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School’s in session! And you know what that means: our brains are in work-mode! But with teachers, class and early mornings come major challenges. And we’re here to help you cut a few corners using nothing but quick thinking and a little craftiness. Forgot to study for tomorrow’s algebra test? Cut an eraser down the middle without putting the blade all the way through. Now cut the eraser the other way, taking a chunk right out of it. Once your chunk is out, lay it out flat and open faced. Take a glue stick and make both sides sticky. Write any equations you need for an upcoming test on a small sheet of paper and stick it onto the eraser. Once it’s dry, fold it closed!! I hear you’re selling “erasers?” I’ll take candy, sure.

On the left we’ve got algebra, on the right we’ve got calculus. Take your pick. Make it fast, kid. Yes! Okay, now walk away. Alright! It’s exam time! But unlike the rest of the class, these girls have the answers right up their sleeves…or, erasers… Yikes, these questions look hard! Good thing they have back up. Oh yeah, we got this. Wow! Who knew you could fit all those formulas on such a tiny piece of paper? Nope, no sweat on Amy’s brow! Careful, Lilly! The teacher is right there! Time’s up! Turn in your quizzes, girls! No need to wait to get back these papers, we already know we aced it! Nice! So what’s on the agenda today? Oh no! Why am I feeling so much wetness? Ooh, looks like one of your pens must have leaked black ink all over your stuff, Amy.

Ew! So gross, right? But maybe your stuff isn’t completely ruined… Yep, that’s the look of a lightbulb going off! Want to give your pens and pencils a little color? Fill a large container with water and your favorite color nail polish. Go ahead and dump the polish into the water. Once you do that, feel free to add even more colors, randomly dispersing it. Now take your pencil and slowly dip it into the liquid. And lift it right back out the same way. You can do this as many times as you like and can experiment with different colors. Wow! Where did you get pencils like that? Want to use one? Thanks, Amy! Way to turn lemons into lemonade, girl! Woah, Lilly! I sure hope you’re wearing a seatbelt on that ride! Hey! My book! Aw man! I totally lost my place! Thanks a lot, Lilly.

Yikes, feel bad yet, Lilly? Well, there may be a way to make it up to her. And all you need is a paperclip! Take a regular paperclip like this one and pend the ends up and inward. See how it kind of looks like an X? Once you’ve done one, you can do the same things to other paperclips of different colors. Aw, they’re so cute! Hey, Amy? Check this out! With this little guy, you’ll never lose your place again! Aw! It looks like a little heart! Yes! I’m off the hook! And I made some extra for myself too! Psst! Lilly! Huh? Kevin has red nails? I’ve gotta see this! Ok, I’d better put this thing away before the teacher sees! A-choo!! Oh no! Everyone’s going to see all my notes!! This can’t seriously be happening! Well, well, what do we have here? Are these notes? Let’s read one, shall we? The teacher has a funny hairstyle?! Well, you stay up all night grading papers and see what you look like in the morning.

Out of all my notes I can’t believed she read that one! Toting around “sensitive materials”? Take a notebook and cut some paper that measures at half its size. Now take a glue stick and make the sides sticky. Flip the paper over and press it down on the lower half of the booklet. Be sure to press it down with your fingers to make sure it’s secure. Once that’s done, find some decorative tape and design it however you’d like! We chose hearts to put at the top border of the pocket. Don’t forget to tuck in the ends! Wow! Check out this handy note pocket! Hey Amy, got another not for me? Now you never have to worry about unfortunate spills again! Pause the lecture for a second — Amy’s about to blow an epic bubble! Aw false alarm. Uh oh…teacher alert! Mind if I take a look at your notes, Amy? Wow, look how messy and unkept your notebook pages are! How does this even happen anyway? What a shame. What about your notebook, Lilly? Why, it’s just as perfect as you, isn’t it? A + as usual.

Hey how do you keep you notebook so neat like that? Looks like we have a nifty paper hack on our hands! Wanna drop some knowledge on us, Lilly? You can make your own page protector at home! Simply fold a square of paper in hand, matching corner to corner like this. Keeping the paper folded, take one corner and match it with the one up top.

Do the same thing to the other side. Once you solidify the creases, unfold the corners. Match the top corner to the bottom and press down the fold. Next, tuck each corner into the pocket you’ve just made. Be sure the edges are tucked all the way in as deep as possible. Turn the piece upside-down so the folded part is farthest away from you. On the first folded corner, draw a shape that looks like a closed eye with lashes. With different colored paper, create fringe and glue it on the fold like so. Add the sparkly horn and you’ve got yourself a paper unicorn! Now you can keep the pages from your books and folders from curling! So cute! Thanks for the great tip, Lilly! Finally, the last class of the day! Okay, let’s get situated here.

I’ ll definitely need all these. Gah! I should’ve known that would happen. Oh no! Here come’s Amy! Hey, watch out, girl! Aw man, there she goes. Geez! What are you trying to do, kill me or something? I didn’t mean to do it, I swear! It’s alright. In fact, I think I know how to solve this problem. Have an empty bottle lying around? Take a blade and cut the bottle open just below the neck. Be sure to watch those hands! Next, tale a free-standing zipper and unzip it about halfway down.

On one strip of the fabric, put a line of hot glue. But be careful not to get it on your fingers. Before it dries, press the fabric with glue against the inside of the bottom half of the bottle you already cut. Put glue on the rest of the fabric, one section at a time and align it inside the bottle so that it looks like this. Now take your pens and markers and stick them right inside the makeshift pencil case! Those puppies are safe and sound now! Need to borrow a marker, Lilly? Aw, so sweet! Thank you! Why buy an expensive case at the store when you can make one as cute as this one right at home? Can’t get enough of these fantastic school hacks? Neither can we! Be sure to share these with your friends and classmates.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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