Hands-on with the purple iPhone | Engadget Podcast Live

Hands-on with the purple iPhone | Engadget Podcast Live

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Choosing Professional Mobile and Computer Accessories?

Technology has certainly grown in popularity in the last few years, becoming more and more appreciated by users in all parts of the world. Up until some time ago, only those that had a technical background looked at devices with a real interest. Now, things have changed, smartphones, tablets and computers seem to run the world. Few are the people that hold on to their old mobile phone, now that the entire world has found itself in a real technological revolution. Given these circumstances, providers that specialize in mobile or computer accessories have also grown in number.

Gift Ideas for Tech-Savvy Friends

We all have that one tech-savvy friend who always knows about the latest gizmos and can hold an hour-long speech about the requirements of an external hard drive. They might not always be easy to understand, but the good news is that you always have something to buy them. Although gadgets and accessories can sometimes be expensive, if you know where to look you can come across various little products that every tech enthusiasts needs. To save even more, you can buy used or resealed products, which are often in pristine condition.

The Gadgets That Should Be in Every Home

Technology has redefined the way people spend their time and even the way they interact with friends and family. More importantly, the 21st century has brought considerable changes in the gadgets and accessories that people use at home. Perhaps many of us remember how a few decades ago, those who had a flat screen TV or an audio system were considered quite well-off and tech savvy. Today, things have advanced faster than we could have imaged before the 2000s and the modern home is equipped with much more than that.

Does Windows 8 Make Your Life Easier?

Microsoft has released notebook software that could go head to head with the current operating system used by Macs and iPads. In case you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t heard, it’s called the Windows 8 Operating System. It aims to obtain a large market share in the OS market with all the features you need, from easy access to programs to file transfer using your USB 3.0 docking station.

Disable Animation for Faster Android Navigation

Android Smartphones and Android tablets are loaded with various apps as well as certain unwanted transition animation. The apps and programs consist of display animations or transition animations. These display animations are somewhere between screens and apps. Even though, these seem slick and beautiful to look at but these are often time-consuming. You would be able to switch between apps without significant time lag, only if these animations don’t waste your time. If you could remove these animations or disable them then the time lag between switching apps and screens will disappear. A speedy navigation will be possible if you disable these animations.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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