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this is a fully automated smart car storage system 
in the garage of an 18.9 million dollar smart home   welcome back to the channel in this week's 
episode we are here mountainside and vale colorado   about to tour this newly constructed smart home 
behind me here at 463 beaver dam road some stats   on this home it has four bedrooms six bathrooms 
it's 4 800 square feet of interior living space   with a ton of built-in smart home technology 
like this check this out this is a biometric   finger scanning door unlocking system we're going 
to get to that in a second but first there's a bit   more on the next tier of the home that we're gonna 
go over starting off with the exterior of this   home and any market it's all about location and 
this property is situated just a few steps from   the iconic vale ski slopes now pulling up to this 
home for the first time you can see we have this   beautiful modern new construction build that's 
made out of poured concrete glass steel and rich   walnut wood accents the rooftop and the driveway 
of this home have built-in geothermal snowmelt   technology for those long winter months which 
eliminates the need for all that snow removal   during periods of heavy snowfall that veil can 
get from time to time during the winter now the   most interesting part about the exterior of the 
home the driveway flows off to the left here now   this is a fully automated hydraulic car lift and 
now the car will slide all the way up to the left   now your sports car is fully out of the way and 
all the space in the garage is maximized so now   you can fit two cars in here if you wanted i've 
never seen this in a home this is fully automated   it's fully hydraulic and it's just pretty badass 
to be able to say that you have this in your home   this is some smart technology and this is just the 
beginning and something very interesting to note   is that here in vail many of the lots are built on 
hillsides so all the building all the construction   is vertical rather than horizontal so here we're 
entering on the top floor which is the main floor   now before we jump into this episode i want to 
give a huge thanks to ron byrne for letting us   tour his incredible listing ron has been here in 
vail for 40 years selling luxury homes so stick   around to the very end of this episode where 
we sit down and have a one-on-one chat with ron   about the booming veil real estate market and with 
that let's jump into this tour now entering the   home as you can see it is totally open concept 
and it's really the fine details as you'll see   throughout this tour that make this home one 
of a kind and we'll start here in the kitchen   front and center we have this island with gray 
polished marble with the waterfall edge down to   the floor on the floor we have black basalt i've 
never seen that in a home but it makes a very   elegant yet moody feeling here in the center 
of the island we have the oversized deep set   sink and check out this faucet this is a 360 
degree swiveling faucet head i mean it just   drives home that feeling of that modern smart home 
behind me we have walnut with vertical wood grain   all the cabinetry as you can see is 
seamlessly blended into the wall here   like even this is the subzero fridge front and 
center here in the kitchen we have the six burner   wolf range cooktop now this is all walnut 
cabinetry and you may notice there's nothing   visible you don't see any appliances nothing 
it's all hidden with the touch of a finger   this opens up here we have your microwave and 
oven and you're probably thinking this is now in   the way you can't really pass this so of course 
this pockets into the wall so then you can walk   to the other side of your island little details 
like this are found throughout the entire home   and this is just the kitchen this is the 
dining area again that gray polished marble   for the dining room table now this front and 
center this is a beautiful four-sided glass   fireplace and here we have this check this out we 
can get a close-up on this this is combed basalt   so this is the same basalt on the floor just a 
fine brush was taken to make this grooved pattern   and this is the walnut that we found in the 
kitchen with stainless steel polished inlays   that is cantilevered up the chimney of this 
fireplace now what i love about this fireplace   is because this is an open concept home the 
fireplace actually acts as a separation or buffer   from the living room or the great room here 
in this home now into this great room the   ceiling has actually been raised just about 
two feet and you can see here in the ceiling   we have that walnut in the paneling along 
the ceiling we actually have venetian plaster   with this cool lip that sticks out with a 
recessed led light illuminating that smooth   plaster and all the lighting in here is 
controlled by the lutron system and not   only the lighting but check this out the shades 
are also all controlled by this lutron system   at the touch of a button the shades come down 
they can go up and check this out these are shuco   door systems bring that indoor outdoor living 
that you would find in bel air beverly hills   here to veil so here we have this outdoor space 
that runs the whole length of this outdoor first   level now the unique thing about this home is all 
the smart tech is built in so seamlessly we have   ddc heating and cooling so check this out this is 
the air conditioning vent built right into this   black basalt with a stainless steel running the 
entire length of the room just such subtle details   as you'll see make this place truly special we 
have this beautiful smoked eucalyptus with the   lacquer finishing this is actually a hidden 
door so just with the tap opens up to reveal   a built-in wet bar so say you're entertaining and 
you don't want your bar out in the open here we   have the ice machine wine storage all built in 
and hidden behind this smoke eucalyptus lacquer   door now leaving the hidden bar check this out 
those details these are trimless walls just the   precision that goes into making this you'll see 
this throughout the entire space not only on the   main floor but even down way below on the lower 
level floor so heading to the staircase with this   awesome frosted glass concealing this floating 
walnut staircase these are completely built in   to this combed black basalt going up the stairwell 
and even speaking of details check this out this   is wrapped in leather like who thinks of that now 
i know a house like this may seem out of reach for   almost everyone watching this which is why it's 
