How to install Flume 2 smart home wifi water monitor and leak detector

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welcome everyone today we're going to be taking a look at the Flume smart water meter so last year an intermittent leak in one of the pipes that runs through our foundation started emitting into our bathroom causing a lot of damage and it's made me pretty paranoid and just looking at the flow rate on your water meter it makes it hard to catch something like that so i've been looking for a smart home leak detector like this one that i could connect without cutting into my plumbing this Flume connects to your water meter and somehow measures the magnetic field to detect water usage down to 1/100 of a gallon and i like this design because it uses a battery and i don't need to cut into my pipes because in florida houses like mine they typically don't have a exposed water main that's near a power outlet and a lot of the competing designs need that sort of thing so we're going to try this out and see if it actually works pretty good so let's get into the box here all right so it uses this Flume hub and that's what handles the wi-fi communication and looking at the instructions this Flume sensor just kind of uses this tie to go around your water meter all right so down in the box it looks like they've supplied a usb adapter for powering the hub it even appears to come with black gloves to allow you to work on your water meter without getting your hands dirty probably an extra tie down and a water meter key so now let's head out into my yard and strap this Flume water sensor onto my water meter so now before you head outside download the Flume water app off the app store and follow the prompts to pair the Flume wi-fi hub with the sensor that attaches to the water meter outside so as you can see here my city uses this tesla 4 water meter and i checked with Flume ahead of time and they said that this should be compatible so all i should have to do now is take this little guy and slip him around i think that's right we're gonna find out in a second so now we just need to take a picture of the water meter and i'm not sure exactly what this is used for maybe for calibration or proof of purchase or something but uh let's go ahead and do that all right beautiful now we just need to run a stream of water to calibrate things and that was a success and by default it sets up my most favorite feature here to set up a leak rule where it's going to notify you if water is constantly running for at least two hours and if you're out of town you can set up an emergency contact to notify if that happens like a pipe burst so they can run over and shut off your water and if you want to really geek out it has api access so that you can go ahead and get the data out of the Flume app and use it in other applications now to test the accuracy of the flow rate in the Flume 2 app i'm going to fill up this three and a half gallon bucket with water from my garden hose and see how long that takes i'm going to time this and then compare the gpm rate in the app so now when we refresh we should see about 3.4 gallons per minute and there we go that's pretty good all right so here we are at where there's another display of your water usage so you can refresh from here but i wanted to show you that under this three line hamburger menu here there's another way of checking your accuracy using this meter accuracy check and to conduct this Flume accuracy test you just need to take two pictures of your water meter on two different days at minimum 24 hours apart or within 30 days and once you have those two pictures you just hit begin accuracy test and you key in your reported water usage on the first day and specify the units like gallons and you specify the date and time and once you have that you can upload the water meter and you just do that again for your second date and it will tell you if your meter is running accurately or not so that's nice if you don't want to use the bucket method but it's great that you have both options and as you can see you get this really nice histogram readout and my main concern here was you know when we're sleeping between like 1 and 5 a.m i don't see any usage at all which means hopefully i don't have any kind of small water leak and i haven't received any kind of notification from Flume that there is like a small water usage going on for over two hours so no kind of leak detection alerts are triggered so that puts my mind at ease and i believe when i talk to my insurance company i can get some sort of credits back from putting this Flume water meter into place because it monitors for things like leaks and other things that can cause catastrophic damage so i'm going to go ahead and get in contact with them and see if this thing will actually pay for itself now that i have it installed if you have any questions about the Flume 2 please leave them down here below in the video comments if you enjoy this video please let me know by clicking on the like button and consider subscribing to my channel for more great smart home videos and thanks for watching

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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