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My name is Kirsten Jassies and I am
always aware of all digital trends… …in the field of cameras,
smartphones and apps. And I have turned that fascination into
my work. I also worked for vtwonen a few years ago
and set up all social media channels there… …such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I then learned a lot about interior design
and now those two interests come together… …in the Smart Home. In addition to styling, of course, when furnishing a house
… …smart things play an increasingly important role. They are part of a Smart Home.
But what exactly does a Smart Home mean? I will share that with you in four masterclasses

In a very simple and accessible way,
I'm going to explain what a Smart Home is exactly… …and how it can enrich your life. A Smart Home means
the smart home. A house that thinks for itself? Well not really, but devices that think along with you
because they are connected to the internet. And often also wireless, which is
so nice that not all those cables are in sight. And most devices can also be controlled
via an app on your smartphone. Through the data
stored in the app… …information is collected about your behavior
at home or the use of a device. They can link that data to
the functions of the device. For example: when you are at home
and you leave…

…the app registers that… …and the lights go out. The idea of a smart home has been around for a while, but w
s actually something of the futur . Fortunately, more and more
products have come onto the market… …that everyone can use,
even if you don't know anything about technology. A Smart Home offers you: comfort,
safety… …or economical energy consumption whether
you are at home or not. For example, you have smart locks that can open your door
when you are nearby, via Bluetooth. And that's how you can let people into your home via
the smart lock's app… …
when you're not there. When it comes to comfort and economical energy consumption,
consider a smart thermostat. It ensures that the temperature
goes down when everyone is gone… …and goes up when you get
home in half an hour, for example. Nowadays, all appliances
in the house can be made smart. Also household appliances such as refrigerators,
vacuum cleaners and washing machines.

But of course there are also smart
audio and video systems. The devices can all
be controlled remotely. From every room in the house… …but also from anywhere in the world,
through your smartphone or the internet. There are already a lot of smart devices on the market, which is
why most people are familiar with the term Smart Home. But that is not yet in
full use. People still find it difficult because it is complicated
or because they do not yet see the benefits. Fortunately, a company like Samsung has developed a simple app that
allows you to control many different devices. The Smart Home App. The next step is that we can control devices not only
via apps… …but also via voice control, for example. So it won't be long before we
all have a Smart Home in addition to a smartphone. There are apps that can link all smart devices
and functions together.

Like "If this, than that". You can then create your own recipes to
make it as easy as possible for you. For example: IF it is above 30 degrees in the house
, THEN turn on the air conditioning. Or, for the lazy ones among us… …WHEN it's someone's birthday, THEN
automatically send a birthday wish via Facebook. In the future, a smart home can recognize every family member
by wearing a smartwatch. The functions in each room are then
adapted to what the person likes… …so for example a different light
or a nice music, And in addition, we will soon no
longer have to do chores around the house. Such as vacuuming, washing
or even cooking! Think of a robot in your house
preparing food for you. A robot is still a future… …but I'll give you an example
of what is already possible.

"Okay Voice Control system, find a recipe
with pasta and mushrooms!" "Send that recipe to the Smart Hub
in the kitchen." "Order 1 bag of tagliatelle and 500 grams of mixed
mushrooms at" "Send a message to Marco that we're having
dinner half an hour later tonight." How much time will it save you if you have such a
smart home, with even smarter devices? I think a lot. Valuable time that you can spend
with your family or for yourself. If you make that smart home work
for you. I hope I've inspired you and
maybe you'll get to work on it yourself. If you want more information, check out the other
Smart Home videos on the YouTube channel..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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