Komfort, der mitwächst | Kinderleichte Bedienung mit eNet SMART HOME

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"Father?" Will our new house be able to do magic again?" "Of course! and with eNet SMART HOME it will be even more magical!" "Why?" "Well, just as you keep learning, our new house with eNet Smart Home will be able to do more and more! Look, if we're freezing to the bone while sledding in the future , I can turn up the heating in your room from my cell phone, and if you go on night walks in the house again, the light will accompany you as if by magic." "Really?" "And besides I now want to see on my cell phone whether all the windows are really closed.

But now I have to get up like this–" "No, don't go!" "Your monster get rid of the switch is here. You know him. If you're afraid…..you press it and it's all bright immediately!" "I'll do that right away! Then you'll have lights everywhere along the way!" "Great, then dash into the living room and press the cinema scene. Then we'll make ourselves comfortable with your favorite film, little witch!" "Yeah!" eNet SMART HOME – comfort that we trust. "Lirum, larum broomstick, cinema is child's play!".

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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