James Webb’s eye in the stars, Microsoft buys Activision | Engadget Podcast Live

James Webb’s eye in the stars, Microsoft buys Activision | Engadget Podcast Live

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Waterproof Helmet Cameras – Full of Features, Full of Fun

Take your marine diving maneuvers to a new level of excitement with the help of a waterproof helmet camera. Shooting a film while walking in the rain is no more trouble. Take your picture shooting experience to a whole new level and paint your imagination with the shades of water droplets. And all this with the help of multi featured waterproof helmet camera.

Why Is There A Burning Smell From My Laptop Charger?

A burning smell from a laptop charger is a warning sign. It indicates that it either needs to be replaced or monitored from a closer angle. The smell of burning plastic from laptop chargers can be very dangerous and must be looked into immediately.

Wise and Wired: Senior’s Guide to Technology

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? With baby boomers moving towards retirement and having more time than ever for fun and relaxation, technology can be a great way to get the most out of your golden years.

A Few Reasons Why Buying a Tablet Isn’t a Bad Decision

  Tablets are the new fad in today’s technology-saturated environment. It breaks new ground in portability, offering computing power to the user anywhere, as one can carry it wherever he is. As with all things, though, there are disadvantages to these as well; which are frequently cited by critics everywhere.

Buying A New Computer? Here’s Your Plan For Installing Programs – Old And New

One of the collateral expenses of a new computer is the time and money you will have to spend on installing software on your shiny new machine. Of course, you did the research in advance, so you already know what programs will require an upgrade and which can be installed from your old CD’s. You can do this work yourself, or hire a consultant to help you work through the vagaries of what is necessary, what is free, and what you must do to get your applications back up and running, so you can get back to doing whatever it is you do with your computer. In this article we will explore the preparation, planning and implementation of software installation on a new windows based computer, assuming you had an old windows computer running applications that are still essential to your computing needs. Are you ready?

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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