going anywhere. Whew! That felt great! And the ladies are snug in my suit. Ah, a Saturday night with nothing to do is always a nice change of pace. Ooh, who’s this? No way… He’s picking me up in five minutes? Seriously?! Oh man, if only I had a fairy godmother to zap me into a fabulous outfit.

Well, Vicky, you may be able to pull off your own wardrobe magic tonight. Want to see this plain old sweatshirt turn into date-night wear? Put your arms through the neck hole and pull the whole thing down just above your chest. Pull it down so the seam from the cowl neck hits the small of your waist. Instead of leaving the arms awkwardly at your sides, wrap them around and tie them into a pretty bow to make your backside a little more interesting. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend to help you out with this part.

Wow, Vicky, that’s some talent right there! Pull the draw string all the way out. Take the string and put it through the drawstring hole in the former cowl neck. Stop once it’s about halfway through. Finally, tie the ends together behind your neck for a cute halter look. Wow, you just created a new dress in one minute! Damn, Vicki! You’re lookin’ slammin! Don’t forget to pair your look with a hot pair of heels and some cute earrings to be 100% date ready! Aw, aren’t they cute? Okay, just one more mile and we’ll be beachside! Calling out sick from work was the best idea I’ve ever had! Well, this spot looks perfect! Right by the water. Okay, so sand and ocean mean one thing: bathing suits! Now where’s mine? Uh oh…looks like I only brought the bottoms! Now what am I going to do? This definitely isn’t a nude beach! Don’t sweat it, Olivia! Those bottoms may be more versatile than you think! Take your bottoms like the ones Olivia has here and turn them upside down. Go ahead and pull the string all the way out of the waist of your shorts.

Next, go ahead and pull that string through the crotch of the bikini bottoms. Wrap the string around your neck so that the crotch of the bottoms is touching the base of your neck. Instead of tying the string in a knot, cross them and pull the ends to your sides. Pull the strings through the leg holes and back out again. Lastly, tie the strings in a knot behind your back. There! Well look at that, a brand new bikini top! And a cute one at that. Alright, Vicki, I’m ready for some fun under the sun, baby! Wow, this looks like a legit bathing suit ad – you’d never know Olivia was wearing bikini bottoms on her top! Woah, careful there! Move, people, Princess Vicki has arrived! No pictures please! Woah, we’ve got a case of bunchy dress on our hands. Ah, that’s better. Ugh, this thing creeps up my legs! Okay, let’s try this again. Mmm, this mango drink is just what I needed on a warm day like this. Wait — seriously, again? This is a midi-dress, not a mini-dress!! Alright, three layers of hairspray oughta do it, right? Wait a minute, if this stuff holds my hair in place, what else can it do? If your dress creeps up like Vicki’s, try spraying your thighs with hairspray! Let it air-dry for a few seconds then pull that skirt or dress on down! Yes! The dress finally passed the test! Time to go for a walk, girl! Nothing feels better than seeing how your body’s changed after weeks at the gym.

Hey, muscles – I see you! Oh no…this skirt is definitely not long enough! I can’t wear this outside my apartment! That’s the last time I stick this thing in the dryer. Oh boy, this isn’t working… If your favorite skirt looks more like underwear, it may be time to up-cycle it into something else. Put the skirt flat out in front of you. Now cut triangle shapes out of the sides like this, see? It may sound weird, but put your arms through the top of the skirt and through the cuts you just made.

See that excess fabric up top? Fold it down to show off those shoulders. Woah, this cute look is fabulous on you, Vicky ! It just goes to show, if you have an item of clothing that doesn’t fit anymore, you can always turn it into something new and unique! Ugh, where is she? The movie starts in 20 minutes! There you are! And looking hot, wow! Ooh, I take that back… Yeah, those socks have gotta go. I mean, why bright pink, Vicky? Way to look wacky, girl. I can’t be seen with you like this — this is against the laws of fashion or something. Okay, this calls for some delicate surgery… Her socks, not her toes! Way to be dark, guys… Okay, Vicky, let’s hand those suckers over. Here ya go! Take the socks and make five small cuts along where the toes go.

Alright. See that? You’ll put your little toes through those slits, okay? Hmm, weird but I’ll give it a try. As you slide your feet through, place your toes through each hole. Ooh, nice pedicure, Vick! Check it out! You’d never know she was wearing socks under there! Well, now we know who to call in a fashion emergency. Thanks, Helly! Better hurry up if you want to catch that movie! These fashion hacks may have looked flawless, but these bloopers prove otherwise. Check ‘em out if you want a good laugh! Which fashion hack do think is most useful? Don’t hog these hacks for yourself, share the wealth! Show this video with your friends and family and don’t forget to subscribe to 123Go’s YouTube channel for more mind-opening videos like this one!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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