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– This is what Americans do when they've never had a bidet toilet and they're trying to test it out. (screaming)
(laughter) (glass shattering) (smooth electronic music) I don't think we've shown you guys a video of us swimming in the pool yet, but during the quarantine,
we've been here. Today, its 98 degrees where we live. This giant unicorn that's in here, we just put it out last night. It is super cool, and it just kind of floats
around in the daytime.

But today's video is not about the pool and its not about the unicorn, but its about the unicorn of toilets. This is my toilet seat
and it's actually smart. Look at all the cables that
are going through here. So, today… That was a big jump. I wanna show you guys
what's inside of our toilet, and I don't mean what's
inside of our toilet after it's used. What makes our toilet intelligent and makes its different from all of the other toilets
that I've seen out there.

The bidet, we're going to show you the air-warming, the motor, the seat, why is it intelligent? And show you the remote control because we've got a pretty
sick remote control. And look at this unicorn, it's so cool. I can put the toilet on it's pointy horn. Okay, there's your nose
ring or your horn ring. Today's video is sponsored by Kohler. Okay. This toilet is called the
Veil Intelligent Toilet. (slow music) (toilet flushing) I just called this toilet right here. – Yeah? – [Dan] The unicorn toilet. Why do you think I said that? (dramatic music) – I don't know. (laughing) – [Dan] It's not because this
looks like a unicorn horn, and this is where you flush it. – [Lincoln] Oh, I didn't realize that. – [Dan] That isn't it. – Oh, it isn't? – No, a unicorn is something
that's rare and it's unique. For some companies, it's
like a unicorn company, it's something that's
like the top of the top.

A lot of people over the last few months have been buying bidets for their home, and there are lots of different
bidets that you can get. You can even go to like the local store and pick up like a little tiny attachment and set it on your toilet and
it can spray some cold water. Well, this does so much more
than just your regular bidet. First of all, there's
a sensor inside of it, so that it knows based off of the weight of me sitting in here that there's actually a person here. It has it's own fancy controller
that's on the side of it. It has a front bidet, a rear bidet, and on this you can control how much pressure of water is coming out and also whether it's like cold water or super hot water or in the middle.

So, there's different temperatures. A massage feature with the water, also a spiral feature, so
it will spiral clean things. It also has a dryer, where
it can just blow and dry you. A UV clean bar that comes out. You can also adjust the wand,
so if you want the wand, if you need it to go further out or closer back based off
of what your preference is. And then when you stand up,
it knows that you stood up, and it should just flush for me.

(toilet flushing) Magic, unicorn toilet. It's not really called the unicorn toilet, I just made that up today. Here's something that I wanna try. I wanna show you how the bidet works, but I'd rather not try it on
a human for obvious reasons. Come here Lincoln, I
need your help with this. – [Lincoln] Yeah. – [Dan] This is a piece
of very sharp glass. The corners are sharp. It could probably break kind of easily. We're gonna set that on the toilet, but I wanna be able to film it and see if we can get the bidet to spray. The tricky thing is, you're gonna need to push down and put some pressure on the toilet at the same time. – [Lincoln] You serious? – [Dan] Yeah, and then I'm
gonna push the button on here. Yeah, you gotta put some
pressure on there, buddy, maybe not on the glass,
just put it on the toilet, well, and kind of the glass.

So hold, yeah, hold the glass a little bit right there and right
there, and then (laughs) we're going to try to get the bidet wand– (shattering glass)
Oh! – It broke. (laughing) – [Dan] That didn't work. I told you to be careful. – I was, I was just barely tapping, just barely pushing on
it, on the very corner. – [Dan] Did you cut yourself? – No, I'm fine. – [Dan] You sure? – Uh oh. (laughs) The toilet. – [Dan] Don't flush that glass, toilet! It's all down in there! – [Lincoln] Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no– – [Dan] This was not planned.

(glass clinking and crashing) – [Lincoln] That was a fail. – [Dan] Well, it would
have been a bigger fail if you would have cut your hands, oh. (glass clinking and crashing) My hand is in the toilet! We got it! (glass clinking) Okay, well. – [Lincoln] We need a new
thing to test this experiment. – We gotta do this experiment somehow. We need to be able to show you the wand sticking out and the
bidet function working. Let me wash my hands. (ominous music) Hi, London! – Hi! – [Dan] Where did you get that glass? – Mom gave it to me. – Okay, let's go find mom. – Mom? – Where are you? – Just doing laundry. – [Dan] Okay, so we have a problem.

– Okay, what happened? – [Dan] Ugh, the glass
broke all in the toilet. All of it, it's all shattered. – No. – [Dan] But, I think I got it all out. So, we need something
else to put in there. – [Dan] Do you have something
that's not quite as dangerous, that's going to kill us? – Maybe we do have to use– – [Dan] Oh, and check this out, signed 32 ounce water bottles. This whole thing is signed right there, ready to be shipped out to any of you. Link and I will sign them. These ones are not signed, here's some water bottles right there.

All right, what do you got? – I have this, but I don't
know if it's gonna work. – [Dan] Oh, that'll work great. – Yeah? – [Dan] Thanks, take two. – Take two, you got it. – [Dan] Good luck with that laundry. – Thank you. – [Dan] Okay, Lincoln. Yeah, leave that open. Uh, oh. – I'm tired of the girls in here. Where's the… didn't you? – [Dan] The door's shut. It wasn't shut before. (dramatic music) Girls? Ah! I knew it. (giggling) Hey, get out of here. We're filming a toilet video in here. – Fun. – Toilets are fun. – We scared you! – [Dan] See ya. So, I think if you put that on there and apply some pressure,
some consistent pressure, it will think that its
somebody going to the bathroom.

