Projekt Smart Home: Exklusive Roomtour bei Sabrina & Andreas | 2019 [HD]

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Hi! Nice that you are here! Today I'll show you our
smart home. Come in! We are now in our kitchen,
this is the central hub in our house where we spend a lot of time
together or with friends.In our house everything is usually controlled
automatically, but we would like the music or the light or, for example
control the blinds, we can do this directly on our
work surface, regardless of whether our hands are dirty or wet .

There we are now in our dining area. It has enough space
for the whole family and friends. At first I was
quite skeptical about these pendant lights, I have to say. I never wanted such elegant lamps and
directly above the dining table, but today I 'm really happy that we have them.
Because they make perfect light. I was convinced of our
automatic shading from the start. This helps us to keep our rooms cool in summer by
automatically shading them when the sun is shining, and in winter the
blinds stay up so that we can use the sun to heat the
rooms. This also saves heating costs. In the evening after sunset, the
blinds go down in our house ,
which is really cool because I don't have to go into each room individually to lower
the blinds everywhere. So there we are now in the living room and
there we have a really cool thing, namely a movie scene.

The following happens with this movie scene
: As soon as we switch on the television, the blinds automatically go
down so that the light is no longer blinding in the television and a dimmed light is switched on. My favorite spot, that's over there. And that is our stove bench, it is really cozy there, when we have heated up in winter,
you can really lie down and read a book. Now I'll show you the upper floor, where our bathroom and bedrooms are. In our bedroom we do not have a normal alarm clock, but an interplay of shading, light and
music and the blinds open very slightly ten minutes before the desired wake-up time
, so that a little light comes in and at the desired wake-up time
we then hear ours Favorite music. Now we are in one of my favorite rooms: our bathroom, on the one hand because it is always very, very
warm and my feet are cold.

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That's because we
have individual room control throughout the house, which means we can say in each room what temperature it should be inside. In the bedroom, for example, it's
cooler at 17 degrees and in the bathroom it's always 23 degrees. Our absolute highlight in the bathroom is our sauna, this is where we spend
our winter evenings, we are in the sauna at least once or twice a week and the cool thing is that our carpenter has just built a touch surface directly into the wall for us
. We already saw it in the kitchen today and it enables us to control our lights and music in the sauna without
having to go outside again. We are now in our technical room
and there is a real horror story about it. On the second night
after moving in, the following happened: We had
a connection in the water pipe and the water came out.

We only noticed it by chance, because we were really at home, because it was in the
evening. If it had been during the day the whole thing would have
looked different and then we would now have water damage. Unfortunately, when we moved in, we
didn't pay attention to security issues. That means these water sensors are not critical when you move in. That's all new! What should happen? The next day after this
experience we placed these water sensors everywhere on the water pipes and
now it is like this: If water should really leak somewhere
, we will be informed and at the same time the main water pipe will be switched off. At the end of our room tour, I would like to briefly show you how we leave the house
and we do not have to worry about
whether the light is on or music is on in any room , but just make a triple click on our button and thus all lights go out, all power
guzzlers are disconnected from the grid and, last but not least, the water cut-off is also active.

hope you enjoyed it, you got something to take with you and I wish you all a nice day Loxone. No gimmicks. Real smart homes.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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