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In this channel, we love to show you new,
innovative ways of building homes So here we bring you this builder who
creates a container home from scratch As for any structure, the first step
is to build a strong foundation Foundations are also used to create an even
terrain when the building in on a slope Well-built foundations keep the occupants
of the building safe during calamities The foundation must be built so that it keeps the ground
moisture from seeping in and weakening the structure He is using the same steel
used on shipping containers Shipping containers are constructed with a type of
steel known as weathering or self-healing As the name suggests, it's a very strong
material that is weldable and rust-resistant When painted weathering steel suffers a chip,
the surface rust prevents further erosion It is known as alloy steel because it contains other
non-metallic elements, namely carbon, sulfur, and silicon The metals in this type of steel are usually iron,
copper, manganese, nickel, and chromium Once the structure is completed,
he starts insulating the whole place Air leakage is one of the main reasons that homes can become
too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer Even with the HVAC running, a home can't stay at a
consistent temperature with sub-par insulation Without proper insulation, warm air from a home's
heating system will flow directly to its colder areas If your home has poor insulation, you could be
spending 15% more than you need to on heating Insulation also absorbs sound and can help make
your home a quieter place to relax That's why it's so important to seal every
joint and corner with quality material Here he is creating a partition to create
a bathroom later in the project The maximum thermal performance or R-value of
insulation is very dependent on proper installation Rigid foam board insulation has enormous
benefits, including high R-values It also features continuous insulation
wrapping your home, and moisture control Other benefits include preventing thermal
bridging and preventing air leaks Wood is a natural insulator due to air
pockets within its cellular structure That means that it is 15 times better than masonry, 400 times
better than steel, and 1,770 times better than aluminum In addition, lightweight wood framing methods allow
easy installation of additional fiber or foil insulation As a result of this improved thermal performance,
the building requires less energy to heat and cool Now that the building is insulated correctly,
he installed the floor heating system In South Korea, over 90% of houses
have radiant floor heating called Ondol It's an underfloor heating system that has kept traditional
houses in Korea warm for thousands of years In many Asian countries, there is a tradition of removing
shoes in the home, school, and sacred places That's why all homes have a step at the entrance
where you can remove your shoes comfortably It's a great idea to keep your
floors cleaner and more sanitized The main room is almost finished, so he starts
repeating whole process in the bathroom Traditionally, tiles are used in wet areas of a
bathroom as a means to waterproof walls There are now alternative materials to add a
decorative, waterproofing material to bathroom walls There have been advances made in the design and build
quality of waterproof wall panels in recent years Tile flooring is resilient and waterproof that
is available in a variety of colors and designs It's also generally less expensive
than other hard surface options The average person spends at least
92 days in the toilet over their lifetime When the whole structure is completed, the
steps to get there are the only thing left to do An elevated house design is supported
by columns or another structure It has a first floor raised above
the ground level and exposed underneath This is generally done in floodplains
to raise the home above the flood zone All this allows water to flow beneath
the structure and out the other side Door locks in South Korea usually
use smart locks for apartments This means that, instead of using physical keys,
they use keypad locks to keep their homes secure The finished product is a small but cozy
apartment that's ready to be inhabited It offers all the commodities of
a modern home surrounded by nature

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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