Home Automation 32CH Distribution Board DIY Smart Home IOT Project 2020

32 Channel Smart Distribution Board DIY For Home Automation remote control by mobile phone scene mode Control by PC computer voice control by Google home or Amazon alexa echo AI speaker timer control manual control sensor trigger actions and send alarm notification different channel version have different box Let's begin DIY 32 channel smart DB tour circuit breaker you can chose any current such as 16A,20A,25A… DC12V power supply for KC868 smart controller and switch terminal board KC868 smart relay controller: 32 channel output and 6 channel input port switch terminal board for wireless remoter and wall switch panel extend AC contactor for current extend button for rrgently manual control ON/OFF up: ON middle: AUTO control down: OFF you can also use common AC contactor without manual control button chose your load's current for circuit breaker cut the DIN RAIL for different length Drilling fix DIN RAIL with screws "L" line connect with all AC contactor's input ports KC868 32 relay output "COM" port all together with "L" line KC868 32 relay output voltage to control AC contactor OPEN/CLOSE connect "N" line "N" line with all AC contactor DC12V power line for KC868 smart controller and switch terminal board add all lines for circuit breaker get a metal box suitable for DB board size take smart DB board into box install "earth" line fix the screws around install RS232 cable connect KC868 smart controller with switch terminal board connect a AC power line and CAT5 network cable for testing we are testing for mobile phone control relay1-3 ouput ON/OFF you can also use PC computer to control relay testing for RF wireless remoter control if add install voice module will support voice control by Google home or Amazon alexa AI speaker Thanks for watching!

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