Nvidia at CES 2022 in under 10 minutes

Nvidia at CES 2022 in under 10 minutes

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The Safest Places on USENET

If you have just taken up an interest in the USENET system, you’ll want to learn a bit about how you keep yourself safe on the system. The easiest way to keep yourself safe is to stick to the newsgroups that have characteristics that make them both safer and more interesting places to be. The Big 8 hierarchies encompass those that are most likely to include the groups that have the broadest appeal and that have the most substance.

Avoiding a Dust-Up on USENET

All the etiquette information in the world sometimes won’t help you to avoid getting into a spat on the USENET system. There are some people out there who believe that USENET exists to start fights and, if you don’t stay frosty when you run into them, you might run into problems.

Buying New Or Refurbished Computers

Having spent a couple of decades in the IT business very often customers will inquire as to the overall quality of a new computer versus refurbished. Let me attempt to answer this so we can put the myths, biases and preconceived notions to rest.

How to Use Google Chrome Like a Pro

Google Chrome is the fastest web browser on the planet. With everything moving online professionals need to learn how to fully leverage Chrome. This article will shows you how to fully leverage Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts and the Chrome Webstore.

Top 5 Reasons Not to Buy a Television in 2012

It’s easy to get carried away in the smoke and mirrors that is CES 2012. As always with these tech shows, a lot of products won’t make it to the shelves, are altered before going to the shelves or come to the shelves but flop miserably. Aside from the potential hazards, there’s always that sneaky suspicion that we’re on the verge of a breakthrough technology that will make all other products feel obsolete. Here’re my top 5 reasons to not buy a television this calendar year.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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