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I'm glad you tuned in again. Today I'm going to show you how to replace
a classic light switch with a Homematic IP switching and measuring actuator for branded switches so that you can later switch the light on and off via the app. You should definitely make
sure that you have the phase, the jumper wire to the lamp and also a neutral conductor in your switch box. If you lack the experience, please contact your electrician. In addition, you must make sure that the power supply is disconnected. As
you can see, I have prepared a classic light switch, just like you have at home. I use it to turn my ceiling light on and off. First, I will now disconnect the power supply, then start removing the switch
and replace the whole thing with our Homematic IP switch-measuring actuator for branded switches. Now that we've replaced the old light switch , we still have to somehow get the switch program onto our actuator, which I still have in my hands here.

We have these adapters for our switch actuators in brand switch format. Such a switch is later simply placed on the rocker of the switch range. I'll put the whole thing back together for you. I put the frame here over the actuator, then I put on the adapter and the rocker and at the end I logically switch the power supply
back on. You would have to turn the circuit breaker back on here. So, now let's check whether we can continue to switch the light on and off via the sound and measurement actuator. Maybe some more information for you: a
special feature of this switching and measuring actuator is that we don't have a switch here, but a button. This means you have a middle position on this
device and can switch it on and off by pressing up and down. Yes, if you enjoyed this, check out our other videos and give us a like. I look forward to seeing you next time..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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