KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter: Anschluss am PLENTICORE und PIKO IQ

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Welcome to the service video of the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter. In In this video we explain how to do it the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter into the Sub-distribution of the building install and connect to the PLENTICORE plus, Connect the PIKO IQ or PLENTICORE BI. Please note the information on intended use. in the Scope of delivery are: one Installation guide, two Connection plug for the RS-485 Interface and a sticker with the Serial number of the device included. The signs and markings on Housing of the Smart Energy Meter are allowed cannot be changed or removed. The Smart Energy Meter is diverse applicable and compatible with the PIKO 4.2 to 20, EPC, PIKO MP plus, PLENTICORE BI and PLENTICORE plus. A Functional expansion is via a Software update possible. By using the KOSTAL Smart The inverter can use energy meters the flow of energy in the house for 24 hours monitor and optimally control. For communication with various KOSTAL inverters are equipped with the Smart Energy meter via two RS-485 and two LAN interfaces. The RS-485 port (A) is for use on the PLENTICORE plus, PLENTICORE BI and PIKO IQ do preconfigured.

To install the You need smart energy meters also the following material: a line for connecting the RS-485 Interface, optionally a network cable for a connection via LAN, optionally three current transformers with connection cable, a wire stripper, an insulated one Phillips screwdriver and slotted screwdriver. LEDs on the front of the Smart Energy meters show the status of the Energy meter. Note: You can find the LED states please refer to the installation instructions. The Smart Energy Meter can for house consumption (position 1) or at the grid connection point (position 2) be installed in the house network. We recommend the installation Position 2. Note: With the PLENTICORE BI only position 2 is possible. The installation at position 2 is particularly clear. The smart energy Meter is here directly behind the main meter connected and the lower Terminals connected to the output of the counter. De-energize the house network and secure it against switch on before starting work. Install the KOSTAL Smart Energy meter on the top-hat rail in the sub-distribution.

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Now connect the ladder to the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter. Note the connection cross-section and the tightening torque for Screw terminals. Note: Before installing, check the Power requirement! The Smart Energy Meter has a current carrying capacity of 63 A. Should be higher in the plant Currents occur, please use external current transformers. Please note here please follow the instructions in the enclosed Brief operating instructions. Now make the connection to yours PLENTICORE plus, PIKO IQ or PLENTICORE BI. Connect the terminal block (A) of the RS-485 interface with the appropriate Connections on the inverter. Please pay attention when laying the Lines on an EMC-compliant installation. Integrate the Smart Energy Meter via one of the two existing RJ45 Sockets in your local network! you thus have the option of logging data to send to the KOSTAL Solar Portal, on the integrated web server access or update software on the Install Smart Energy Meter. The free LAN socket can be used for the Connection of other KOSTAL Inverters are used. You thus have the option of using the Feed-in power of the PV system dynamically to a specific Limit active power.

Finally, first switch the Power supply of the Smart Energy Meters and then the AC fuses of the existing inverters. The Smart Energy Meter is for that Use with the PLENTICORE plus, PLENTICORE BI and PIKO IQ already preconfigured. All other settings, such as the Configuration of the dynamic Self-consumption control further existing KOSTAL inverters via the integrated web server by. To set up the Smart Energy Meters via the web server or the Commissioning of the PLENTICORE plus and check out another inverter please watch the following videos.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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