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Hello dear house building heroes, I am very pleased that we can show you a modern villa with a flat roof again today, which many of you have often asked about, namely the model house choir from lux haus in the exhibition Eigenheim und Garten in Bad Vilbel near Frankfurt we are looking at today we see how sophisticated architecture and intelligent building technology can create a high level of living comfort and how an individually planned architect’s house can be implemented in prefabricated wood construction. this loot is again more architecturally sophisticated on the way a bit difficult with the external dimensions we have a front of 16.8 meters here the upper rule is actually 19 meters long and here in the front seven meters 10 wide and the power from here in the front three meters 50 behind three meters the whole thing has great advantages because it arise next to sheltered outdoor spaces which you can also use without having to put on any awnings or canopies the lower rule is very, very openly designed opens up to nature with space now really space living fixed glazing and also really real glass corners that you can see in front, the corner walk on the corner glass on glass and the upper floor is designed closed with its rule where the retreat and bedrooms are in it and there we have a continuous row of windows a fixed glazing that of course has a few consequences for the rooms on the upper floor that we think look at them but from the outside it looks totally classy because you can get a very simple and slim view without opening casement here we are already standing on this covered entrance area or in the covered terrace that of course also gives protection for these large glass surfaces if that 's the south facade and it is also clear that it is a house individually planned as a show house Of course you wouldn't actually open the front door to the south and here the terrace next to it , but the manufacturer plans anyway individually and you can of course do it differently.

We have a flat roof in the company with a surrounding attic behind it, this also disappears very nicely elevated photovoltaic system with a peak output of 9.6 kilowatts in the house there is a suitable battery storage system with twelve kilowatt hours of storage capacity and we also see a very large roof glazing with external shading on the roof what is behind it for the interior we will of course take a look at it right away now let's stay with the outside for a moment we have this terrace here which is very nicely covered with shell limestone with such copper-colored inclusions that creates the connection to all these flower bed edgings here also this seat benches made of corten steel so that the whole thing here really looks very classy from a bus is designed we have here is an extension that is about 550 by 850 so that would be the space for a garage there is also a door in here and the wall box for the electric car the model house is behind offices but that would be the space for the garage lawyer very much it's nice that you have a dry transition from the garage to the house thanks to this l-shaped bracket, which is also illuminated and then you have this very homely wood here, namely this front door in Querfurt oak with this aluminum knox inlay work, that 's always the case a bit of stainless steel optics but that's how it happens sheet aluminum the house has 213 contract meters of living space and let's take a look at how they are divided now many of them have a size of 95 square meters the ceiling height here is slightly increased to two meters 65 from the material concept if you chose the topic high materials masculine style you can already see it here on the floor there you have such a fine stone that has been launched stuff 80 x 80 with its very rough concrete look surface very practical by the way not only in the model house this recess with the inserted carpet I can only recommend what you can already see there are skirting boards used everywhere here behind is now the consultant office that would now be the garage you can of course also do it with such large fixed glazing if you like to see your car we'll open the door here for a moment we have about ten and a half square meters of consultant's office here and here the floor is now a sanded screed we'll have the floor covering again later somewhere i'll tell you in a moment what ten square meters is of course not enough for the garage a second room was separated here that's about 95 square meters again a small meeting room would then of course be in the original house use of space for the car here we have the open, integrated garage right across from us e i always think it's really nice when it's already separated with a niche like this you have these embedded led strips here which we also see here more often which can also change color i'll show you later in the living area here you can see the distributor for the underfloor heating has to be housed somewhere and be freely accessible so of course you could imagine a bench somewhere over there furniture over there that you can easily get rid of then it wouldn’t be a visual problem at all and on the back wall we have here that’s wallpaper with it, by the way his old tile on it here directly behind me let 's also have a look into the guest toilet the room is 2.6 square meters in size is now actually just a toilet so no showers and here you have chosen a very noble equipment has this pedestal washbasin on one very special water hairs for me this is another model house where the water comes up from below you can see it of course here already the limescale edges everywhere but of course it's a very nice thing here we have now on the back wall of the niche with the mirror again with the installation energy and now the parquet has been pulled up that was also immediately visible in the living area that's an oak tobacco gray strongly structured brushed that's pretty water-resistant if something splashes here and I think it's a very nice idea what that then moved to here at a height with the pre-wall installation and you can already see here on the wall is now fell to the ground This is the matching decorative tile with a zoom inlaid ornament and also otherwise here very high-quality equipment Let's continue here in the heart of the house, which is the approximately 47 square meter eat-in kitchen and the first thing that catches the eye is of course this open gallery that does not have space upwards this section now a size of 3 meters by 3 meters 50 you have a range of up to 6 meters 70 un d the ceiling of this gallery is now completely glazed so that a lot of light comes in.

