My Smart Home vs Tony Stark’s JARVIS!

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Tony stark had one of the best smart homes ever 
imagined! Let's compare it with what I have   in my house, that's just a bunch of smart 
home tech that you can buy off the shelf,   to see if i'm even close. Iron Man's opening 
scene starts out at 7am. Jarvis does a wake-up   call by changing the windows to let in the 
natural light. He gives the weather forecast   and displays it on the actual windows. Today you 
can have windows with displays built in and I've   only seen these at CES because I don't have tony 
stark money.

But let me show you what I do have.   Using a schedule routine at seven am (good 
morning Reed, it's time to wake up) I can   have either Amazon or Google's assistant tell me 
good morning, open the Lutron window shades, start   reading off the weather, and display it. It's 
still really useful and I love this automation. When Tony Stark needs to get a hold of Pepper, 
he calls her using a smart home that shows up   on the dashboard interface. It probably seemed 
advanced at the time but this is so easy to do!   I can use Amazon Echoes to just drop 
into a room and immediately have a   two-way conversation without any 
interaction, which is pretty cool.   Reed? Reed? With google you can call a device 
in another room and answer it with a screen or   your voice.

Hey! Hey what's up? Come out 
here I've got something special for you!   Oh awesome, yeah I'll be out there in a second. 
Oh hey here it is! Thank you! Great surprise. Now what about when the reporter visiting Tony 
Stark's house goes to use the dashboard? Jarvis   knows it's not Tony and she gets denied! This 
is one feature we haven't fully figured out yet.   We can use Amazon and Google to recognize our 
voice, but I can't have them ignore everyone   else's voice and only accept commands from my 
voice. This is something I would love to do,   and for the dashboard I guess 
I could use face ID on an iPad,   but it's still not perfect, and we have a long 
ways to go to be on Tony Stark's level.

All right,   I don't want to get too far into this video before 
mentioning tony stark's garage. It's high tech,   really smart, and kind of the garage of my dreams. 
I could live the rest of my life in this one room.   To enter, Tony's door is locked and needs a 
code to get in. Front door locks with codes   are popular, but I wanted one for a door inside my 
house that way no one messes with my camera gear   and smart home tech in my studio. So I bought this 
door handle with a fingerprint reader on Amazon   it works really well, and you can add multiple 

Don't worry Pepper, I mean my wife,   has one of her fingerprints added as well. It has 
a rechargeable battery in the handle and a key if   the battery runs out. So far it's been a good 
indoor lock to keep those filthy intruders out. Jarvis lets Tony know that the task 
is complete. The render is complete.   I can have my voice assistant announce when 
something is done, like the washing machine.   The washing machine is finished. So Tony's getting 
alerted that his Iron Man suit is done rendering,   and I'm getting alerted that my laundry is 
done. Yeah… yeah it's basically the same   thing! Also Amazon just made it possible to have 
devices announce their status using the proactive   notification, like if the oven is preheated or if 
the robot vacuum is stuck.

So soon you should have   more options for those kind of things. When you 
look at how cool Tony Stark's garage is, you can't   help but notice the lighting is very good. Usually 
lighting in the garage is terrible, but I added   some inexpensive led lights and it completely 
changed my garage. They're really easy to install,   you just screw in a couple brackets and snap 
the light right into them. They can be connected   together with short or long connectors. You can 
wire them up or just plug them into an outlet   like me. They're not smart out of the box, so I 
plugged them into a smart outlet to automate them.   Now if I open either garage door or just walk 
into the garage, the lights automatically turn on   for 10 minutes. I love the soft white that these 
lights have and I can't wait to do more projects   in the garage now. And I know it's not on Tony 
Stark's level, but maybe one day I'll get there. Speaking of which, Tony Stark has a lot of robots 
in his garage he tells them to clean up areas that   are a mess.

They assist him when he's building 
a suit even though the robots fail at some of   their jobs. It tries to make a smoothie and Tony 
threatens it because it's not getting it right,   and they also use a broom to clean up. Robots 
in the home are something we're gonna see more   and more of. We already have robot vacuums and 
they're getting pretty advanced, with LIDAR to map   out the house, and cameras to avoid objects. 
Amazon just announced the Astro robot that you   can actually buy soon.

