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hello everyone today we are dealing with the
topic of electric and I'm already in the right place where the heart of the house actually
sits so part of the heart behind me is the electrical distribution cabinet if you choose
an example of a house in order to explain to you what is in such an electrical distribution
cabinet looks significantly different than when you look at this cabinet in a conventionally
built house or in a conventional apartment I would already see that is a quite large
example and here it is really on Saving space was valued but the send the cabinet itself
is quite large that of the zb 55 it is the largest distribution cabinet that you would
now find in the home area, i.e.

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In the private area, with one and two-family houses but take
a look at something there Inside everything works so this is now an example for you of
how such a cupboard can look like I am describing e now the areas that we have here, even in
a conventional house, you would find this electricity meter, so the area I'll walk over
a little, you can see it that way, that's the electricity meter that everyone knows
that looks like it is from the 50s He's now in principle as well and they are still currently
in use, so this area that has never been used by the electrical distribution cabinet that
is actually what the dvu, the electrical utility company or the respective municipal utilities
where one is connected to, what the area belongs to the company you can take a look here we
now have different meters here, now we have an electricity meter for a heat pump, so we
have an electricity meter for a heat pump because the house has a heat pump and of course
there are different tariffs that is why there are also different counters here then we have
here a meter for household electricity so that's also light and stove and d he whole
story then we have a counter at the bottom that looks really like 920 0 you have to say
for the photovoltaics it is, however, very current is also required and we have down
here after the last area we have a dog control unit this round control unit always switches
between the tariffs around that is a bit ahead of its predecessor, a forerunner of smart
energy or smart metering, we're still waiting for smart metering to come that way, and that's
this entire area of ​​what you have to do with electricity meters has and down here
when he looks down here again the house cabling is in place you can also see here is 35 ampere
15 30 ampere fuse switch but all those things where you as a private person as a householder
as a house builder had no business in it and now we look a little further up here because
we have the second area at the back where all the electrical wiring is lays is look
right underneath and here below we have the area where our network is behind it, so our
knx stories our network stories although the network stories are also man at the other
cupboard we show it again and I thought we would show you visor looks underneath there
would be a bit of the electrical specialist we are allowed to do that otherwise every
electrician would say yes to live cables as I said, with the proviso that we know what
we are doing, let's just take a look under it now, I'll take it a screwdriver up here
and shows you how it looks down here, so it's very easy to do here and then you can now the heap you can remove
here that sounds a bit and since you can already see that the electrical distribution is located
underneath there will be a part of 33 areas and I'll show you what the individual areas
mean here while it is here the electrical cabling that comes from the most varied of
rooms and from the most varied of areas so the electrical cabling is laid up here on
the on the electrical distribution then we have below you can see here below these are
the automatic circuit breakers for the respective circuits we still have a fi circuit breaker
fi circuit breaker is always a story what the fi circuit breaker is for because this
circuit breaker takes care of it if somewhere fault current occurs that means if somewhere
I say in the direction of short circuit what is going good example would be sitting in
the bathtub, turn on the hair dryer and then drop the hair dryer where the earlier said
mustn't do it in such a cabling basically not that one then gets hit and in the bathtub
that was usually over quite quickly through this circuit breaker that comes then that
has to respond very quickly, the circuit is disconnected and before the wind the film
has fallen into the bathtub nothing happens but example as a story and then we have a
wide variety of si below safety automatic safety devices with the different numbers
of the corresponding circuits and now let's go all the way down because this area is all
the electrical distribution is quite manageable we have 87 circuits so a smaller house is
now so it can fit a lot more as more than 120 circuits have such a house and if you
were to take everything off now you would see that this is already a lot more than you
think you can see the different here is always the protective conductor and the phase around,
however we wanted you now to see the lap times like where the bus cabling is and where you
are officially allowed to run so the electrician will say up here that is my area if you can't
do something yourself came later in the various episodes there we want to show you how you
can put it all on yourself because they would have really fun so and then let's take a look
down here so that's an example of where different factors are here so that's a twelve-fold actuators
that we see here from raphaela company abb weeks we want if i just expand the camera
so and here they will be different circuits that you can then look at via your smartphone,
which can also be controlled automatically, that can be the socket, for example, that
can be lighting that can be blinds in the case that a normal stature there are also
other factors here Do you see one the actuator here is a heating current so here it says
heating current 6 times with the heating current I can switch six different heating circuits
that are just shown as the market takes the actor because I can lamps and Lights are dimmed
in a very conventional way, that also means not only that one always uses the one in the
brightness gru basically true but when I press the switch the light is dimmed on we can also
show you once and when I sounded off it is dimmed so that is a comfort function so much
more pleasant so when I am somewhere at night I can in others store the value as for the
day ne so at night the lamp only goes on very slightly if you don't wake up completely the
plus as an example for the actuator yes what have time here now and now there is back if
i am here now Cladding would take off wildly we will find our knx factors again in this
lower area these are factors for the blinds that are switches actuators for the lighting
for the heating and also for the ventilation we have completely forgotten that and the
whole thing is yes Of course, it is also connected to a network, but that’s in another cabinet
only mentioned in the margin, so again to summarize So if you build smart then you will
not be able to avoid using such a large cabinet because in this cabinet there is more than
conventional cabling with conventional cabling we only have this upper area here we don't
need to remove it or something and then we have here the lower area where all the knx
injuries are behind it here we have everything in that area then we have the various meters
over there we have more than one meter because we count heat pump electricity separately,
household electricity counts and also photovoltaics because they generate electricity on the roof
have your roof integrated so in this house, for example, a roof integrated photovoltaic
systems we count this of course with this counter and what else for you maybe that only
bring my later contribution that let's do something there is interesting what what is
what we count here we don't have to read it, we read it mi t of its own interface and put
it on the bus, we will show you later because you don't have to stand here anymore and write
it down with the note, it would be terrible up here, for example, you can see such a digital
display here of which this is the heat pump this is digital and not only
that the display is digital, but we also read this value here again via an interface from
the device, so it is important if you want to have all of this on the bus later and it
is also important that we display everything can we also want this consumption on the smartphone
here and we want to see all these values ​​and we also want to be able to put them together
we therefore need that is why we take a look at it all the cables come from the cable duct
from the central cable duct from the individual rooms from the consumers or towards the consumers
and it all comes together in this cupboard and if we have something like a conventional
one en cabling would have such a small cabinet or as you know it from older apartments, only
there is a small one up here like you have such a circuit breaker and we have maybe ten
or twenty fuses that are just ten or twenty circuits that actually is the background why
we need so much space here we were really space and the more it is now you are busy
with the fact that it is a large closet you can also put a second closet so a two-family
house i would say we have to have a second closet the more space we have, we can also
retrofit these components down here, so I can really say if I come up with more now
after ten years I would like to retrofit a blind that we cannot use conventional cabling
here we just click a blind actor who then does that we retrofit everything here and
we can also add new cables If we have an emptying like the old topic empty without a computer
to an emptying okay so in summary buy a large electrical control cabinet distribution cabinet
and look in several episodes then also how we put these cables here we want to show you
and explain and what it matters in the individual areas of these areas dull with which you have
nothing to do that is done by the energy supplier or does the respective public utility company
yes and if you enjoyed it I am looking forward to a positive evaluation up to the next episode,
including frank

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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