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How a Compact Digital Camera Can Make a Difference to Our Lives

In our everyday life, we come across special moments which happen in an instant and then goes away for ever. The first steps of your baby, the first time your precious little says ‘dada’, the first home that you buy and the moment when you enter that home with your partner are all special moments. These moments need to be saved for posterity and savored when possible.

IP Addresses Overview

An Internet Protocol (IP) Address is a label or an identification number which is intrinsic to every computer that is attached to a computer network. This serves as a unique communication marker and the network can recognize the individual system trying to access information.

Making an Icon With Free Image Manipulation Software

In this Page – We shall make our own Icon using freeware, just to show that artwork does not have to be expensive. We are going to make a 72px x 72px icon called ‘style’ using GIMP. GIMP is freeware, free to download and use.

Your Security: How To Make The Best VPN Provider Even Better

You’ve made the decision and taken the plunge. But while researching you found out that even the best VPN provider isn’t totally bulletproof. Here are a few simple steps to insure that your VPN keeps you totally secured…

Home Technology – DIY or Professional Integrator?

Home electronic technology, should I do it myself or hire a professional integrator? Home technology has become very sophisticated and fun to use. Today, all of your technology interacts in such a way, that it becomes very important to make sure you purchase compatible devices.

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