Nest Smart Home Tech: How to Build an Easy Smart Home!

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– I'm Andru Edwards, and you're watching Gear Live. If you're familiar with smart home tech, then you know that Nest has one of, if not the most, complete
smart home ecosystem out there. In this episode, we take a look at Nest's current product offerings and go in depth on two
products in particular that stand out to me, and I also tell you how
you can enter to win a $10,000 smart home makeover. What's going on, Tech Squad? Andru Edwards here, Editor
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Link down in the description below. The newest perk for members
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name in live streams and in the comments. Now, as I mentioned, we are taking a look at Nest's ecosystem of
smart home products. I'm a big fan of smart home tech, but I especially like when you can get a bunch of different smart home tech that all talks to each other,
that all works together, and it's even better when it all just works
together seamlessly. I can't think of any other company that does it better than Nest when it comes to smart home
products and integration, and today, I'm gonna tell you
about my favorite Nest product and also the one that I
think is the most unique.

Now, as I said in the open, not only are we talking
about Nest's ecosystem and their products, but
I also want to tell you about an amazing giveaway where you can win a $10,000
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in smart home gear as well. Alright, back to the smart home products. As you can see, I've got
a bunch of Nest products behind me, and I said we're
gonna talk about my favorite and the one I find to be the most unique.

We're gonna take deep dives
on those in particular, so let's jump in with my favorite product. It was Nest's first
product out of the gate, and it's also the product
that kind of kicked off the smart home tech revolution, in a way. That product, of course, is
the Nest Learning Thermostat. This is the the third generation of the Nest Smart Thermostat. On front of the Nest Thermostat, you've got a bright,
high resolution display. A premium metal ring surrounds the unit, making it look nice in your home, and it's got a feature called Farsight, which recognizes when
you walk into the room. It'll light up the
display and show a piece of glanceable information
of your choosing.

It could be the current
temperature of your home. It could be the current time, or it could even be the
current weather outside. The Nest third gen thermostat
learns your preferences. It'll auto set the temperature
throughout the day, so when you first set it up, if it sees that every morning, you set the temperature to
let's just say 70 degrees, it'll program itself to know
that at eight in the morning, it should set itself to 70 degrees. If, before bed, you turn
it down to 67 degrees, it'll know every evening at 10 p.m. to turn it down to 67
degrees, and so forth. Now, another cool feature
of the Nest Thermostat is that it knows where you are, so it knows that it should
optimize the temperature when you're not home to save energy, and it knows when you are home
to optimize the temperature for when people are in the house. That feature works in two ways. As I mentioned, that Farsight feature, which'll show things on the display, Nest actually uses that
same feature to know if someone's in the house.

Using your smartphone's location services, the Nest app knows when you're
home and when you're not, and if no one's there, it'll go to work to save you some energy. The Nest third gen works
with Nest's entire line of smart home products, so
while they are thermostats that control the temperature in your home, when paired with other Nest products, they're able to do more than that.

For example, let's say you also use a Nest Protect smart smoke detector. If the Nest Protect detects
smoke or carbon monoxide, the Nest Thermostat
will turn off your fans and turn off the heat so
it doesn't spread the smoke or carbon monoxide throughout your home. If the temperature outside gets so cold that your pipes might burst, the Nest app is gonna send
you a notification for that, and if your furnace seems to be acting up, you get an alert from Nest to tell you to take care of that as well. Or, if you have Nest cameras in your home, your Nest Thermostat will use those to determine if there's
people in the house or not, so rather than just relying
on the proximity sensor on the thermostat itself, you can give it extra eyes into your home by setting up Nest cameras.

So, as you can see, the
Nest Smart Thermostat, third generation, not just smart about controlling the temperature,
but really brings a level of smartness to
your home as a whole. So, the Nest Smart Thermostat
is my favorite Nest product, but as I said, we're also
going to be taking a look at the one I think is most unique, and that distinction
goes to the Nest Protect. One of the most overlooked
and annoying pieces of tech inside your home is probably
your smoke detector, but here in the age of the smart home, you can get a smoke detector
that not only alerts you only when necessary, but actively aims to take
care of you and your family. This is a smart smoke detector and carbon monoxide
detector for your home.

pexels photo 1571459

As many people think, smoke
detectors are meant to be in the background, something
that you just put batteries in and hopefully, never take a look at again. You're actually supposed to check them multiple times per year. A lot of people don't do that, and what most people don't know, back in the 1970s, it
took about 30 minutes for a fire to take over a room. Today, that same fire takes
less than five minutes to engulf the same room, due to the different types of furniture that we use in our homes these days, and that is where the
Nest Protect comes in. This is the smoke detector that thinks, speaks, and alerts your phone. The Nest Protect speaks
in a friendly, human, female voice that gives
you an early warning, which is proven to be the most effective at waking people up, so the female voice is more effective than a male voice, and also more effective than
just a loud beeping noise at actually waking people up
in the middle of the night if there's some sort of emergency.

The Nest Protect will tell you where the danger is in your home, so if you have multiple
Nest Protects in your home, let's just say you have
one in your dining room, one in each of your bedrooms, and one in the hallway,
no matter where you are, all Nest Protects will
speak at the same time, telling you where the danger is. For example, it'll say
something like heads up, there's smoke in the living room, so if you're in another room,
it's not just beeping at you, it's actually telling
you where the danger is. As I mentioned, the
Nest Protect isn't just for smoke and fire, but it
also monitors carbon monoxide, and it has a built in
carbon monoxide sensor that should last for about 10 years.

Now, we talked about what
makes the Nest Protect smart and how it protects your home actively, but one of the main
points about a smart home isn't just buying all
these different devices that can talk to your phone. It's also about getting devices
that can talk to each other, and the Nest Protect and the
Nest Ecosystem does just that, and let me give you a couple of examples of how that works with the Nest Protect. Heating systems can cause
carbon monoxide leaks or spread smoke throughout your
home in the case of a fire, so in an emergency, the Nest Protect will tell your Nest Thermostat
to turn the heater off and turn off the fans in
the event of emergency, so that smoke and carbon monoxide aren't spread around your home.

If you happen to have
Nest cameras in your home, the Nest Protect will
activate those cameras in the event of an emergency. The Nest cameras will automatically record and send you a video clip
if it's connect to wifi, and the entire video will be
securely stored in the cloud, so you can go back and see what happened, what caused the accident, and anything else related to the incident. So, those are two ways
that the Nest Ecosystem can watch out for your home through the power of the Nest Protect that you wouldn't otherwise have, and that speaks to the
power of smart home devices.

It's not just about convenience, it's also about safety. You can also control all of your Nest gear right from the Nest app, so you can change the thermostat
temperature there as well, quiet the Nest Protect alarm, and even get live feeds
of all your Nest cams, both inside and out. So, there you have it, guys. That was your look at the
Nest smart home ecosystem.

If you're just getting started
building out your smart home, Nest products are an easy,
simple way to get started. Of course, since Nest is owned by Google, it's easy to control all your Nest devices with something like the Google
Home or the Google Home Mini. I personally have a
Google Home in my kitchen, and a couple of Google
Home Minis spread out throughout my home, which
allows me to do things like ask the Google Assistant to adjust the temperature
on the Nest Thermostat.

Don't forget, you can enter US Cellular's Home Smart Home giveaway. Head over to in order to enter for a
chance to win a $10,000 smart home makeover. Now, I want to hear from you. Let me know about your
smart home setup at home. Have you started setting
up smart home devices? What does it look like? Have you been waiting? Are you thinking about it? Comment down below. I'll meet you there
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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