Of course you need external shading afterwards, which you can also drive up there let it be if there is one and there are even led lights on the side so we have a lot of light and daylight was also an important keyword when planning the house you can see that from these huge windows every tamir i think it's always great when you really manage to make it room -high glass panes and in this case it's just the way that the loads are then transported over these steel supports and in this case it's even an electric sliding door that you open completely I can drive, I say, it's still short afterwards, of course, it's in the details that you look incredibly beautiful and cost an awful lot of money t from 2 several tens of thousands of euros for but that's just a side note we now have this room-high glazing again here in the living area and we can actually see that here in several places such a real classic there is the support then there presented the absorbs the loads and here is this glued glass ceiling that of course also looks incredibly chic but is also something that costs you several thousand euros extra and of course you also have the slat blinds that run here then only guided with the cable rail if you then turn the right corner do you have a slat of blinds that seemed to run like a miracle that is of course also much more stable what we see here now is the cozy rear part the separate living area that would of course be the place for the tv here too by the way like a wallpaper like that a bit in fur optics, it looks really interesting and here you can choose how rom sits you have a view of the outside or a view of the tv, so here, too, is this sofa landscape with two directions, here, too, you now have an embedded led strip, by the way, you can also see the multi-function music system here in the ceiling and the air supply from the controlled one ventilation system I will tell you something about the technology later and on this switch here you can already see these are these touch old people this is a smart home is you can now choose different scenes here that are stored rejected in the middle can then be different light colors or on and from here you can regulate via this switch here you can then raise and lower the blinds and on the other side there is usually the music system that means if I walk down here to the corner clique then here the slats jersey under the shading is of course very very important with such large glass surfaces and we have already learned the slat blinds which then also move h can be set to allow level shading and at the same time if you want it you can set it how you want a view outside this separate living area behind me is another 21.3 square meters and you can see this gray brown from the windows quite well and the steel profiles the rope color tone 80 19 goes much better with this warm furnishing style with natural tones than if it were now this anthracite here you have this raw material concept again it is probably venetian old wood leather this carpet also has a bit of a vintage style and what the smart home system is of course not vintage but very modern we have a server-based system here with its own mini server in it where the data can be stored securely in the house you don’t necessarily need a connection to the internet and it can actually really be integrated everything so lighting alarm functions the audio music system the procurement the access control but also the whole heating and the energy management so that it can really act completely independently so the heating knows what the burial is doing and the whole thing helps to save energy i promised you that i would show you the big sliding door again how it opens this is also possible here with one click that's just great that you can open what you can so completely also these continuous ceilings under you to the outside that you then don't need any awnings or similar for the covered terrace here behind me the kitchen is also openly connected the very edelmann has this massive kitchen block it is actually made of real slate this is natural stone very thin 1.5 mm applied to mdf board it now looks very light due to this incision in the instruction there again on top here you now have a ceramic worktop from the dimensions here are two meters seventy by 130, so there's a lot here work surface and also of course here again the hob that is embedded in the plate with the extractor down here you really don’t want to have an extractor hood hanging here what i could imagine instead of this very decorative lamp would be of course here you would need more light in any case for working on the work surface otherwise if you come around here you can see that everything is very elegantly made is also with electrical in and outs that you just put on and then push back in here the buttons are all milled into the natural stone here you have it then the dishwasher which you just have to tap so that it opens and here it can also be conveniently operated with your knee the waste separation system under the sink now you're wondering where are all the kitchen appliances that are hidden in this cupboard when it's so open Of course, you have to be able to hide them somewhere.

