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So I just got my new home, and I got
curious with all the Smart Home trends that were going on. I decided to jump into it and DIY my Smarthome! I chose Google as my smart platform and
I love it. In this video, I'm going to share briefly what Google Home can do
for you. The Google home app basically works as a brain for your Smart Home. as you can see from my app, you can control your devices or group them up to the rooms they are in.

So now, I'll control my lights in my study room or just pick one of them turning it off and on, set the colors, and dimming it the Google Home Mini you see on your right, serves as a speaker in my study room but recently, Google has replaced their
Home Mini series with their nest mini. the Google Assistant, just like your Siri to Apple, Alexa to Amazon, is going to be your best friend in your Google Smart Home setup
[Hi, I'm your Google Assistant] Google themselves has got a
series of Google assistant devices you can place in your home. you've seen my Google Home Mini and here's my Google Home Hub, which I use in my living room here's what it can do, "Hey Google, turn on living room lights and set it to 50% brightness" and when I need some music, "Hey Google, play songs by Jason Mraz from Spotify on my Sonos speakers" Here's the fun part! you can set routines to activate the
series of devices based on the commands you've set.


and here, I've set one for when
we are going to have meals at the dining table. I'll turn on my dining lights and
to turn on my Xiaomi smart fan here goes,
"Hey Google, Meal Time!" *enjoy your meal* Here's a quick tip to those who plan to get started, start with the lights first, simply because you're gonna use it everyday and you'll feel the convenience almost immediately While for those who are planning to get
keys to your new home, plan for what smart devices you're gonna have, making sure what you get is compatible with Google they normally should have the
Google assistant logo like this on its packaging. So here's my introduction to
my Google Smart Home set up subscribe to my channel and I'll be doing my videos
on my smart home series comment or reach out to me if you have any questions I'll very much like to be with you on your Smart Home journey. see you again soon! bye Google! *goodbye*.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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