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[Music] Servus people finally the time has come open hat 3 system became yesterday presented or the stable version was presented yesterday i as well as probably some of you already used most of them version i think i have one up now two months in use am very much satisfied with the user interface with the configuration and with the new features that open from 3 brings with it I think the whole system is now much easier for beginners or laypeople but also for advanced ones whole configuration or the user interface has been revised and i think the open hab team has here done a great job in this video I want to show you how we use the system in our case here on a raspberry 4 install as we do the whole thing too configure and finally we bind then another son of device in the smartphone system and test it whole i would say we go now just go over to the pc and start with the installation so and now we need to be able to install different programs first of all let's download the edge this is a small flash tool for just have the open image file on the sd card to flash just go to bali die address I will of course post you in the video description simply the program download It will look like that we also need the putter to access the rest can and various settings to undertake if he does the two programs downloaded we get of course the image file of the open if you have 3 systems you go to open has and downloads as I said addresses postiga all in the video description then you go on here latest open marian system image before that you should have the that choose the right system in our if we install the whole thing So of course we take a rest raspberry pi and then the stable one version then we go on it and then there are two versions here the 32 bit version and once the 64 bit version I use 4 with 4 here in rasberg ii gb therefore we need the 32 bit version if you use the 8 gigabytes then you have to get the 64 bit version download but this is still experimentally this not yet fully developed as I said as long as we are just here I already have the image down done and let's close that now then you open the hatcher click here on flash from because then we choose here the image file from here is the day my sd card 32 gb and then click we delete here on the whole thing lasts for a short moment I just play it before opening it here are a few windows but it could just ignore the m8's everything automatically and then we'll see each other again the whole thing is clear now done that would only be checked briefly then we can insert the sd card into the stuck leftovers in my case i use one now LAN cable it depends on how you do it whole configured or how you do that all together I say as I said, I just put that sd card in the rest with a then plug I connect the lan cable with the usb and then I boot the whole thing Let's make it just that easy now sd card in the rest we could of course also the wifi connection use this I will post you in the video description a short one instruction for me is always a a bit easier when I am in the beginning just do it with the lan cable then I know 100 percent that it is works and then I can still in the open papers config file, so to speak continue to adjust then I have that too land have to remove again but to the I actually use the very first boot always the lan cable so now connects the rest simply part with the internet and then the whole high offers that then takes about 15 minutes to system is up you can also check it out by every now and then on this page is that then in the end the access for this year, however, marque system raised as I said, it usually takes about 15 minutes until everything is set up and up the system and arrogance I can feel that now, of course right before and then I would say now we're going to hang on again so the whole has built high now we must as very first here an account I'll just put it on now test and as a password I also assign in kassel and then we get here We'll just save the account now times then you can here the language waves the region that's my case Of course also Germany here time zone that could also fit here determine whether the location is determined or whether the location is here is saved in this set from now on in the tests I don't do that here that should of course turn around certain weather data or various to correctly determine standard data let's do it later this page is very important or very useful or very useful here you can at preinstall on the left or now with the first times boot install certain bindings it is of course good if you tell me times of the open up 2.5 or 2.4 comes and you will with some needed then this could be right here install if you of course newcomers since and all that very first time installed then could in the end the system is simply blanco states without any bindings to it to install because you can do that later so install that it does now no difference whether this is the same installed or later in in our case we need it here That decided one thing because we will later in the video there is a son court want to include only as test purposes only for test purposes to do just that to check if everything works so we just install now times that ntt mt tt binding can then we may still have that time with them he can simply install them for that she would have here again and then go to install here that takes a short moment and then in the end you have the biped it now in our case already installed here and then should we are the same as the user interface enter to do this, we click here on begin and then we see the new one open user interface has 3 i think they are really very cool you have some setting options but i would say we go all of this meanwhile after you see one here small administration bar here make various settings I'll go into that again in a moment below you can see the user that's our case here the test users also you have down here a small bar with an overview locations equipment properties that fits together so that they are here in the overview could be different create tabs to access the devices access faster access to can then you have locations here if you now, for example, various devices in the office have various devices in the kitchen then popped up in the kitchen office workshop bedroom whatever on under devices are the individuals devices listed if you now go to example here i have one small test setup with a small one lightbulb there will now be, for example lightbulb like that for example or just heating radiator or roller shutter or each after what integrates and with properties the properties could so awarded that he is an over group so that the devices and the properties that's actually the case folder and