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again thank you to amaze for sponsoring this   week's episode and with that let's head back to 
vail and check out the rest of this awesome smart   home now making our way up these floating walnut 
stairs we have the venetian plaster polished   in the walls here and if you look up the whole 
stairwell has a skylight above it which really   makes for some unique moments with shadows and 
lighting here on the walls right here at the top   of the staircase we have another frosted piece of 
glass which actually pockets in here to the wall   which then you can see the elevator which runs the 
entire three floors of this home now this is the   owner's wing of this smart home and just take 
a look at how minimal and clean this design is   so the first thing you notice here in the owner's 
bedroom is this amazing chiseled piece of blue   angora with these inlaid pieces of that lacquered 
walnut which we found downstairs in the kitchen   now continuing with the smart technology this is 
a future automation remote control right here and   if you take a look at the bed with the press of a 
button the tv pockets out from underneath the bed   and pops up so you can watch tv right from your 
bed and then when you're done with the push of   a button again the tv pockets right in concealed 
under this bed i've never seen that at home i've   seen tvs that kind of pocket from the ceiling but 
i've never seen a tv built into the bottom of the   bed that comes out but if you're not feeling the 
tv we have these beautiful full walled windows   here now often to the corner of this bedroom 
we have more of that beautiful frosted glass   which opens up to reveal your oversized walk-in 
closet with that skylight that runs the entire   length here we found that in the stairwell and 
again all those beautiful finishes that run   that theme throughout the entire house the gray 
polished marble the wall actually no this is the   fumed eucalyptus with the lacquer but again those 
are the themes of the materials throughout the   entire home as you can see this is a beautiful 
sunlit closet to have this kind of lighting   in your closet that's luxury so from the closet 
making our way through the owner's bedroom   we are now into the owner's bathroom and just 
check out the finishes in here first off looking   up we have desert stone which was specifically cut 
for this build on the vanity here we have polished   gray marble this is one giant piece of marble 
you can see the sink was actually cut into this   chunk of marble with the laser cut drains built 
right in we actually have a built-in hidden tv   in the mirror so if you want to watch tv while 
you're getting ready looking at yourself you have   that option off into the corner of this primary 
bathroom we have the victoria and albert soaking   tub built in again to this gray polished marble 
just giving that elevated feeling then behind   me we have not one but two water closets with top 
of the line automated total toilets these toilets   will do pretty much everything and anything 
and you have that here in your primary bathroom   off to the corner here this is very unique this 
is a fully enclosed steam shower now i want you to   just take a look at these close-ups above us look 
at the size of this rainfall shower head there   are so many different configurations and options 
for water pressure it's pretty ridiculous you'll   even notice we have the sound system built in to 
your steam shower we have the built-in led lights   all your controls are here built-in touchscreen 
right there after a long day of skiing or hiking   this is the perfect place to come take off the 
clothes and just loosen up this is that black   basalt and the drain has been seamlessly lasered 
in to the floor here so from the bathroom back   into the stairwell what would a youtube household 
be without taking the elevator so we're now   on the top floor wow this is actually my first 
time in here check this out look at the design   even in the elevator from this owner's floor 
we're now going to go down to the guest floor as you can see it's very very moody 
down here i love the atmosphere   so right off the elevator we have the first 
guest bedroom we'll pop in here really quick   i love the serene feeling in here and 
this is very unique you can see that   water feature that we were talking about at the 
entryway the home with the ferns growing giving   it a very earthy feeling down here then also 
the corner we have the walk-in closet and then   additionally every single guest bedroom has the 
ensuite bathrooms so from this first guest bedroom   we now enter the junior suite this junior master 
also has the ensuite bathroom and here we have the   dual vanity and also all those same features 
that we found in the primary owner's bathroom   upstairs from the bathroom we have a built-in 
customized desk with the gray marble and gore   on the back of the wall and also laundry room 
right on suite here in the secondary bedroom   now heading back out into this hallway let's take 
a moment and always appreciate the hidden hinges   in this house these are just about two hundred 
dollars a pop three on each door you can do the   math there's quite a bit of doors in this 
house so making our way down the hallway   we're now going to head to the lower level 
of this mansion so now at the bottom of   the staircase this is the entertainment room we 
have the walnut door which pockets into the wall   so we can seal that off for privacy off to 
the corner here we have the web bar with that   fumed eucalyptus those nice lacquered accents and 
this is very unique this is all custom mill work   and this is actually a murphy bed which folds 
down so you can have a bed in here in your home   theater if you want to you know have a movie 
night from the bed the entertainment room has   an ensuite bathroom a full bathroom with a 
standing steam shower then off to the left this   isn't quite completed yet but just take a little 
little peek this is the rec room you can put a   pool table in there a foosball anything you want 
and that also pockets off so leaving the bathroom   this is the pretty this is the wow factor 
of this place this is a remote automated   tv lift which lowers the tv down from this wall 
above that fireplace to the proper viewing height   from these couches again the tech in this home 
is next level off to the right here this is the   official laundry room then making your way down 
this hallway steps down to the home fitness center   which has i mean what else would you expect in 
here this is a top-of-the-line tonal system this   right here i actually saw an ad for this recently 
