How to Make a Wooden Pot Stand – DIY Projects for your Plants

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Are your house plants missing something? Well why 
not jazz them up with a plant pot stand? These are   super easy to make and all you'll need is a long 
piece of wood, some screws, dowels and glue. Why   wouldn't you want to make one when this literally 
cost me less than £2.50 to make? Firstly take the   plant pot you're going to be making the stand for. 
Then measure the diameter of the base of the pot.   Next take a long piece of wood. Here I'm using 
a piece that's half and inch in width and depth.   Firstly we're going to create the base of the 
plant stand but cutting out 2 pieces of wood. The   length of these pieces needs to be the diameter 
of the pot, adding about 1/2cm to the length.   Do this by measuring out the wood. 
Then use a saw to cut to length.   Now we need to cut out 4 more pieces of wood. The 
length of these needs to be the pot diameter (plus   that 1/2cm) divided by 2.

Minus the depth of 
the wood (which was half an inch) divided by 2.   Then cut 4 pieces to this length, 
again using either a mitre saw or hand   saw. Now we need to attach the 2 longer 
pieces of wood together in a cross shape.   We'll do this by screwing them together. Firstly, 
mark the centre point on each piece of wood.   Then to ensure the wood doesn't split when 
screwing into it, use a drill to make a pilot   hole on each of the centre points on the pieces 
of wood.

Then use a countersink on one of the   pilot holes. This will ensure your screw head sits 
flush on the wood when they're screwed together.   Now place the piece of wood that's 
been countersinked on top of the other   then screw the two together carefully until 
they're firmly attached like so. Now we need   to use our 4 pieces of shorter wood to make our 
cross shape flat and more secure on both sides.   On each side of the cross, place on 2 of the 
shorter pieces of wood as shown, and on these mark   2 points where you can drill some pilot holes, 
where you can attach these pieces to the longer   pieces of wood that form the base of the stand. 
Again use a countersink on all of the pilot holes   to ensure your screw heads sit flat.

ensuring all your pilot holes remain lined up,   carefully screw all your pieces of wood 
together. Then repeat exactly the same   process on the other side of the stand base 
using the remaining 2 shorter pieces of wood.   Now you should be left with a nice 
strong and level base for your pot stand.   As we've added various lengths of wood on top 
of each other, the chances are the 4 ends of   the pot stand won't be completely flat. Simply 
sand the ends until they're nice and flush.   Now we'll fix in some dowels that'll 
attach the stands to the base.   On each of the 4 ends of the pot stand base, mark 
the centre point on each of the pieces of wood as   shown. Then make a note for later of the distance 
between the 2 centre points. Next, take your   dowels and make a note of their diameter.


Then on 
the centre points you marked on the pot stand, use   a drill to make some pilot holes to the diameter 
of the dowels. You may need to use a smaller drill   bit to start with to increase the size of the 
holes. It's important the depth of your pilot   holes are the same as the length of half of one of 
the dowels. To make sure you don't drill too far,   a useful technique is to make a marker on your 
drill bit by sticking on some masking tape.   Next we need to push the dowels into the 
8 pilot holes we've made on the pot stand.   Firstly place some No More Nails or wood glue onto 
one of the ends of the dowels then push this end   into each of the pilot holes.

Then your pot stand 
base should have 8 dowels sticking half way out.   Next we need to make our 4 stands that'll attach 
to the dowels. Take the original pot we'll be   putting on the stand and measure how long you want 
the stands to be. In this measurement include how   high off the ground you want the pot to be, plus 
how much of the stands you want to go up the sides   of the pot. Then simply cut 4 more pieces of wood 
to this measurement. Now decide where you want the   stands you've just cut to attach to the pot stand 
base via the dowels. Mark the point where one of   the dowels on the stand will sit then take that 
measurement from earlier (the distance between   the 2 dowels) and mark another point this 
distance away from the first point you made.   Do this on all 4 stands you've cut and again drill 
some pilot holes into the points you've made,   again making sure you don't drill 
all the way through the wood,   going to the depth of just half a dowel.

you've done that on all 4 pieces of wood,   the next step is to attach the stands to the pot 
stand base. Do this again by using No More Nails   or wood glue and applying this to the ends of 
the dowels that are sticking out of the pot stand   base. Now carefully push each stand onto the 
dowels via the holes you've just drilled.   Do this for all of the stands and make sure you 
wipe away any excess wood glue or No More Nails   and then your pot stand should look something 
like this. For the acid test, make sure you pot   fits the stand. Hurrah – it does! Next, show your 
pot stand some love by giving it a sand all over.   Depending on how you want your pot stand to 
look, why not give it a coat of varnish or paint   to finish it off nicely.

Leave the paint or 
varnish to dry then your pot stand is ready   to be put into place. Find the perfect 
position in your room for your plant stand   then carefully place your plant pot into 
the stand. There you have it, that's how   to make this brilliant DIY project which is 
perfect to jazz up any room and plant alike..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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