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Addressing Infrastructure: 5 Key Considerations!

For, far – too long, the United States, has, avoided, doing anything, meaningful, about addressing the infrastructure needs, which have long, been ignored, and/ or, overlooked! If, excuses, promises, and empty rhetoric, got it done, there would, by – now, no longer, be a need to address these necessities! We have witnessed, far – too much, decay of our bridges, roads, and mass transit, etc, because, unlike many other nations, we have refused to invest, regularly, on this, in a consistent way!

Using 7 Steps To Being A Better Leader!

Why do, a small – percentage of those, who, either, are elected, selected, and/ or, ascend to positions of leadership, actually, become, true, meaningful, relevant, effective leaders? How might this relate to, and account – for, the apparent, dearth od genuine leading, and, the large number of formerly – significant organizations, lose their luster, relevance, and sustainability? After, my, over four decades, of involvement, in nearly all aspects related to this, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing and consulting to, over thousands of actual, and/ or potential leaders, to serving as a leader, on several occasions, I have come…

Who Is This – When You Come To Know Him As He Really Is, Your Life Will Never Again Be The Same!

People asked and needed to know then, and people, at least, need to know today. This Jesus who was born, of a virgin, at Bethlehem, was and is the Son of God – the Christ – the Messiah. We date our days from his birth, and one of his many titles is Prince of Peace and he came, and comes, offering peace to men and nations – to Jew and Gentile. His family and friends thought he was mad – insane – until their eyes were opened to see who this really was. On the cross he came to do what only God could do – forgive sin. He shed his blood and gave his life. No one could do more – not even God. This was God in the flesh – one of us, but without sin. He rose from the dead – sending out trained equipped empowered disciples – to continue his work – with the promise, “I am with you always”.

The Quiz and Record Keeping

One of the teaching strategies our author often used in junior high school Mathematics classes was the quiz. He often used it to revise basic skills, number facts, formulae and the meanings of various geometric and other mathematical terminologies. He would often make a written record of the questions that he asked to use again in the future. Our author discusses why he recorded the students’ results for these informal quizzes and how he used them to encourage students to work hard to improve their knowledge

Developing the Quiz As Part of Your Teaching Paradigm

One of the skills of excellent teaching is obviously good questioning technique. These skills can be used to great advantage when teachers use the quiz as part of their teaching portfolio. Our author explains how he created a teaching paradigm that involved the use of the Quiz as an often used strategy in both his primary and secondary classrooms.

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