Einbruch-Schutz Smart Home

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CosmosDirekt continues to break new ground: because Germany's largest direct insurer not only insures damage, but also helps to prevent it. How it works? Just follow the story of the Meyer family: The Meyers want to better protect their belongings . That's why Mr. Meyer takes out the new household contents insurance with Smart Home burglary prevention with just a few clicks. Together with Devolo's free Home Control starter pack, it now has an innovative security package that can be expanded if required. Mr. Meyer installs the supplied sensors and actuators in his apartment in just a few simple steps. With the app , he can keep an eye on them when he's out and about . Mr. Meyer can now enjoy his free time carefree. Like every Wednesday, Mr. Meyer meets up with friends for a coffee. But suddenly his Devolo app sounds the alarm. Someone is trespassing on his apartment.

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Mr. Meyer alerted the police. A few minutes later, a patrol drives to the scene and catches the villain red-handed. Thanks to CosmosDirekt Smart Home, the burglar was caught and, above all, greater damage was prevented..

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