By the way, these fronts are bronze, so real mead all smoothed that is of course also very noble and so that these doors are not in the way here you can drive them in there which is of course really clever then i can access all the kitchen appliances here and the doors do not bother me here behind it is the fridge the fridge-freezer combination also very classy and if i don't need all that i just close it again and then i really have the very homely character here with such an open kitchen we of course also need a small dirty kitchen somewhere as we always do nice says or pantry that would be here behind the dirty kitchen is now only three square meters in size i would plan a little bigger in practice if you want to do something like that then you can get more under here is a kitchenette with a sink inside you could yes also put the dishwasher here then you won't do that if you have the ladies open space and you would go ahead advise more accommodation who is behind me now the door to the technical room it is only 6.2 square meters too much space not even you there either we have an air-to-water heat pump with cooling function that is set up completely outside what you can see behind me is the 300 liter hot water tank and otherwise everything is in there that you still need for the ventilation technology, i.e.

The controlled ventilation with heat recovery you can also use it to generate a cooling effect and there is also a lighting system whether you need it in practice you can discuss it ventilation system on Of course you need it here because there are rooms upstairs that only have fixed glazing, which we'll look at in a moment, but the manufacturer also builds without a ventilation system for people who want that and that works, among other things, because of the wall construction from the now here in office and we'll now take a quick look at this small office or guest room h at now almost twelve square meters very nice here again the fixed glazing running around the corner you have a parapet guide of 65 cm here you have to of course look a little from the notation when you put it here in bed and here the hikers have the structure right now I just mentioned that the manufacturer offers such a diffusion-open wall where you have a thermal insulation composite system based on wood fiber mineral wool and here also standard and installation level that is not only in the wall but also in the ceiling so that you can have such an installation lights can also be easily placed anywhere there is a special secret here it is a wall that is glued over the entire surface as far as this usb disk is concerned and that is why the manufacturer says there are no settlement cracks and that is why you can also make a surface like this here, for example three smoothed painted without painter's fleece or wallpaper or anything underneath so that means from the wall surface very nice and easy to produce here behind me there is another small storage room with my model house to show in battery storage with twelve kilowatt hours capacity and the inverter and on the floor you have now we draw these cuts test correct I have already shown you before, by the way, it is not quite as easy to care for and insensitive as you might think it is very insensitive, of course, this massive concrete staircase here behind me is 120 wide, so it is very pleasant to walk on even if you have oncoming traffic nice here is this glass partition made of two panes of safety glass, room-high, very noble, of course, you shouldn't be sensitive to fingerprints, but you can also see this double-separated view of the concrete stairs very well, so that you don't have the sloping bottom , but it's very noble and nice to look at from both sides now go n let's go up you can already see here there is this moving railing made of stainless steel and the lighting is milled in here keyword installation level and now let's see what it looks like upstairs we can here can if you come up here on the gallery you really walk into the light up here was chosen as a starting point for a design touch you now have white-based oak parquet here, which also looks very good the house has been there since 2008 ten from the light space you can hear here on the upper floor 260, i.e.

5 cm less than in ground floor and what is very nice is that you don't have this large lever sliding door from all sides here, which leads to the terrace, which is about 21 square meters again, which is on the living area below and i think it's great that it is accessible to everyone and not only assigned to one room from the room concept, we have two children's rooms of the same size and a children's beard up here and we are now looking at that as e first time in the children's pool is 5.6 square meters and designed in a scandinavian style here different shades of gray meet a radiant sky blue here you can now open a window which of course makes perfect sense in the watt here this installation pretext at the height of 120 so that you can put something there very well and these very special flies in three colors here so these hexagon tiles that overflow so beautifully here in these floor tiles also that of course an amazing effort but very nice gag behind me then the floor-level tiles showers with the drainage channel with the claas partition here is a separate space so that definitely works for the children and we really have their own kingdom here right next door is the first children's room which is just like the second 16 square meters and here you can see now this continuous fixed glazed window fire in all its beauty is of course very important that the depth of 60 centimeters was left here in order to be able to put it in a reasonable closet here you now have a parapet height of 86 centimeters it was really designed as a circumferential band of course you now have this glued corner with it, logically logically the support and here it is actually made in such a way that the strip runs through from the outside and you really want to look here the window disappear around the corner here you can also see this brushed aluminum skirting board goes very well with this light parquet It's also nice that the sockets were chosen in a suitable design and here's this switch again, which by the way also has a night light function I don't know if you can see that now, these blunt doors smash in where you can't see the hinges and they are so angular in design a special feature of course and now let's take a look across the hall straight into the second children's room the second children's room mmer is now here is also 16 square meters in size here you now only have 1 continuous window strip that is now really four meters forty times a liter 55 so there is an incredible amount of light coming in of course it looks chic without a frame I wouldn’t recommend it to you sleeping or children's room without making an opening casement so that could already be integrated here what you also have a casement window that you can then open either way that is of course a very expensive solution you will now of course here that the supply air from the ventilation system is here That would now be at the point here and I just said something about the subject of cooling.

