openHAB 2 on Raspberry Pi Zero W Installation for Smart Home automation

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equipment: Raspberry Pi Zero, micro SD card, power supply, SD card adapter visit the website I used the Quick Start method: Raspberry Pi (Prepackaged SD-Card Image) download the latest openHab2 image file from github download the Etcher tool to write the image file to your micro SD card insert the micro SD card into your PC (use an adapter or a USB micro SD card reader) install the Etcher tool on your PC select the openHAB 2 image file from the download folder and press Flash wait until flash and validation process is finished check if the image was written successfully to your SD card unmount and remount your SD card on your PC and open it with a file explorer open the openhabian.conf file with a text editor enter your wifi SSID and your wifi password save the file and remove the SD card from your PC insert the micro SD card into your Raspberry Pi Zero and power it I recommend to wait 2 hours because the Raspberry Pi Zero is not as fast now the openHAB 2 dashboard should be available under: http://openhab:8080 I chose the Standard Setup another 10 minutes later it should look like this now connect the PC to openHAB via SSH using Putty Console the default username is "openhabian" and the default password is "openhabian" as well use the openHABian configuration tool to change the default password here you can also update/upgrade the openHAB 2 system to the latest version the good news: openHAB2 has been running stable for 9 days on the Raspberry Pi Zero with several bindings and services but the RAM usage is very high maybe using a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 with more available RAM is the better choice for openHAB 2 and your smart home system I will keep on testing how long it will run stable Thanks for watching like and subscribe for more

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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