this is a full body workout these arms adjust   all the way down they pivot so you can do bench 
press rows flies anything all from this this is   all smart technology one home gym in this machine 
here this is pretty unique then off to the left   we have yet again another bathroom a full bathroom 
completes with another freestanding shower   this is very very unique this is your home spa 
just imagine you get done your tonal home workout   and you head into your custom diamond spa this 
is all stainless steel top of the line the most   therapeutic jet system on planet earth is right 
here built in above us we have that desert stone   that we saw in the primary bathroom now leaving 
the spa say your family's in town they have a ton   of kids off to the right here is the bunk room and 
i have never seen a bunk room that has finishes   like this one it has all those custom built-in led 
lights into the bunks these bunks are all made out   of that walnut that we've seen throughout the 
entire home you know whatever kids stay in here   they're going to be very very lucky so that is 
the tour let's head back upstairs and meet up   with ron he just got here and he's going to talk 
a bit more about the veil market and what makes   this place so unique and what makes these prices 
some of the most expensive real estate in america so ron thanks for letting us tour your incredible 
listing what in your opinion makes this property   so special well eric first i appreciate having 
you here because i think you do something that's   really neat out on the internet i think the most 
important part about this neighborhood is that   skienski out in what i consider to be one of the 
finest ski resorts in the world and there's only   three streets rock ledge on the top forest road 
in the middle and beaver dam beaver dam is the   easiest to walk back into vale village so it's a 
sought after location and this like other markets   if you were in palm beach or any of the 
oceanfront markets this is oceanfront   real estate and that's what makes it very unique 
that's really interesting to compare it to that   beachfront versus here the slope is like you said 
that's the wall distance that's the ocean speaking   of these prices and the past year with everything 
that's happened in the world what have you seen   in the veil market as far as prices buyers 
sellers well interestingly when the pandemic   first hit i was very nervous and thought well 
we're an international resort will people still   continue to come here it actually turned out 
to be exactly the opposite of my first thoughts   and it became so sought after because people 
wanted to leave new york and all other major   markets they had homes here and maybe they spent 
a week or two weeks here skiing but now they said   we're gonna remote work we're gonna get our kids 
in school and remote and we're gonna go to vail   and they spent one two three months that has 
really helped to fuel the real estate market   last week we closed 51 million dollars worth of 
real estate an 18.1 million dollar sale and a   34 million dollar sale and those were both 
people and they happen to both be from   new york different areas in new york who just 
wanted to have more of a presence here one is a   very uh you know ceo of a business that just wants 
to work here and enjoy veil what types of industry   do these buyers work in we have people that are 
some of the biggest names in the in the in the   all of the wall street market area uh blackstone 
has a presence here and a lot of other companies   that are here we're more known for financial 
success in people than the hollywood success   i think of vail to aspen as similar but different 
whereas they get a little more of the la crowd   and they get people that are more hollywood 
we get people who are extremely wealthy but   they just want to be quiet wealth in this last 
year we were fortunate also to really have the   highest sale that's ever happened in vail a 57.7 
million dollar house that sold and that home   was bought by a 42 year old guy from the boulder 
area who is a biotech guy so it's a very diverse   you know group that are buying in vail but i would 
say the demographic is a little bit younger than   what it might have been several years ago because 
there's a lot of people that have made money and   want to come to an area i look at it as a quality 
return on enjoyment rather than in turn on   investment everybody kind of became aware wait a 
minute you know life is finite and we're stuck and   i think it's scared i think the panda it scared 
me personally and until i had the the vaccination   i didn't feel like really going out or being 
very public so i was part of that population   that was pretty scared of it but once it opened 
up i think our market as other markets will   i think we're going to get back to normal but i 
think normal will be a new normal where people   can work where they want to work do what 
they want to do a guy can finish a zoom call   get on his bike climb 3000 feet go and do a 
wonderful day of bike riding come back get on his   next board meeting call a different environment 
so you are the top dog in vail in real estate   you've been here for what was it you said 40 years 
almost 40 years yeah so you are quite established   you're very successful if you had that one piece 
of advice to give to someone out there watching   who is seeing me tour your incredible listing 
and hearing all of your experiences selling   57 million dollar homes what's that piece of 
advice you'd give them there's no one piece   but i think it's hard work and determination 
anybody who thinks it's just going to happen   or you're going to get lucky with it it could 
happen and it's like winning the lottery for   brokers when they get something out of nowhere but 
i think it takes time to cultivate relationships   and then listen to the client so i would tell that 
young person to really listen to the client and   see if you can hone in on what they want for their 
dream because you're really trying to help them   they can do whatever they want they've got the 
money to go anywhere do anything you want to   help them complete their dream where they 
want to be if you're interested in buying   this place all the information is down below 
in the description ron thank you again you bet   thanks for coming out yeah thank you really good 
to see you give this video a thumbs up comment   down below your favorite part of the house and 
with that we will see you in the next episode

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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