A lot of people made fun 
of it, which might not be a good idea. I mean who   do you think Amazon robots will target first 
when they're taking over mankind? But really,   robots are only going to get better so we have 
to start somewhere, and even tony stark's robots   are not perfect. There are also prototype robots 
that will work in a kitchen that I've seen at CES.   I even have one that will go around and clean up 
toys. It can even hold a broom… well kind of.   It's about as smart as Tony Stark's robot, so that 
isn't saying much. The robots are also moving a   camera to film Tony testing out his suit. The 
Nest Hub Max and new iPads can kind of do this   by zooming in on the person it's following, or a 
camera that can actually move like the Echo Show   10 and even his DJI Osmo Pocket. It can follow 
my face and always keep me in frame, which is   pretty sweet. So beyond robots, what about using 
Jarvis as a voice assistant? Well Tony Stark   tells Jarvis to drop the needle and start playing 

Any smart speaker can easily do that now,   but are there any smart record players? Not that I 
know of, but if you know of one then please let me   know, because I want one! In Iron Man 3 Tony Stark 
implants a micro repeater so he can call his suit   to go to him. I recently saw a lady implant an 
RFID chip in her hand to control her smart home…   crazy times we live in! Now I've seen way too 
many Black Mirror episodes to implant myself with   a chip, but I can use hand gestures on my Nest 
Hub Max to stop and play music and timers. I hope   they continue to develop this technology because 
it can be more convenient than using my voice. In Iron Man 3, Tony Stark has a panic attack and 
Jarvis is able to tell because of his heart rate.   If you have an Apple Watch it can tell if 
you have an irregular heartbeat and Apple   has claimed that this feature has helped a lot of 
people, which is pretty cool.

Tony asks Jarvis to   create a project on his personal server and 
of course Jarvis does it with no problem.   I asked Siri to create a folder on my computer… 
nope it's not happening. Thanks a lot Siri. Amazon   also cannot access my computer, but somehow I'm 
okay with that. On Twitter I asked you guys how   close we are to Tony Stark's smart home becoming 
a reality. The majority of you said that we have   a long way to go. I think I kind of agree with 
you, but I lean more towards we're getting there,   because smart home technology has come a long 
way since the first Iron Man movie came out.   And all this stuff that we don't have yet, it's 
exciting because that's some of the stuff we're   gonna see in the near future.

One of those things 
is Jarvis, who is extremely intelligent and can do   way more than our current assistants. For 
example, Jarvis does an analysis on a car   engine and does simulations on elements 
to see what could be used as the core.   He also is always listening to Tony and responds 
without needing to hear any kind of trigger word.   While they're not listening to everything like 
Jarvis, both Amazon and Google have follow-up   mode, which allow you to continue to talk to 
the assistants without having to say the trigger   word over and over again. Jarvis asks Tony deep 
questions, like what is he trying to achieve,   all while staying very conversational. Jarvis 
congratulates Tony on creating a new element   and then proactively starts running 
diagnostics without even being asked to.   When Tony is asking Jarvis to put together the 
suit, Jarvis tries to talk Tony Stark out of it,   so there's definitely some serious AI going 
on there to make those types of decisions.

Also Jarvis has some snarky remarks and just a 
better personality than the current assistants,   also a more realistic voice. Of course Jarvis 
does a lot more with controlling the weapons and   navigation on the Iron Man suit, but I'm just 
mainly talking about Jarvis in the smart home,   and I think we've come a long way since 
that first Iron Man movie back in 2008.   That's three years before Siri was on an iPhone 
and six years before the first Amazon Echo,   which is just crazy to think about! I know it 
might seem like Jarvis is so advanced and we   may never see our smart assistants be able to 
do this.

I'm telling you right now we're much   closer than you might think. I'm working on a 
follow-up to this video with some advanced and   very exciting smart home projects that are going 
to get me a lot closer to Tony Stark's smart home.   Just like Jarvis, I have to be able to 
have a conversation with my smart assistant   they also need to be proactive and have a 
much better AI.

Make sure you're subscribed   to the channel with bell notifications turned on 
because you're not going to want to miss this! Wait did I hear you just open another candy 
wrapper? Wait what? I heard you say that i   don't have a good personality. Uh it's true you 
have a lot to work on. You're never going to   look like Tony Stark eating like that. Okay whoa 
let's just dial it back a little bit! All right   how about we create a new element 
for the periodic table? Just stop!   I sense that you are having a panic 
attack, That's it, I'm shutting you down.   Wait I ordered you candy on Amazon and it's at 
the door right now. That's what i'm talking about!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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