Fußbodenheizung: Steuerung im KNX Smart Home – Heizkreisverteiler | Smartest Home – Folge 33

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hello and welcome to a new contribution on
the subject of smart home today we are back in a single-family house about which could
deal with the subject so in the past two already announced that the heating here will be sick
that you will decide like a heater broken open the controlled and yes so down-to-earth
attitude if I now work with newly built underfloor heating and somehow cross the underfloor heating
with warm water, the heating circuits are new and the tricky point the chances of accessing
the body parts where the appropriate times come build as well as the main unit distribute
that is a lot like the entire area the semicircle distributor which you can find on each floor
at least once that the conception comes up we have a 245 way in different strips underneath
you can see what I was thinking for the accusation bedroom and the funny other w ie with each
I have a forward and a return line because you can already see the color of the design,
the red that was the forward line and the blue the cold one is the return line that
means if you heat was given off into the rooms through
which the different circles over the coils the heating coils in the individual rooms
because in the fifth area each body counts and the water runs back there the control
of the individual heating circuits takes place via actuators the actuators when we are up
there then come back with the details and so that you understand the whole thing, the
heating is constantly switched on and off, i.e.

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With the room temperature controller
that we then have in the respective room there is broadcast in the one in the room temperature
control with it The room temperature in this room temperature is reported below to a home
flight sector and the promise factor side that these actuators here also value the actuators
and closed that means that water flows through or no longer flows through or less through
which of course the points keep the points very sluggish you don't keep an eye on the
matter Then in larger rooms I have several heating circuits that we can see, for example,
here guest rooms I have two just the same with the slack explorers three keep everything
in terms of area very large space and there it actually makes sense because switching
the three actuators at the same time brings that yes no marketing in one room unit circle
to close and the other two places for have and very important is that an installation
of this heating circuit distribution in comparison to conventional integration but I keep these
lines beforehand to control this point drives the point was really wanted to be switched
Of course, there is also politics with 24 35 volts, of course if I wanted to work with
my wife because I put a switch down there in the case of the closet from the so-called
heating factor that the valves on the foot write really old one of the tidy up there
is also the heating factors the kids with four channels with six channels with a cht
channels are now gaining, for example, an 8-channel heating current use here because
we have seven heating circuits here i can of course be economical with the current situation
by telling myself, for example, that here these three actuators the guest room not only
folds on one channel Many channels we still learn the cables the corresponding cables
that are then connected to the heating factors heard the traditional factors close and then
we still have the green the green knx cable that you don't need up here so there are people
you have to ask the question Totally skl put the factor in the heating circuit manifold
that we do not even make whether this can still be seen here all up but the thermometers
fell that means that the temperature of the return temperature you can actually do not
have to control and then there is still here if there are many gates so designs and acts
in which the lead rücklauf hiermit über mechanische hände auf und zu machen und es
ist eigentlich mehr oder weniger zur installation gedacht damit hier noch oben für die einzelnen
im halbkreis wirklich bedrohliche gescheit abgleicht aber vielleicht nochmal später
dazu einem eigenen beitrag um euch zu zeigen exemplarisch doppelt wichtig zwei vorteile
bei jeder fußbodenheizung gibt wird und ob es konventionelle höher geschaltet wird oder
nicht wir haben hier oben an die stelle wo die einzelnen kanäle geschaltet werden ganz
wichtig auf die ihre stromversorgung abwerfen das ist in den halbkreis verteiler tarif damit
strom verschiedenen umleitungen reinfahren und riegel stellantriebe überhaupt zum thema
leitung das thema alten wohnzimmer nächsten zeit wenn ich mir noch häufiger beschäftigen
vor allem was die heizungsanlage selbst anbelangt was den energieträger an gesagt dass wir
alle tragen die euch stellen werden und haus neu baut oder wenn ihr dann auf saniert das
alles dinge die von anfang an in die konzeption und klare mit einem bezug ja ich hoffe dadurch
spaß gemacht das war teil eines im bereich haltung wir werden viele teile kommen und
bis zum nächsten mal

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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