Simple Cheap Easy DIY Plant Stand | New Style Plant Stand 2022

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so today i am going to show you how to build plant stand
in possibly the cheapest way and using less time
so earlier i used to have something like this
where my plants taking lots of space but i wanted to have something where my
plants take less space and it looked good also i
also wanted to keep some of my plants in height so my kids
cannot reach to those plants so friends
let's get started to get started building plant stand
you need these things first thing is a wood board
i bought this eight feet wood board you can buy the wood board length
based on your space next thing is wood stain i choose the
oil based wood stain special wallet you can choose
the color whatever you like it i have already stained the wood fold but
i will show you how to stain the wood next thing is a cloth which i am going
to show you for staining for safety of your
of your hands you can use a glass the last thing you need a concrete
blocks i have bought three blocks for my wood board
i bought three blocks as i wanted to keep distance three to four
feet between the blocks i got all the stuff
from home depot but you can buy from home depot or lowes anywhere
whatever you convenient with that first step is to color the wood board i
have already colored the wood board but i will show you how to color the
wood board again now take a small cloth and dip it in in
the wood stain some people use the brush but i'm going
to use this cloth it's more good you have to just take it small part and
just do like this so you don't need a brush you just need
a cloth see do you see me i'm just showing you
only this part so once you're done with the one fold
with the both the side let it dry and do it another coat so two
coat is really good for this now the board is ready let's build the
plant stand our plant stand is ready now i will put
all my plants on the plant stand so i put all my plants on my plant stand
now it's looking much much better and beautiful
and organized also i will take you to my deck
to show you my higher level plant stand so this is my three level plant stand i
made it for my deck for the top level i used two blocks and
stacked it to put my wood board on it
on the second level we used one block and the last level i put the blocks
horizontally so now i put my all plants on the stand
so let's see how it's looked so now i put all my plants on my plant
stand see now it's looking great you can see
my rose plant on higher level so my kids cannot reach
and my plant look very organized and now i have a great space for my
children to play i hope you like my plants stand please
give me your feedback also subscribe like and share my video

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