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hello and welcome, ladies and gentlemen, the
control cabinet is the heart of the smarthome in the control cabinet everything comes together
and who knows us you would know we deal a lot with the knx smart home, i.e. with the
fully networked house and now you can be very excited Be that we show you three parts of
a control cabinet so we have now made three contributions so you can be really excited
because we really show you the control cabinet of the year 2019 or 2020 with everything that
goes with it and you asked for it very often how do you build such a writing what belongs
in such a control cabinet and we have contribution 1 part 1 today how we deal with the electrical
side that means let's take a look at what is in such a control cabinet and then the
next post is about the cabling and in part 3 we will devote ourselves to the topic of
knx and here is a switchboard Ank that is pretty full so that will inspire many of you
and I am happy if you stick with it this control cabinet here is in every smart home networked
house is standard you have to say it can not be quite so full now so it does not have to
be let's take a look at what we are doing here for cables at all.

Berlin with three-phase edition that means
the l1 l2 l3 and we have the neutral animal welfare unfortunately you can see everything
here quite well and the very first thing we have here is a lightning protection, so that
is very important that if the lightning strikes a house in the electrical lines that right
behind the support so you have to imagine that there is only a second control cabinet
where the cell fields are and this is of course already avoided that at all like the whole
thing in the war breaks down and then there is a bmw circuit breaker that is actually
four vehicles again elegt bl 123 and n then it goes to the fi switch, rcd may switch to
for you to explain we now have from the electrical side, so from the insurance side we have two
different options how we can react to fault currents on short circuits that have yes,
once the one who names the colors of the row arranged here and connected to it then the
individual ones are down here, the individual circuit breakers so that's a lot here because
we have many many circuits up here then where all the cables are laid up here in this area
so we have quite a lot of cables so i didn't count it so we almost come to the 1000 cables
here all this closet up for a house with 350 square meters it is completely networked it
is i say it is arranged in the upscale area and but we will explain that to you in an
extra post.

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In this case we have been doing the whole
thing there for weeks We do it all because you have asked so often now bring something
about the control cabinet brings something about the structure and now we are ready so
that's just so now we have the df here never the fi switches and they react Certain fault
currents are about being pushed when touching live cables that can be in the bathroom that
can actually be where there is a fault in the installation or where the insulation is
off and I then accidentally fray I am not aware of that and that can also be in the
outside area if we are now in the garden with the drill in the wet grass that touches it
and then somewhere there is something that isolates a cable and there you would normally
without the switch is most likely im getting a fatal electric shock and we prevent with
these rcds with these rcds i still say the old term we prevent us from being fatal get
an electric shock because this circuit breaker triggers the triggers fairly quickly so usually
between 30 and 50 milliseconds and at a voltage of 30 with a current of 30 milliamps you so
that is really there is really prevented Your blow gets and there are of course different
selection characteristics, so maybe I'll come back to that later because we are now going
from the lightning protection trip to the fi switch and of course further down here
to the automatic circuit breakers or circuit breakers that used to be the fuses maybe an
explanation of how the fuses that had to be exchanged know from and today it's just like
that when it has triggered the limits switch it on again i don't have to change it now
that is a great advantage for electricians is that they deal with the topic we have now
down here b and c characteristic so triggers at five times the current so that's 90 amps
and c with ten times the current that's up to me and that's 160 amps we need this line
circuit breaker with c characteristic especially at the points where we have led lights here,
in this case the entire house is s so the entire 350 square meters are with led lighting
in the case with dali i will also say later what is all the actuators and control technology
here in the cabinet that's why we use the area c there is now
also the characteristic that is twenty times the nominal current that with 320 amperes
you normally do this in normal building technology, we don't need that because with this high
starting current that comes from these power supplies of the power supply units for the
led lights that was the basic idea control cabinet electrical distribution cabinet in
the smart house in the smart home how is that part set up we now have it here you can now
put it together again we have the terminals up here when we 12 34 terminal blocks that
is not that common now and then we have the area where the electricity comes in from the
electricity from the distributor, so from fau from the municipal utility so the whole
thing goes straight into the lightning protection switch here are the rcd against electric shock
and the entrepreneurs the circuit breaker so the circuit breaker unusual is the arrangement
what you say you could now say the whole thing could also be arranged up here, we didn't
do that in this case because it didn't have any more space we had to put the insulation
up here and so bring the first part of the control cabinet electrical distribution cabinet
in a smart home with knx upscale so you really have to say what you see here is really upscale,
upscale standard that is where everything is actually networked with each other, how
the whole thing is then wired and as far as the topic is concerned, nothing at all as
far as the topic of actuators is concerned you can see that in one of the next posts
thank you very much for watching oh so i have to say if you are interested in something
if you want us to build such a cabinet for you then you can contact us, we will make
the team the plan and such a cabinet for you in this format, the standing cabinet there
is of course a wall cabinet there are smaller cabinets that is now almost the maximum size
just write us a message ne e mail has in the comments we look forward to you so many thanks
for watching see you next time we are also happy to have a thumbs up because you haven't
subscribed to us yet i think people are talking about smart home in the new building in you
have already subscribed to the renovation that deals with this, thank you very much
for watching until the next time, so the electrical switch cabinet electrical distributor shown
here is really already in monster we have to say we want to have an idea of ​​what
a switch cabinet weighs so it is Weighing between 80 and 180 kilos depending on the
size, depending on the equipment, we have between 400 and 1600 cables that go into a
control cabinet so that's really an insane amount and you can really look forward to
this whole series now with the control cabinet you can maybe get some suggestions what we’ve
got in the end time and again to look at the control cabinets it is complex such a control
cabinet it can only be built by professionals then someone would try it himself it probably
was 20 30 40 times the time and you have to pay that on the hourly wage or Put it on the
clock and you can really have a lot of love, you could now build the control cabinet, too,
what we are showing you here, because everything is certainly possible, why must always see
in relation to the effort and what we have seen lately is that control cabinets they
are getting bigger and bigger because the comfort the safety the requirements I always
say get bigger and the regulations have also changed we have now also the topic lightning
protection you have seen that lightning protection very important topic we have also integrated
or also integrated the subject of surge protection or the subject Electric shock protection from electric shock
is very important because every year people who sit in the bathtub and then perhaps phone
with the iphone plugged into a distributor and then the press distributor in the bathtub
are dying every year, so now maybe it's a little funny for you but it happens and it
is very certain that you will not survive if you do not turn off the rcd or fi switch

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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