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GENIUS DIY CRAFTS || Jewelry And Accessories You Can Make Yourself | 3D Pen Ideas & Hacks by 123 GO!

Oh, hi, dear! Ready to get your groove on? Hey! Oh. Sorry!! OH!! Wait a minute. My grandson has one of these. All you need is a hot glueย gun and…

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DIY Phone Case Life Hacks! 20 Phone DIY Projects & Popsocket Crafts!

Hope your phone is ready for a complete makeover because today I'm going to show you 20 easy DIY phone projects that will leave you speechless! Hey Sara! You look…

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DIY Clothes! 4 DIY Shorts Projects from Jeans! Easy

In this DIY tutorial I'll show you how to make beautiful shorts out of old jeans. We are making 4 amazing designs perfect for warm summer days. Hey guys! Look…

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Car does Art! 15 DIY Projects Made by a Car!

Morning miss teacher! What is this thing doing here? Oh, that's my car. His name is Toby and he's an artist. He would like to participate to the art class….

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DIY Room Decor! 10 DIY Room Makeover Ideas for Teens!

Ready to transform your room into a colorful explosion of fun? Here's how to do a complete room makeover with 10 awesome DIY room decor projects! I'm a bit weird…

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DIY Clothes! 3 DIY Shoes Projects (DIY Sneakers, Boots, Fashion & More). Amazing!

How cool it would be if we could pimp our shoes like this? What?! Oh my god, not the sky! Oh no, what have I done? Nice! In this DIY…

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REMINDER : Please use resin safely. ALWAYS wear gloves and respirator REMINDER : Please use resin safely. ALWAYS wear gloves and respirator REMINDER : Please use resin safely. ALWAYS wear…

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Morning Routine Life Hacks – 35 Life Hacks and DIY Projects You Need to Try!

In this video I'm gonna take you through my morning routine plus I'll show you more than thirty five amazing life hacks and DIYs that will change your life! i…

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DIY Miniature House #61 | Build 2 Storey Summer Villa with Swimming Pool, Two Bedroom and More

[Music] [Music] so [Music] oh [Music] so [Music] hello [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] so [Music] so [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] uh [Music] so [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]…

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DIY Lipstick & Lip Balm Out of Candy! 3 DIY Makeup Projects (Galaxy, Rainbow) with AlejandraStyles

\bn show you how to make lipsticks out of candy. We're making a galaxy lipstick out of gummy worms and bears, cotton candy lipstick from love hearts and rainbow lipstick…