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connected smart home you have to take part in its demonstration for 15 minutes in during which you visit three rooms, I ask you all to ask questions about at the end of the demonstration, our experts will answer them glad to welcome you and present the project with a kualcom channel smartphone I will lead a number of demonstrations in this room and my colleagues will show you the other 2 Before starting, I want to draw your attention to three important points first the concept of a connected home means that all devices are all home appliances united into one network under the control of special software smart home technologies the second most of such devices connected to the network according to the wi-fi standard, however, in fact, they interact each other directly not through the cloud service, that is, when you monitor communications between your home devices, they occur within the boundaries of a peer-to-peer network the third is the devices themselves here are tv algie smart we lock system intelligent access and girlock air conditioner haier Witness luminaires all work in a coordinated network creating new level of comfort new complex product nevertheless none of the manufacturers of such devices do not offer such an ecosystem by others words ready set of smart home devices interacting in the network they simply create separate devices a technique with specific functions want to start our demo sadist smarr typical scenario for this devices such is the smart lock recognizes me when I come home and opens for me the door we have expanded the functionality with two additional features, the first is what we call notification notification is usually some text message that a person can read perceive in this case when I come home the whole network of home device receives a notification signal that I am back responds to me tv in this room tv back in the kitchen clock radio i have a wristwatch fist smartwatch which also accept similar notifications another kind of message is this voice sound notifications they come to the home audio system it accepts text messages transforms them into speech i.e.

Everything notifications can both be read on device displays and heard in the form human speech 2 additional features what we call events event is the same notification message but not for me not for the user and for the devices themselves on the network for them notification events to which they can react in one way or another now I I will show you a similar event, imagine that I have returned home and I want to enter you will see a notification on the TV screen u listen and sound message and light in the living room and in the kitchen also reacting to my return, it will turn on automatically as you heard the system greeted me with the return of the floor the notification was displayed on the TVs on my watch and the lights turned on my house welcomes me it is pleasant not a single manufacturer of household appliances offers nothing like the following thing that I want to demonstrate to you is a control panel, it allows you to enable disable such devices like an alarm clock air conditioning and also understand what I can with all this to do this you have two ways to manage your home devices directly rotate to them or through specially, the control panel interface, the first method cannot be called convenient and friendly towards the user because he will wait and every time to access individual devices, no matter how directly or with using a software application, this is inconvenient; the second method allows opt out of need no apps or other control options for each individual household appliance, our panel is installed on a tablet under android controlled system detects connected networks device turns them on our control interface here we see 10 devices located on this room and networked so the air conditioner is equipped with a qualcomm chip so that it can be controlled by Wi-Fi the control panel is displayed and the device does not need to be simply on the home network click on its icon once and the air conditioner tells the system what functions are available for adjustment via the control panel in this case, I can turn on and off the air conditioner switch the mode heating or cooling operation by adjusting temperature and ventilation power, first I try to turn it on you see that the air conditioner has turned on now I try from regulates temperature and you see how the air conditioner reacted it took to bend and notification that the cooling mode is on in response, the lamps have changed color lighting from white to blue showing that the surrounding space is cooling it serves as a notification to us people living in this house about what is happening now when the air is cooled to the desired temperature, you will see that the lighting will return to the same color so you will see a great example of a machine-machine interaction as human machine interaction with each other device enhances us that going on at home next I invite you to take a look at our wine cabinet it is also equipped with a WiFi chip for home network connectivity and also studies people about what happens if you are a connoisseur of wine you you know how sensitive it is to a number of factors temperature lighting intensity transportation conditions and so on most models of such devices allow you to take into account all these factors if you imagine that the parent is on the top floor and my child has gone down to the kitchen I would like to know what is going on there for this kind of situation there is a notification mechanism that is sent to my watch lighting devices on the display device throughout the house if the door of the wine cabinet was left open, for example if it was taken from it more than one bottle forgot to close in such serious cases the lighting the device will start flashing red notifying us of this because if you love wine invest your money in it then you will do your best to protect it from negative impact in addition to the light indication, you will hear a voice warning like close wine cabinet also throughout the house as well as light notifications are the most visual an example of how things and a device interact with each other making it easier human life and make the house smart is the last thing I want to tell you before so as you go to the next rooms, this is what everything is here open source software project it development started in 2010 and in 2013 together with twenty two companies have built a strong alliance according to standards open source under the auspices of the linux foundation all program code is open common anyone who accepts the license terms can use it take part in cloud distribution completion and development for the benefit of the whole society community members developers can take the code and use it for their products we started to release it to the market from 23 companies in December and now we have already joined 35 and olsen alliance communities continues to grow more and more people learn about our developments and understand the conditions licenses as a result, more and more devices come to our house and you get more and more varied and experienced use of daily life denon

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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