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hey guys it's justine and today is a very exciting video this video is actually sponsored by lg so a huge thank you to them for supporting my channel and making this video possible because this is something that i've really wanted to do in my house for a very long time i love technology i love smart homes and there were some things in my house that weren't quite smart like my washer my dryer thankfully most of my tvs were smart televisions but this one specifically has the thin-q ai technology built into it i also have the lg styler this is a really interesting product and something that i never really even thought about ever getting for myself there's so many different use cases for this and i think for a lot of people this could be the perfect solution for not having to go to the dry cleaner i did see this at ces so it's kind of cool to actually have it here in my house to get to try out so for this video we're going to kind of focus on the thin cue app how it integrates so well with all of the lg appliances and gadgets that they have in their ecosystem so today we're going to be focusing on the four that i just got i also got one of the new lg velvet phones and the best part about this is the fact that all of these devices are able to integrate with one single app so not only are you able to start and stop your washer or the lg styler i can also control the television right here from my phone from the thin cue app but also something that's kind of neat as you guys can see behind me on this tv this is the lg cx 77 inch class 4k smart oled tv and you can see over here my dryer has 29 minutes to go my washer is off because i just put the clothes in the dryer and my styler is actually doing a sanitizer right now of some of my dog toys well they're not my dog they're my dog's toys and what's really cool about this is if i'm watching tv or i'm playing a video game i'm able to get a notification that will let me know when my washer is done or my dryer or anything else that is connected to the television if there is notification or an alert it'll pop up on the tv on my phone and then i'm able to take action from there i'm excited about the styler for a lot of different reasons mostly because i actually don't own an iron and this has a really cool refresh steam setting so i can put in my t-shirts or my sweaters or anything that kind of needs a little refresh it also sanitizes but it's not a replacement for a washer and dryer think of this kind of as a little refresh in between washes also for a lot of people who wear business suits which i don't ever this would be so perfect it has this little pants press pants crease care system to crease and keep those slacks looking real slackalicious i don't know much about wearing nice pants i know that a lot of people do wear a lot of nice pants which means this is a perfect pants solution for your pants also for your tops and your blazers it's like a refrigerator for your clothes this is actually my kitchen right now which works really well for me because my laundry room is right over there but i've seen a lot of instances where people put this in their closet so as you're sorting through your clothing you can just pop this in the styler and it can be refreshed and ready for the day so let's do a little demo i'm gonna put in a few items look at this t-shirt wrinkled not sanitized we're gonna put this on one of these lg styler hangers super fancy hang that up this is something i'm very excited about for a very specific use case for maybe not everyone but for my jujitsuki so i definitely recommend putting these in the washer so that it is extra clean to have a little extra sanitizing can never hurt and it might get the wrinkles out because this material is so stiff this has so many different options there's refresh special care for suits pants there's sanitary so you can put bedding in here there's also a gentle dry so if you have a bathing suit or some type of thing like that you can also do that to get that nice and dry but the best part is it all connects with the thin cue app we're gonna do a light refresh here we go our steam is preparing and it says our estimated end time is at 8 57 am [Music] now obviously i can control my washer and dryer with my app so i don't actually have to be right next to them but for the sake of the demonstration i am going to show you how you can use the thin cute app right here next to them but i could be on the couch i could be upstairs i could be watching tv i could be eating a meal at the mall check on the status of my clothes in the washer that's the future hopefully in the future we can actually go back to the mall but right now i'm just going to enjoy doing a little dryer action over here so the styler is almost done it's kind of cool because you can actually see how much time is left on the app there is a remote start button on here so you do have to have that activated so you are able to control it through your phone so let's do a quick little dryer action there you go 25 minutes for that speed dry and while that's happening let's load up some of my laundry that i've been saving all week for this very moment [Music] okay i'm gonna start my washer we have a minute left on the styler this is cool because it does have the remote lock so if the remote lock is active this will actually lock so that no one is able to access this after you have remote lock so you can go away it's done the styler cycle is complete oh my gosh let's see how our items are oh it feels so nice and warm and toasty in here it's winter right now in la so probably won't be wearing a t-shirt usually this material is super stiff so this kind of made it nice and cozy now i'm going to do a sanitary run and i don't actually like to wash my belt every single time that i do a class so this can be kind of cool i can just toss this in with any other items maybe let's put one of maddie's toys in there this thing he's had since he was a baby so this is over five years old i don't even know if i want that to touch my belt that's saying a lot so if we do a normal run this takes about an hour and 28 minutes and heavy duty for 213.

I feel like we'll just do a normal hour 28 get this all super sanitized for me and maddie i'll see you soon it's also kind of cool because now i'm here filming this video and i know that in 26 minutes my dryer will be ready and i can go get my clothes so this is the app and you can see we've got our styler our tv and the dryer and the washer and i can control the tv so watch this and turn it off oh look at that that was actually really fast what i really like is you can also use your voice so i can actually just search i just seen lg youtube unboxing i don't even have to like i don't actually have to type anything look at this look at look at our options oh my gosh this is where we are right now look how different it looks i still have that carpet really crazy looking at this from so long ago it's not even that long so right here you can see this is where you click in to go to your home dashboard and this will give you an entire look at everything that is connected to your home i can actually go to my lg velvet and i can screen share look at this it's currently connecting to the mobile device yes except oh my gosh we're screen sharing look there it is see this look at this i'm controlling my phone with my tv can you guys believe this i'm controlling my phone with the tv right now the best part about this is everything is just integrated right into your phone you can set up different rooms you can add the styler the dryer and the washer all into its own room well thank you guys so much for watching i would love to hear from you guys do you have a smart home what is some future tech that you would like to upgrade in your home and what do you guys think of thin cue have any of you guys used this before do you have any lg products that you can potentially connect to the app i would love to hear all of it and more in the comments below but now i need to go get my clothes because they're about to be done in 14 minutes incredible

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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