‘Half-Life: Alyx’ shows Valve’s bad attitude

‘Half-Life: Alyx’ shows Valve’s bad attitude

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How To Determine If Your Computer RAM Memory Is Faulty And If It Can Be Upgraded Using Linux Ubuntu?

The RAM memory of a computer is one of the main components that affect the overall performance of your laptop, desktop, or sever computer. In order to improve your computer throughput, upgrading your RAM is essential for this task. Find out how to determine if you should do it or not.

Review of Audio PED – A Unique Bluetooth Headset

Audio Personal Entertainment Device is a Bluetooth headset unlike any other. It has Wi-Fi streaming capability, touch screen, HD video recording capabiluty, noise cancellation, multiple device connectivity, killer companion app and a competitive price.

Facial Recognition

Literally speaking, Facial Recognition is a biometric verification technology, which helps to identify and authenticate individuals on the basis of their unique biological traits and characteristics. It works in a simple way – The detected faces in the video footage or images are quantified against a database and this is used to identify a person or a group. The facial identification technology is truly versatile which is reflected in its array of different applications.

Remote Control Helicopters Can Fill Your Life With Excitement

There is no doubt that different kinds of people possess different interests. Amidst different interests, one trending interest is of flying remote controlled helicopters.

Embrace the Thrill With FPV

The experience of using FPV goggles is not a usual one; it is thrilling. At the time of purchasing these glasses, it is significant that you understand the features like adjustable IPD, resolution and digital head tracking, glass optics, etc. If you pick goggles which are unsuitable, you may find yourself trapped or betrayed.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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