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[Music] when you think back to your process now when building and setting up when programming or already when planning I knew there so you have two three tips for other builders what you should pay attention to what maybe you would have liked to have known earlier so a little more experienced chatting outside yes I think above all you always come down to it who I have also who integrated there I would of course sometimes quality differences be times of the operation I think it is always important that you because you get good advice on everything that is possible and what could be done in the future, so we can’t do everything right away because then at some point there will also be a cost issue and I say I would like to realize that in the future, but you should think about it then just be in the plan what I might want to realize so that you take the precaution with empty pipes n or even the wiring, yes we did it too now for the garden we don't know how we're going to do everything, but we just planned it so that we don't have any problems or have to carry out any core drilling again at once and it's a lot more complex and time-consuming uh, as if you planned and implemented it from the start and implemented it yes and because of the fact that of course nothing is a standard with yes there and no more said there are very many manufacturers it is also not very easy to select and probably there too if you always have more and so you play and there you have to be I think I always get good advice either you say you're interested in that there are many forums you can't do anything and anything else where you can exchange ideas I've done a lot at Youtube of course thing also interests me and I would like to say that I would like to learn more myself to learn something for myself but I think it's important at the beginning if you're still a layman like I was to get some information about what I want everything that is in my requirement [music] and what may be is that I always call it use cases always that you always think about your daily routine where do I switch what where do I want to switch what is it maybe Christmas as I said then Christmas tree where do I put the inside where makes sense to have your clever socket there how high what we switch do I have it with Display then some say they hang at 1 meter 40 I have small children who will come next so there are many topics that you have to give a lot of thought to when planning the electrical system is very well planned and if it is not well planned you can also be down very quickly at the end you have just addressed the advice several times or the specialist the specialist construction what would you say how affine must be you have to be how do you have to be to say okay do some things yourself I'll take care of it myself or I'd rather leave it completely in the hands of the competent um integrator Integrations what kind of basic requirements do you see there will probably be fine but you can say little things are shown very well in the software if I find the switch in my structure I can of course make settings there that I think you can also do very easily yourself when it comes to integrating new components and so on a bit more complicated then you have to read it in a bit more but let me say I have a switch now and I don't like the color of the icon or something like that I think almost everyone can do it I would say maybe read it in a little bit also had the issue that my electricians didn't have time, which is the first time these days that the craftsmen don't ht can come so quickly yes my blinds were installed a bit late it was pre-programmed but one did not work afterwards yes so you she and there were errors in the pre-programming that you could find and correct fairly quickly yourself but when it goes deeper yes you should take a lot of time if you have it okay otherwise you might want to consult the expert before you break something after you can’t break it that much but of course it can sometimes happen then it has to come back anyway if you haven't made a backup beforehand [music] no I really think it makes sense if you get the expert from the woman everything just runs once but it's just not what many think that the expert then comes back for every little puzzle if you are a bit interested in it you can also do some things yourself and then a functioning system if everything fits and you have to change my little things and I think it's also a fundamental decision no, so I want to deal with it at all, it There is also the campus at KNX, so they also offer a lot of training and courses online that you can do there there is also a lot of material I can do since I got there but it 's just not everyone's cup of tea and I think you can just say that it has to be taken into account when planning.

I would like to do a lot myself afterwards or I'd rather let them Hands off and then I just buy a competent partner and then it fits sign it that's always the way it is I think experts are of course better now it's the case for me I would like to understand and maybe implement myself what will bring me it's just fun, but of course there are, like everywhere , yes, I built the terrace myself, it's not because I enjoy it, I have to say, because it was a financial issue, that I had to implement it myself, but yes, I certainly need six times as much time I have to dig them out too, yes, you have to say that it was sweat and work and certainly not that perfect kt placed as it would have done and I think you can see that with many topics yes one last question if you think back no X for the new building your recommendation yes makes sense what would you say how would you answer that for me personally it definitely makes sense I would do it again and again and for me it's like that, of course, it's above all in today's world where I think a lot of energy I don't think will change that quickly and we have to do it a bit being on the road in an optimized way and also being able to control that, of course, for me it was a little bit for me to build the house for the future, also to be ready for other topics, which is why I would ever put my heart into doing that, but of course everyone is too individually different yes I'm in the normal switch there I don't care I then need a lamp upstairs for that he has to be somewhere else before his affinity is in there or what is absolutely vice versa Now it has to be where I say it might not be so important for me that you are different, but I would do it again and again and I am happy that we have it and now that we have spoken to the indicator again we have even more options I saw that we didn't even know and in retrospect my wife is happy too, she was only important for the water light works and can be operated and everything is dimmable but she now gets more with what I can do in terms of energy technology is and that is of course also very happy that we have implemented it that way [music]

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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