subfolder the properties that is overriding that is for example light temperature control roller shutter control what do i know how said both properties that is actually more like that above order the devices when you are here always on this logo clicks then it comes to the first page back also could here on the top right to others apps go then you see the happy here meal and the basics that is still exactly the same this could only be quite beautiful here call and then we actually come to the most important expand here on this page the administration tab here could be under settings with whole settings of the two left and make left at developer tools you have different ways to get more in the system to intervene like to example here is the developer sidebar click this turn then you can connect different objects or items or copy it makes sense if we do if you like the basic line for example configured then could Just copy them faster though I go to this now in this video I am going to do that now in this video not a at over and help you have the here documentation page if we have this then you can see the whole here documentation and of course you can read up vivas can also be discontinued change the appearance here you have the possibility between automatic android ios and screen too choose that makes sense if he just does that system only on the ipad for example or uses a cell phone then could here which set the light mode or just the dark mode i find the tutor much more appealing you can also get the change navigation bars but as I said, the most important thing is actually here in the settings you have different ones configurations from the items then you can automate the fans create the ruhr script and the time-dependent rules then here you have the addons you can you for example if you left on your leg is still more when installing just go in and on the left then here on plus then we have here 260 bindings already preinstalled you can simply select them and then finally install them besides, we have them here transformations the user interfaces so everything could stop on the right column we have I'll say that cross-system settings as just the network settings or regional settings and here under the We then have subordinate services for the basics in language server and smpc basic system or the basic attitude to now just the mtt tm review bridge need to install first of all we have a usb to grab it, let's go to that now fritz box look briefly which ip address the fritzbox has awarded here to go straight to the west to be able to access and then the mosquito to install then we need to have to we first is in the console install to just then the bridge in the user interface of the open house systems I have this with Lan now connected then we have test here open has three that this ip address I'll close that briefly then I go here on the conti I have there are still open in the old config here one want the hostname the ip address an opens this then brings he asked you if you wanted to access it default user octavian password just like that and then i have to take revenge and then he lures himself into that console I say one of course you can now first make update in my case i'm not doing that now we're just going to be super now if then halve confectionery then again after the password and you already have here the contact here you can I make various settings I said earlier that I was with him first the long cable always offered users here you can for example if you on system settings goes the other make adjustments dominante slomka to be able to stake out again As I said, I'll leave that for now tuned but I could do that for everyone adjust case but now we need the mosquito therefore we go here on optional components and then you can see here mosquito broker click on it then ask yourselves again for that really want to install we do that of course it takes now in a short moment and then should we already have a user a password can create and then it works actually continue to the british too to install now he carries us if we have one here choose a username and password want Let's just do that here should we provide a password who just open, I do it now just try it out and then it starts we already get the message that the in the kitty or rather in the mosquito started and then here we are done so far since we can get on here exit and close points again then we go back to ours user interface here then settings I now briefly again start page here settings then we go from here the sims stop we go to the first settings then here on mt tt broker system balkan connection then you can give a name here I am not giving any names here brokerage I make local house secure I can't connect now of course you have to do that broker username and password that we have just given a give but I actually need that now not then it applies here to save then let's go on the frings go on here the plus here then again on gameplay city ​​binding and then we add the ntc blogger the british too you can use your name as a unique id forgive I'll just do this now broker test then of course as a label also the name of the then finally what is displayed here is simply mpcc broker location is just like before said the rider down here that we know where the device is located not really with the broker now absolutely necessary and here with the We assign brokers or house names local house again because we have this one plans in the system connect already then we get here that and then we're already online here So in the end it works broker now we are online we can now access our devices I want to access my case now connect a son that is the one son on socket so I have here yes made his little test setup I'll just be short now find out how the socket which ip address i have there we have it here let's go on it for a moment and To show it to you can of course now turn the lamp on and off and here under settings and empathy here we just carry the new post a in my case that's the one new ip address of the new broker and a top pick could be awarded here I just have it now called socket but as I said that everything is actually over as usual now all here in the new open have to involve you go here on the left then on that plus then on the smpc binding sometimes does it also do that automatically so recognize in some of them shortly devices are recognized by the open broker automatically mostly with the son devices or the the motor equipment has to be compared to eric add depths manually Add a bit awkward though actually got better like earlier as I said we just go here hang on 10 eric in kitty deep then let's enter the name here I have a socket now another label and then at the bridge we of course choose the one in ktc blogger off and then