LG at CES 2022 in under 5 minutes

LG at CES 2022 in under 5 minutes

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Looking for a Desktop Microphone? 3 Reasons to Choose the Logitech Desktop Microphone

Not all computer accessory products are created equal. In fact, today with the market being flooded with technological devices and knock-offs it can be difficult for the average person to know if they purchasing a high quality computer accessory. This is especially true when you are purchasing items like a laptop or desktop microphone.

An Interesting Trend I Noticed on New Year’s Eve About Video Chat

It’s 2012 and we are into a brand new year with probably super cool things coming up. Well mounting up to 2012 we know most people head out to city squares or clubs to go spend the new year eve. Well for me, it was a pretty chill one as I stayed at home because I had my mom and sister over. So with that I decided to use my laptop to check up what everyone else was up to. After a couple of minutes spent on Twitter I decided I might as well check some video chat websites like Tinychat and co. to see if people were actually on it spending their New Year’s eve. To my surprise there were so many people spending the eve on Tinychat, creating more and more groups for anyone to spend the eve with them. The same went on for the other websites I checked out like Omegle, Chatroulette etc. That’s when I asked myself what if in 10 years 90% of us spent our major events online like this.

10 Key Features to Look for in Online Meeting Registration System

The online registration system enables you to set up as many forms as required for a meeting or conference. This online solution is preferred by most event organizers today, as it does not require the use of paper forms, which, in turn, have adverse effects on the environment. Besides, it also helps to increase meeting registration automatically by attracting attendees with a simple and easy-to-complete check-in procedure.

7 Tips on Buying a Laptop

Picking a laptop can be confusing at times. On one hand, you would want to go for the killer ergonomics but on the other, you would want practicality. Same as everything in life, when you have many choices, it will be difficult to choose the best and most probably it will involved more than 7 simple steps listed below.

Getting to Know the Types of Printer Ink Cartridges

Knowing the types of replacement ink cartridges that fit your printer can reduce your printer’s running costs. This small guide can help you learn the ink cartridge types.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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