How Japan Built The World’s Largest Floating Airport

How Japan Built The World's Largest Floating Airport

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A Favorite Gadget Can Become Part and Parcel of Your Life

Advancement in technology has resulted in the creation of highly advanced gadgets and there’s hardly a man on this planet that will not salivate over at least one gadget that he would love to possess. Most men covet the latest gizmos that flood the market and it’s in their nature to want to have them, hold them and experiment with them even if they are not of any real use to the owner. But let’s be frank. Despite the rush of adrenalin that men get when they see some of the novelties displayed in stores and online, it has to be acknowledged that technology has been responsible for making the world a better place to live in and for making the day to day chores of humans so much easier.

The New iPad Specifications and Features and Comparison With iPad 2

The new, the revolutionary, the third generation, the exact same design- The New iPad! Not anyone can afford $500 for a tablet device, but Apple has some kind of magic (not literally!) that pulls money out of people’s pockets. But let’s leave that topic for another time. Now, since the release of iPad 2, people have been discussing quite a lot about the upcoming iPad, but they couldn’t even predict the name. In fact no-one could! Who on earth would think that it is not going to be iPad, iPad 2, and then iPad 3… The New iPad has the name that speaks for itself! It is new and it is an iPad.

Qualities to Consider Before Hiring a Computer Repair Service

In the world of today where computer crashes have become extremely common, being on good terms with people having technical knowledge of various computers is actually a great option. The reasons behind crashes and slow performance can be various. From hardware malfunction to the presence of viruses and from over usage to operating system issues, there are a number of reasons why your computer might not work properly or might not work at all.

The Windows Lifecycle

Is your PC a few years old now? Have you upgraded to the latest version of Windows? Many customers do not realize that as time goes on, Microsoft no longer offer support for the older Windows operating systems. It’s important to make sure that the version of Windows you are using is still supported, or you may be putting your computer at risk.

Thinkpad Helix – A Dual Purpose Ultrabook by Lenovo

The Las Vegas CES event witnessed the launch of many technologically advanced gadgets by various companies. Lenovo too unveiled its Thinkpad Helix in the show. Keeping in tune with the technological advancement, Lenovo has offered a dual-purpose tablet that also doubles up as an Ultrabook.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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