we can already do that create then you see here the die socket is online now let's click on here we have to still connect channels that is actually as with open 2.5 I think we’re just making a film make and then connect channel and then the items are generated here it is a bit in my opinion easier you just have that up here rider then we go sing that cell phones online then let's go here couple from chanels then we'll be one new channel and then you can here select what it is in In my case, he's only one now socket or equate with one son of basic that's why we take the on off switch and then you have to be here enter the top picks I already have a video about it done that with the mpc project fx program where you get the top picks and the commands get out in my case the device was already integrated here that's why I can just here in mine read old items file we need the state here we then simply give a topic I have to take a quick look myself let's just enter this line I agree we just have to do that in soul of change socket and here we have the command that then runs with command what I do too peck again just like I said you get that very easily in that npd tfx program out and then there just the commands 1 but actually only this should enter two topix then we know here hold on i don't have the name yet given one more precisely names that makes me even more socket label then we go to create then we have in the end already a channel created more needed now actually here in the left don't make it at open has three runs a bit differently we are now simply dealing with the model now that a bit about yourself I would make it clearer now just add a location we call this office office type let's do a group, you can too select different things again as I said with us very much that now in the group then again here office and cement glass we do location that fits so far and then you make new ones then we already have one here location is based it then shows up too down on the further on and then that's all a little structured if you are now Singing in has created a new one device could simply then go in here create equipment from 10 clicked on it then we selected it So far only actually have that we click on the socket then you can enter a name here again forgive I'll leave it like that now category just stop now sorry for the light cements class we have now here equipment but we can just be sorry here castle because we have the test here operate the lamp and then we link just here the channel we used before have yet created we also have to have a name awarded and a label the type he's into in our case a switch there you can also choose different if you have one role shutter or just in the topic as I said that's in switch category we do the same as above slightly demented glassmaker switch because we switch with our duck property make you sorry again and besides we that the name now here at at the office then we have now here at the office in the end a sub-category should on the socket and again one sub-category with the switch itself and then we can chirp it here or use the socket that was actually it with her establishment in itself from the ranks or from andy knows when we go back on then we see the home page at overview nothing so with overview but with locations we already have an office if we can get on then you can too operate the lamp here We also have devices here lights that was just that before she explained that all of this subcategories are here we have at equipment we also have light of course socket can write that would probably be a bit then we have been clearer even locations office equipment lights and properties then quasi socket but you get that out yourself when let's have a little more devices has applied and then he gets sad nice overview that's exactly what it was all about now the integration of a device you can of course all possible devices integrate and ultimately control natural and arrange here you still have the lewis and des scripts would be beyond the scope of the videos blow up when i do all this would explain so it was me now the program of the open have three and introduce yourself and just one time for test purposes to involve son and as I said when you here other devices such as i have per meter went use or from kuoni different temperature sensors then we they automatically appear here in the inbox on that is actually only with the the motive lets him go so that you can which have to be added manually but like said I think that's actually too Well done, of course then add the basic here and which therefore commutes but you should usually when you had in open Already a bit active was achieved you can also go here if you are in the indy to borrow the item itself but check which class is awarded have this in which category pages could add new pages if we are here now, for example, simply quickly make a sitemap sitemap moment just test it [Applause] test time web we save and then we can add a widget here and let's just do it a switch here we take the item have that now a bit stupid made I'll do it again and then we'll go here on save and then should normally this is exactly the socket show up so that is also very easy of course you have to do one more here configure a bit nicer but that is also quite easily possible you go back to the then have settings at pages we the it shows web made and then you can here with the excrement in the end exactly build the same sitemap that used to be already in yours in an earlier version had run exactly like that does that also work with the items if we're here now just ends on rhine goes back to music for a moment exactly when your here tems frontex definition then enters could in the end is from open hat 2.5 or 2.4 copy and paste here of course you have to do all bindings first times install and see that well linked just like that But then in the end it works could also do that with the text function as I said I wanted to now don't make the video too long I hope that was a little informative and you can now one to start or could do a little more with it do the first installation if you have questions you want to be writes comments purely with me it's a little too learning process so i am not yet either one hundred percent fit with the system although it already took a while but the changeover to the 3 version is just my opinion after in ears and is extremely good and yes finally there is so I wish you guys have fun with it have fun adjusting said dare just in the comments i hope so video immediately liked if so, I could keep my thumbs up eventually subscribe to the channel and then I would say see you at the next video stays healthy and beautiful christmas holidays skin pure terror

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