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mom may i go outside? No there is lockdown sit at home. Mom may i go to terrace sit at home. mom may i have lunch no sit at home. oh babli how are you? i'm ok. what happened ? why are you so upset? my mom is not allowing me to go on terrace i'm so bored in room. Let it be leaves this tell me what are you doing? i'm making DIYs from waste material & not feeling bore also. Wait i'll send you DIY video to you and you can make all DIYs after seeing that.

Till then babli is watching DIY video you guys hit LIKE. share the video and don't forget to comment. So to make this camera we need only cardboard. Firstly cut cardboard in this shape and in same way vut another one. now the paste the second shop on top of it like this. now we will make lens of camera. for that we need cardboard so for that take out the cardboard. and roll or paste it like this. and now need to make just like this but long or slim. now insert the long roll inside of short one and paste plastic sheet top of it. now paste the lens on camera and do spray paint on it. so now we will make aeroplane. for this we need some light colourful sheets, plastic bottle and empty roll. take a big sheet and cut in this shape. now cover the plastic bottle with this sheet like this. now take another sheet cut this shape and paste roll on it like this. now join all the parts of plain together like this.

Take plain sheet and cut the shapes that we are cutting here. now let's make binoculars. firstly cover the rolls with sheets. and paste the same size of circle on top of it. and insert the big roll in small just like this. now cut two circles from blue sheet and paste in front of circle like this. so to make this DIY we need plastic bottles, spray paint & thermacoal balls cut the base like this & we need 2 more like this. if you don't have spray paint you can use acrylic colour or any colour. now take thermacoal balls and paint black on it & cut like this. now paste it after applying fevicol on it. now take plastic fork and broke their throne part. so now let's make this beautiful bird nest. for this we need only plastic bottles & any colours. firstly make this design on bottle and cut it like this. now draw a circle on bottom part of circle and cut it. now colour both part of bottle with colour. so now we will make this beautiful tea set. firstly took a mark on bottle and cut it.

now cut any slim trap to make kettle's handle & paste it. now the way we made kettle let's make cup like this. so let's go & make cup. it is too easy so cut the bottle & paste handle on it. now colour all the items. for this we need cardboard & cut circle & cover with sheet see we are at home with my daughter you also stay home. stay safe and if you like the video hit LIKE & share with your friends..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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