Gerät löschen – Schritt für Schritt zu Deinem Smart Home mit Fibaro & Z-Wave

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Welcome to the video series "Step by step to your smart home with Fibaro and Z-Wave". Today I will show you how to delete devices after they have been trained. To do this, click on the menu item "Modules" and then "Delete and add device". Scroll down a bit. Click on "Delete" and start the learning mode.

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Immediately afterwards, press the button on the device (in this case a smoke detector) 3 times. After that it is deleted. You can also delete the device without having it in front of you. However, the process just mentioned makes more sense. This will erase all connections on the device. And you'll have less trouble setting up the device again in the future. In the next video I will also go into scenes for the first time..

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