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– There is a lot that goes
into protecting your home from burglars casing your house to environmental factors
like fires, floods, winds, so many different
things to keep yourself and your family protected. Well in today's video,
we're gonna be going over some smart home products
to help keep you protected so stay tuned. (house music) Everybody, welcome back to another video. My name is Steve from the
YouTube Channel Steve Does and I wanna thank you for joining me here, at So it has been crazy out there between all of the
fires that are happening throughout the world, the
flooding, there is a lot to protect ourselves from when it comes to our home and property. In addition to environmental factors, we've also got just burglaries. So in today's video, we
are gonna be covering some pretty cool smart
home tech that can keep you and your family safe. But before we get started,
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And with that said, let's get started. So I wanted to start off with
talking about fire protection. Where I am in California,
there are so many fires going on right now, but not
just here in California, all over the world, there
are just crazy fires. And even though I'm not
close to those fires, I still feel the effects of
that with the air quality. In addition to that, we've
also got fires that are in your house. How do you protect from
fires in your house using smart devices? Smoke detectors and CO
detectors are going to be the best way to protect from
fires and smoke in your house. Now it's pretty safe to
say that most of us have smoke detectors in your house. If not, then you definitely should. But getting a smart
smoke detector is going to give you some additional features that you wouldn't have to a
traditional dumb smoke detector. And the one that is my favorite is that it can monitor the battery that is inside. There is nothing worse than to get a (smoke alarm beeping)
chirping smoke detector in the middle of the night.

It has happened to me several times and it is such a pain to have to wake up, get a ladder, replace that battery. Well, with smart smoke
detectors this is automatically going to send you an alert
when your battery gets low so you can make sure that
you get that battery changed before you even start
hearing that chirping. In addition to that, some
of the cool smart detectors out there, there's one from Nest, the Nest Protect that I really like and that is going to have
light indicators on it, too. So depending on what the alarm is, it's going to be one color for one thing and another color for another thing. In addition to that, it's also
going to have voice commands so it can tell you what the severity is and what the alarm is that is happening for that specific alarm.

You can check it all in the
app, monitor everything. And this is gonna be
great if you're either not at home or if you
say have a vacation house or a rental that you want to
monitor while you're not there, this is going to give
you all that information within that smart home app. Now besides fire and smoke in your house, what about the environment around you? Like I mentioned, we have
got some crazy wildfires happening here in
California, and the smoke and air pollution is atrocious. We can get door and window
sensors to alert you if you've left a door or a window open. That way if the air quality is bad you can get those closed up.

Now once you have everything closed up you can also get an air purifier. Getting something in
your house that is going to clean the air is something
that I would highly recommend. I picked up something
recently from Meross that is an automatic smart air purifier. This thing can connect to
your Amazon, your Google, your Apple Smart Homes
and automatically turn on when either a motion sensor is detected or a different trigger
that you have set up. There are also other smart
purifiers out there that can automatically adjust their power, depending on the air quality in the room. So it's got something built in. It's usually an auto-feature
that if the air quality is bad in that room, it's going to
turn itself up to maybe max, clean up that air, and then
once that air is cleaned up, it can turn itself back down. So those are some of the
smart home products that I recommend when you
protect from fire and smoke. Now let's talk about
water and flood damage.

In some parts of the country right now, it is flooding out homes,
three, four, five feet of water. You know what? I had to say you're really
not going to protect yourself from something like that. But if you have a small
drip or maybe you're getting a lot of rain and you're
getting a leak in your house maybe in the basement,
maybe even your laundry is starting to leak, or underneath a sink. A flood sensor is something
that would be fantastic to help protect your house. Now there are tons of different
flood sensors out there. If you pick up a DIY Smart Home Kit something from Simply Safe or Front Point, or even ADT, those all
have flood sensors that you can pick up with their kits. But there are also plenty
of other flood sensors that you could pick up, just one-offs.

