Mesh WLAN Heimvernetzung – wie funktioniert es?

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I am currently working from home, as some of you probably do. And my partner also works from home. We both depend on a smooth, well-functioning network and if that is not the case, the house blessing can quickly hang wrong. At the moment our apartment is the center of our life. It's the office, it's the gym, it's school, and so much more. And there are also some smart home applications that want to be networked with one another. Until recently, the WiFi was not always as good here, when we were all at home, smartphones, tablets and televisions were in use.

It really can't be because of the bandwidth. We have a fiber optic connection right into the apartment. That's why I installed a home network almost a month ago. But what actually is a home network and what do I have to pay attention to during installation? That's why I spoke to Thomas from "Telekom hilft" once. Hello Thomas, why is it that a WLAN signal is not always so good? Hello Lena, the most important thing for a functioning WLAN is the location of the router. So it really has to be free. So it is of no use to set up the router somewhere between hoarded toilet paper rolls or tinned food from the last hamster purchase. Baby monitors, microwaves, green plants or even an aquarium are all things that impair reception. For good reception it is important that the closer the receiving device is to the router, the better the signal will be.

Home networking can help me with this, but what is actually hidden behind home networking and why is it particularly important nowadays? A few years ago, building owners always got the advice that they should lay as many LAN cables as possible in the wall because you need internet in every room. That was certainly the right approach a few years ago. However, nowadays we have more devices that want to go online and, above all, mobile devices. In other words, with a LAN cable, he may still connect the desktop PC or the game console at most, and with the Speed Home Wifi, we have the solution to improve a WLAN. In other words, you can use mesh technology with it and optimize a home network with it. You have just mentioned that – mesh technology, what is actually behind it and why is it no longer so good to just use repeaters? The mesh network can basically be imagined as such a goal net, i.e. in football. You have the opportunity to really build a network of WiFi devices there. Unlike the repeater.

With the repeater you can imagine it like a bit of silent mail. The router then calls the direction of the first repeater. The first repeater then calls on and on and the signal gets weaker and weaker. With the Speed Home Wifi you have the opportunity to really set up a comprehensive WLAN in the house. And what are the real advantages of a mesh network? The most important benefit is that you keep the speed. Above all, you only have one network name to log into and your device always looks for the strongest signal. So when I go through my apartment with my cell phone, he just looks for the best WiFi that is currently available and does not use the old one, where it was logged in for the first time. Can you see it that way? Yes, exactly. Mesh technology gives you the advantage that you have a network name – that's what it's called an SSID.

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That means you don't have to constantly reconnect to your mobile phone, which could be the case with repeaters. Because you always had to look for the SSID of the next repeater, so to speak. And if you had it somewhere in the bedroom and then went through the whole apartment towards the dining room, for example, then you just have to log in again somehow. And you don't have that with the Speed Home Wifis, because you equip your entire apartment with one and the same, so to speak. Now I know, earlier than my father started doing it at some point and said in our apartment: "He's now making a family network and a home network," then that was always a horror for me. And I think it used to be more like that, I have to go deep into my computer to really program and install something like that. I have now installed it here at home too. I found it pretty easy with the Magenta app. That's right, with the "My Magenta App" you are basically guided through the installation step by step and it
's super easy.

And actually, there is not much you can do wrong. Can I now network and use every router with the Speed Home Wifi? Basically yes, we currently recommend our Speedport Smart 3. Why do we recommend it? Because it has already integrated the mesh base. If you have another router, that's no problem either, then you need a Speed Home Wifi, which you connect to the router via a LAN cable and which then forms the mesh base. How many Speed Home WIFIs can I actually connect now so that I can supply my perfect WiFi in a large house, from the basement to the roof? Yes this is not a problem. You can connect up to five Speed Home Wifi to a mesh base station. That should also be enough for the big houses. Do you now have any tips for us on how I can set up my perfect WiFi at home? Yes absolutely. As I have just said, the "My Magenta App" can help very well. It already has the DSL help app and WLAN optimization included. You can do a lot with it. You can also get advice from the service over the phone and they can then connect to the router remotely and do everything for you.

And if that doesn't help, you can have a technician come home. And don't worry, in the current situation you have all the usual protective items with you to do justice to the situation. Then thank you very much and then we can continue to work in the home office. With us, the WiFi runs very well thanks to the home networking via mesh and the family peace remains. What about with you? If you have any questions or comments, feel free to put them in the comments. And if you liked the video, I'm always happy to give you the thumbs up. And subscribe quickly to the channel so that you don't miss anything. And now all that remains for me to say is stay healthy and see you next time!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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