iHaus Smart Home App – Your Home on your Smartphone or Tablet. Anytime. Anywhere!

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The things in our home are getting connected. lighting, home appliances… … heaters, speakers, weather stations,… smoke detectors… and and and and and and and! everything can be controlled digitally but each device separately? Does every single device really need its own app? No, fortunately not 🙂 Because we have iHaus. With iHaus we are the directors, control individual functions centrally and create system-wide rules and connections! The Pro Version even enables the integration of KNX and EnOcean components. This is how the app simplifies your life. For example: Mornings. Getting up has never been easier! In case of a traffic jam your alarm clock rings a little bit earlier. And if you're in a rush: With just one click iHaus takes care of everything automatically. No matter which system: With an iHaus account every family member has access at any time! After an exhausting day there's dimmed light and romantic music… … aaaah wonderful 🙂 and finally with Alexa's help: Close the blinds Okay Okay, we got it – we'll leave you alone! 🙂 iHaus is operated in Germany, is ready for the future and growing steadily.

A lot of well-known brands are already on board and new ones are being added every day good news: basic functions are absolutely free of charge. What are you waiting for? Visit the App Store or Google Play Store and start controlling your Smart Home! Your home on your smartphone or tablet! Anytime. Anywhere!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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