Nest Cam Battery: is 1080p enough?

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nest finally made a camera with a 
battery inside but when I was testing it   i was surprised at the quality of the 1080p 
resolution. I'm going to explain some of   the camera's standout features, and what you 
should definitely consider before buying it.   The camera comes with a magnetic mounting plate 
for outdoors and it's strong. Like the strongest   one we've ever tested! An indoor charging cord 
is also included. They promoted it as an indoor   outdoor camera and I guess you could use it 
inside, but you have to buy an indoor mount   separately.

Most people will probably use this 
outdoors since it has a battery and it's really   easy to install with no wiring. If you do want to 
wire it outside, you'll have to buy their outdoor   cord. Good news this lets you use 24/7 with nest 
aware plus. Bad news it looks like this. The cord   literally looks like it's plugged in backwards, 
but trust me it's not and that's why you'll never   see it plugged in for power on nest's website. 
It's like their little ugly secret.

A solar panel   is also available to keep the battery charged. If 
you're using it on the battery you can only record   events and on the free plan they give you three 
hours of look-back time. The new battery doorbell   is the same way, and it might be enough for the 
doorbell but for a security camera, I need more.   For example if someone breaks into your car in 
the middle of the night, by the time it's morning,   that footage will be gone. This camera only uses 
the google home app, not the nest app anymore.   But I did like how I can view multiple live 
nest camera streams at the same time. Battery   life depends on how much use the camera gets, but 
you'll need to take it down to charge it.

The good   news is it's really easy to take down to recharge, 
and when you're pulling it down it's not giving   you a bunch of notifications and event recordings. 
But wait what if someone's stealing it?   Uh nest you should probably rethink this and if 
you're a criminal just forget anything you heard.   Actually nest sells an anti-theft mount that you 
can add on and if someone actually does steal it,   nest will replace it.

Now let's take a look 
at what the video recordings look like.   The field of view is 130 degrees and not 
the widest I've seen for security cameras.   The night vision was very clear, even from a 
distance. It has HDR and the image looks good,   especially since this is only 1080p. I compared it 
with another 1080p wireless camera from Eufy. When   I'm standing close to the camera, both look pretty 
similar. Once I move back you can start to see   a difference, but when I'm near the street they 
look way different. The Eufy camera is very blocky   and I cannot read the license plate anymore. With 
nest I can still see the characters on the plate.   This is surprising because they're both the same 
resolution, but not all 1080p is created equal.   Now if you compare the same footage with a Reolink 
4k camera, it's night and day different. A lot   of people were comparing this new nest cam 
battery with the nest cam IQ that had a 4k   sensor.

Here's the thing though, the nest cam IQ 
only records in 1080p, so you're just missing out   and how much you can zoom in the app. Ring has 
an outdoor battery camera with a light on it,   but Ring is missing a few things that this 
camera has, like HDR and better AI. This   new nest cam can detect people, vehicles, and 
animals. It does all this locally on the camera,   including the activity zones. This improves the 
speed of notifications since it's not dealing   with the cloud, and it makes these features 
free. Another edge this camera has over Ring   is that if the internet is down, it can record up 
to one hour of footage locally on the camera. This   could last you a couple of days, or even up to a 
week without internet, and keep in mind the PoE 4k   cameras I mentioned earlier do not have two-way 

This nest cam does, and it sounds good.   This is what the speaker sounds like on the nest 
cam battery. This camera is priced at 180 dollars,   and they actually have two more versions 
coming soon: a more expensive floodlight cam,   and a less expensive indoor cam. So as you can see 
this nest cam battery has some standout features.   The footage looks good for 1080p, it has HDR and 
I like that it has local recording if the internet   is down. With a magnetic mount and battery, this 
is going to be really easy to set up and use.   I'll probably think twice about wiring it because 
of how it looks.

But of course using it on battery   will limit you to event recording and not 24/7. 
But as i explained in my nest doorbell battery   video nest event recording works really 
well. They have up to three minute clips,   almost no cooldown between the event recordings, 
and a powerful AI. The three hour limit is just   not enough for a real security camera, so you 
should probably plan on paying for nest aware for   this one. Make sure you're following the channel 
for more videos like this! Thanks for watching. Reed you haven't spoken in three days what's going 
on? Fine I'll tell you what I've been thinking   about. It's the nest cam power cord. I can't stop 
thinking about it. Why would they design it like   this? There must be some kind of deeper meaning, 
I can't figure it out! Seriously it's about that?!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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