You can connect it to
your Alexa, your Google, your Apple Smart Homes to get notified when there is a leak or
potential flooding happening. Now if you wanna up your water protection there are some devices out there that can automatically shut off your
water main to the house if a flood is detected. There's one out there called FLO and another one called The Guardian. Those come in kits and also come with their flood sensors. You're gonna put your flood
sensors around the house either next to a washing
machine, by a hot water heater, maybe under a sink and
if water is detected, it is automatically going to shut off the water main to your house. So if you wanna up your
level, if you're worried about leaks, especially if
you have a vacation home or an Airbnb, this is
gonna be great protection and save you thousands on
potential water damage.

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Now I don't know about you
guys but there always seems to be a freak wind storm in the middle of summer where I live. And because of that, I
have lost a patio umbrella once or twice because of it, and I'd recommend
picking up a wind sensor. What this is going to
do is it can alert you when winds start picking
up so you can bring down those umbrellas,
anything that you might have up that would blow over. For a potential wind
hazard, get those things down once it starts getting windy outside. For myself, it always
seems that those wind storm comes in in the middle of the night. 2 AM, all of a sudden the
whole house is shaking and like I mentioned, I've lost a couple patio umbrellas for it. So a wind sensor is a great
way to protect yourself against wind storms and losing some of your valuable property. Okay, so the last environmental topic that I wanted to talk about is going to be extreme heat and extreme cold.

Now this is something that
really affects all of us. Let's talk about a few
devices to help prevent from extreme heats and extreme colds. First thing that I want to talk
about are automatic shades. This is something that is just fantastic for keeping the sun and
the heat out of your house and keeping it cooler. Putting these shades on
a schedule or a timer or to be activated when
somebody walks into a room or when it gets to a certain time of day is just an amazing thing
for keeping a room cool.

It's something that I currently
have here, in my office. I use it every single day and this room has got to be so
much cooler because of that. When I get the sun hitting
into these windows, right here, I have an automation set up to automatically close the
blinds to keep this room cool. I'd highly recommend doing that for just not only keeping your house cooler but also protecting from sun damage. Now another device that
you're probably gonna see on everybody's list out
there is a smart thermostat. This is something that
is not only gonna be able to keep your house cooler at
a more manageable temperature but also keep it warm in
those cold winter months. I know in some parts in the
country, it can get very cold out there and if you're taking a vacation trying to get away from
that blizzard coming in, you're gonna want to be
able to monitor your house and keep it at a certain temperature so you don't have issues
with freezing pipes or killing any of your house plants.

So having a smart
thermostat is a great way to monitor your house and
keep it at certain levels. Now smart thermostats
also have an eco mode so it can drop those
temperatures a little bit lower and maybe go up a little bit higher for when you're on
vacation or you're not home and this is gonna give you a little bit of peace of mind, especially if you have pets that are home alone, and
we've got a couple of cats.

And always in the summer when we leave and it gets up into the triple digits, you always worry about your
pets that are home alone. But having your smart
thermostat, you can check in through the app at any time
and also adjust the temperature whenever you need to. We've also used it to for when we get home from a trip and we land at the airport and we're gonna be home in,
you know, about an hour. It's always nice to turn
that air on so it's nice and cool when you get home,
and you're not coming home to just a roasting house. Okay, so it's always good to
protect the inside of your home but what about the
outside and the perimeter? Smart lighting is a great way to do that and not only just smart bulbs
but smart switches, too.

You could automatically set up your lights to turn on and off to give the impression that somebody is home. This is a great option for
keeping away would-be thieves. If they think that somebody is home whether your shades are
automatically going up and down, your lights are randomly going on and off, maybe even having a smart
plug turn a TV or a radio on so it sounds like somebody's in the house is a great way to prevent
from somebody trying to break in stealing your valuables. Now there are a lot of great products in each one of these topics right here, too many to even go over in this video, so we're gonna list everything
down in the description of this video, below. If you wanna check any of this stuff out, you can take a look down
there for more information.

But if you guys wanna know more
about any of these products you can check out the
link below to If you guys wanna see more from me check out my YouTube Channel Steve Does where I do a lot of cool tech reviews. If this video was helpful,
give it a thumbs-up. Let me know that you liked it. As always, don't forget to subscribe for more content like this and I'll see you in the next video..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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