In the summer it runs on minimal operation during the day and at night when the air has cooled down, there is also automatically a lot of fresh air in the room. A very small one is diagonally opposite but a very important room in my opinion, we have a 27 square meter utility room with a connection ssen for washing machine and dryer they fit exactly here so that you can do the laundry up here and lie together up here directly where it occurs and behind this door is now the 41 square meter parents' area with a separate toilet for clothes in the bedroom and there come in you cheat these parents ready over than 15 square meters large bat that is openly connected to clothing and sleeping area so it makes sense that there is a small separate toilet here with 2.6 contract meters and of course also with a window that can be opened now here in the main bathroom they have tried to interpret the style of an old venetian palazzo in the most modern way they have warm warning tones the tiles are a bit shabby chic they have this fine stoneware again 80 by 80 where this cement tile pattern is a bit in it and on the back wall you can already see insane luxury here, the tiles are actually highly polished with a natural stone look s o a bit of a name or onyx gold that should be and you can already see these tiles here are really a meter and a half wide and room book that means up to 260 high this bench is electrically heated by the way and is really nice and warm so when hermann change it is pleasant to sitting on it has been pulled into the shower rhein so that you can sit here or put your foot up very pleasant if that was crap and the shower is actually 120 wide and here the splash guard is 180 long so that cleaning works very well these panes of glass are always an issue that you have to think about, of course, but here it looks very spacious and open.

This large, free-standing bathtub is of course beautiful depending on what's out there, ask whether that makes sense or not, of course, you can also lower the slat blinds up here An advantage is that you can also look out when they are down, but even if you close them, you do n't get it completely dark. You should know that for the parents' area if you like to sleep in the dark up here, of course, roller shutters here in front of this partition wall, then space for the double washbasin here you now have a very nice wall again where there is storage space behind the mirror there could be a little more light here so that you can also put on make -up here and of course two double sockets so that there are power connection options on each side here around the corner it is now open further into the dressing room the 9.7 square meter course is very nice i think that this room now has a high parapet here at the window 135 here is now also fixed glazing in it you could think about it here in to build an opening wing on the rhine , then you could also ventilate here a bit if you really have this you continuous fixed glazing otherwise it is very elegantly designed very comfortable with this dark wallpaper and has space for five mirrors you really have two-part space for cupboards you can of course also install closed cupboards so everything is done right here around the corner then closes now open the sleeping area with 14 square meters a nice little detail what i see here is the material transition between carpet and parquet i always say look how the manufacturers solve it another detail here is of course the hanging up to [ __ ] you always have to think about it when planning the spotlight outlet was in the top ceiling and also in the right place.

Many people are planning it from the character it is this cherry blossom wallpaper and of course you also have a great connection to nature through this huge corner fixed glazing as I said You can't darken it with the slat blinds, but if you like to sleep open, you can waking up here in the morning with a view of the green and the sunlight and that is actually beautiful now we have seen all the rooms of this individual architect's house I'll try again to get price information from the manufacturer which I'll put in the description below as well as the floor plans if if you want to take a look at the house for yourself it is available as a model house in the exhibition Eigenheim und Garten in bad vilbel near frankfurt is usually open wednesday to sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and if you want to watch more videos from us then just subscribe it's best to use our channel with a clock because then you won't miss any other videos by and for hausbau helden

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