(motor whirring) – [Lincoln] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! – [Dan] I just pushed flush, that's all. Oh, man, it won't work. Don't break it, don't break that. Ugh, it's too intelligent for us. It knows I'm here. It made a noise. – [Lincoln] Yeah, now sit like on it. – How does it? – [Lincoln] 'Kay.
– It's too smart. – [Lincoln] Press the button. – But then its gonna spray my butt. – [Lincoln] Well, you
gotta stand up quick. – And I don't it to spray my pants. – [Lincoln] Here. – I don't really wanna do it this way– – [Lincoln] Give me this.
– No, don't do it! There it is!
– [Lincoln] Whoa! – It's out! It's going back in.

Like that, try that. – [Lincoln] That's not normally. – Well, maybe if I put my— – [Lincoln] No, no, no, no, no! (Lincoln laughing)
(Dan screaming) – There's the bidet. It works. It sprayed all over here. My pants, did they get wet at all? – [Lincoln] Yeah. Stand, stand, stand, stand! – (screams) There it is! – [Lincoln] Yeah, we did it! – It sprayed all over. I hope you appreciate that shot because my bum is pretty wet right now, and it was the only option. So, the one thing that was withholding us from actually getting that shot properly is this toilet seat. I couldn't trick it. It knew that it was a human. I wanna know where the
sensor is inside of here. I think this video is going on
the family channel right now, and this is stuff that we
usually do on our main channel. You're getting a treat right now. Dang it, I just wanted
to show it so easily. (banging) (bass heavy electronic music) Right around the seam.

(hammering) (laughing) Yes, we got this. Oh! This is the toilet seat
that I could not trick. Check this out. – [Lincoln] Whoa, that's
the heat right here. Wow.
– [Dan] Yep, I think all of that is
the wire for the heat, and look how it weaves in and out. Perfectly glued to this
foil and then the foil, I'm sure, transmits heat also, and so it gets that hot and goes around– – Okay, so these two are
probably the sensors. Right? – Those two. (gasp) Yeah. – That's probably what it is. – And it doesn't touch anywhere else. Okay, Lincoln, hands on those spots. – Like, right there? – [Dan] And you have to put it down, and just have it be stable, right there. (clicking and whirring) – [Lincoln] Oh! – [Dan] Oh no! – [Lincoln] Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh. – [Dan] Oh, you lifted up. – [Lincoln] Yeah, I did. – [Dan] You lift up your hands. – Yeah, I did. – [Dan] No, keep it, keep the pressure. Keep the pressure! Leslie, you gotta see this.

It's amazing. – [Leslie] Is he getting
sprayed in the face? What's it doing? Oh, no! (screaming and laughing) – [Dan] What? – You said it wouldn't spray us. – [Dan] It's working! – [Lincoln] Yes, oh, look at it! – [Dan] We got– Oh, it's moving right now. It's massage function. – It's been going on for
like four times longer. – [Dan] Okay, turn it off, Lincoln! – [Lincoln] No!
– [Leslie] Oh, my gosh.

It's so warm though, at least. – [Dan] It's so warm though? Oh, what were you doing? Oh!
– I'm trying to like, It got on the drawers and everything. (laughing) It feels really wrong
to have toilet paper. (toilet flushing) – [Dan] That's true. – No, for real though, I'm cleaning it up with my nice towels. – The Veil Intelligent
Toilet is very intelligent, but we learned how to
trick it a little bit. Oh, there's water on my camera. Sometimes, you have to take things apart in order to know how they fully work. – Yeah. – And it was actually
very cool inside of there. That's not all that we
have in our fancy toilet. Kohler decided to sponsor this video and they sent us all these extra parts. This is the bidet wand right here. – Oh, really? – Yes, the hot water, the cold
water, all this stuff comes, this is the part that you
see right there, let's see if we can get it to come out–
– Oh, this is the part that– Oh, whoa. – There it is. – Yep. So maybe this is the
rear one, right there.

Oh no, it has different settings
on how far out it can go. So, there you go, there's
the different settings. This is the air dryer right here. – Really? – This is how it spins right here. But I'm not sure how it gets so hot– – Yeah, its kind of weird.
– Maybe its something with those wires, and it gets some heat down in there. – You use less toilet paper
if you're going to have a blow dryer that's gonna dry you off. This is water heater focused
on instant warm water comfort. The water does get hot very fast. – So, this must have
some coils that are going inside of it that heat up
the water really quickly, so that when it comes out
it does feel very warm. Bidets are nice and all, but cold water? I don't know. – Yes, if– – You need to wake up
early in the morning, that'll do it.

Still, one of my favorite
piece of technology, and it just completes the entire house by having this inside of our house. Smart toilet. We did it. – Oh, that was close. – It almost cut me. Thank you, Kohler, for sponsoring basically our entire house when it comes to faucets
and toilets and sinks. It's been amazing, and we've
been enjoying it every day. And I promise we won't break anything else on purpose that's Kohler stuff. We'll just keep it in our house.

If you're interested in the Veil Intelligent Toilet by Kohler, we'll put a link in the description that you can check it out. Very cool toilet, and if you want to upgrade
your house a little bit and make it a little bit more intelligent and comfortable in the bathroom, it's in the description. Let me know what you
think about this toilet. – I need the bathroom. – I need to change my pants, they're wet. – I don't know about this. – Our hot tub is really getting acting up. Listen to this. (water gurgling) Shh, trying to film over here. – [Leslie] Is this water super dirty? – [Dan] No, it's clean
water from the city. (banging) That's how toilet water works. It's clean water that goes
in the toilet and flushes. – Okay. You scream like a girl? – No. – [Dan] He screamed like a man. – Oh. – [Dan] Like, Big Foot would scream. – Oh! That's how he screamed. (laughing).

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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