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hi i'm scott newnam ceo of audio advice 
today we're going to walk you through   a brand new modern home we've 
just finished up let's take a look   so one of the things i want to show you is how we 
perfectly matched up hembar alignment on these   lutron shades but we also you'll see this is one 
of the doors where it totally opens to the outside   from the kitchen but we used laser alignment to 
match up between every shade in the mullion so   you can actually push all these doors wide open 
and walk outside and when they come down we're   actually blocking the light totally coming 
through matched up literally window by window we've used a mixture of light layers in this 
particular room where we've got indirect lighting   coming off of the ceiling we've got four inch 
traditional task lighting in here we've actually   matched the speakers to be four inches so they 
match perfectly with the lights themselves   and then specialty accent lighting coming 
down here right in the center of the room   so in this bedroom we've done massive shades 
these things are over 12 feet by six feet   four of them and they completely 
black out the room at night so one of the coolest things in this home 
is that we hid the television actually in   the floor of the yoga room the craftsmen 
on our team and with the builder were just   fabulous in terms of nailing this and it 
can actually tilt left and right as well so the lighting work we did on this stone wall 
is just incredible we actually are using   really really high illumination lights 
and running them straight down the wall   we've actually angled them slightly in 
to create the textured look that you see   so we've actually got a keypad at the gate 
that allows direct communication to the house   over fiber optics as well as cameras hidden 
throughout with full pan, tilt, zoom capability   you'll notice the house is actually curved on the 
outside we've got beautiful leds that light up   the back porch area and the pool as well as high 
performance outdoor speakers and an outdoor wi-fi   access point that provides wi-fi to the entire 
outdoor area to see more smart home videos buyer's   guides and inspiration gallery or to learn 
all things smart home go to   or if you live in the carolinas give us a 
call or stop by one of our super showrooms

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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